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The Hyenas Planning How to Get Their Breakfast

February 14, 2020

-Man, I can’t believe you lost our breakfast. -Hey! At least I haven’t lost my mind! -So…what’re ya saying? -I am sayin’, we better figure out
how to get our claws on those paws! -Well, why don’t we just put our heads together? -(Bonk!) Ow! -(all laughing hysterically) -Wait! I got an idea! We’ll all pretend we’re monkeys
and get in a big barrel ’til he comes back! -Oh, that’s a STUPID idea! Oh, no, man, I got a better solution. We could establish a natural preserve
complete with representatives of each primate order… …creating a comfortable habitat
for all members of the anthropoid ape
or Pan Troglodytes species… …known as chimpanzee. -(sarcastically) Yeah. You get right on that. -(Ed laughing hysterically, as usual) -(both) Hey, that’s not bad! -What did he say? -I have no idea. (Shenzi)
But I’m telling you, Banzai: we gotta catch our breakfast
and we gotta catch it quick! -(Banzai)
Yeah. It’s almost lunchtime. -We just need a plan of attack… -(Ed making circus freak noises) -I got it! -Yeah! Me, too! Let’s start a band!
We could call it…uh…”The Monkeys”! -No, bark breath! If you wanna get the chimp to show,
you gotta GIVE the chimp a show!

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