THE FIRST STEP TO HAPPINESS – Dandapani on London Real

September 30, 2019

So what is the tool that use just people use to start is it that focused? Meditation is it just being with themselves alone asking questions Yeah, I would say just you know take five minutes out of the day every morning And maybe even just do it Monday to Friday and take the weekends off you know wake up in the morning Shower go to a quiet place in your home or apartment Sit down for five minutes close your eyes keep doing a couple of breathing [exercises] And maybe just take a few deep breaths or relax yourself and then start having the conversation with yourself Same conversation, then people the next natural question is what do I talk about right? Well? What would you talk about if you met a stranger at a bar? Would you just sit there and stab them would you ask questions? What’s your name, how are you feeling? What do you think about the election in America ask yourself these questions Have a conversation the same way you would have with a stranger with yourself and when you have that conversation every day the initial conversation should be very superficial of Feeling today. I’m hungry Didn’t like the chill. We watched last night and then after a week We’re not going to be talking about that if we met every once a week For six months by month three or month for our conversation to be so much deeper, right? We’ll be talking about much more personal stuff And then you’d really get to know yourself, right? And you’re diving deep and just trying to find out what you really want. What motivates you right Who you are how you’re treating the people you love exactly how you’re treating yourself right and that conversation doesn’t happen on day one sometimes it does but most of the time it doesn’t it comes after the fifth or Sixth or seventh conversation when you feel comfortable when you can trust the other person With more deeper personal stuff the same way you have to trust yourself soon Yeah, once you close your eyes and go inside of you you realize that You’re going to see things that you love and things that you don’t love and you have to be prepared [for] that And most people can’t handle that They can close their eyes [and] go in and see all the things they love about themselves, but they’re things that aren’t pleasant Makes them open the eyes and go this is absolutely useless that could definitely use my time in much more productive ways And then they get up and they leave that’s the reaction when they kind of see they don’t want to thank you I [fuckin] why why am I sitting here? It’s an absolute waste of time. I got a to-do list I can go get things done This is a waste of time and temporary Temporarily feel better or feel [like] you accomplished a goal or something when in fact you still don’t know Why you’re [here] what your purpose is Etc? exactly So same way like you get to know someone you love right you see all the good things about them and all the not-so-good things This is part of the package right, but you love and accept them because You love that [person] the same way you need to take that approach with yourself But you can’t know what you want until you spend time with yourself mmM and you’re an expert could you did that for 10 years, so I’ve Been doing it my whole life even before that you know as a child growing up. I spent a lot of time with myself Inquiring for what I wanted and what’s my purpose in life? And I became very very clear about it from a no leading thats why I could leave everything behind and go pursue that continue watching this fascinating conversation For free by clicking on the link below to visit our website learn from the best minds in the world and connect with a community of passionate people building the best versions of themselves Just click on the link below and I’ll see you on the inside

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