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The DiSC personality test online – Dr. Martin Auer MBA (142)

October 11, 2019

This is Martin Auer speaking again from Science
Sales Academy, this video is number 142 and it is about the DISC personality test, which
is now available also in an online form. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the online
version of the DISC personality test. How does the online DISC personality test
work? This is how it works and I can tell, it is
very easy: This link next to me, which is also in the text to this video, brings you
to the order site of the online DISC personality test, where you may place an order for an
access code for your personal DISC-world. This also enables you to get access to the
DISC-questionnaire. You do the test completely on your own, anonymously
and online, after which your personal, individual result will be made available to you in the
form of a detailed report in PDF format. All of this is online, anonymous, fast, easily
accessible, secure and easy to use. What else will I get when purchasing the online
DISC personality test? You will receive the result of your individual
DISC personality test based on the questionnaire, as well as interesting supplementary material
and background information on the DISC personality test. There is an interesting video tutorial with
some more information about the DISC personality test and how to deal with it, what to do with
it, how to use it and what you can do with it in general terms. The DISC personality test: the best choice
for many purposes! The DISC personality test is the best choice
for anything that has to do with people and for any tasks in which dealing with people
effectively, trustfully and respectfully is a key success factor: • of course the DISC personality test is
a great and powerful starting point for your individual journey of self-development
• a valuable tool to better assess your fellow human beings, customers, project partners,
colleagues, friends etc. • the DISC personality test is the best
choice for all management tasks, because it is easy and straightforward to apply in practical
life • for the same reason it is perfectly suited
for the institutionalization of social skills in a company or organization as a basis for
customer centricity, one of the most important preconditions for business success as well
as for sales success • The DISC-model is also highly suited for
increasing efficiency and effectiveness in sales, in project management and in key account
management. So start today – here is the link to the
online DISC personality test! Please subscribe to my channel and never miss
a new video – here on the right bottom side. It‘s totally free of cost for you and there
are no further obligations whatsoever, for you it is only one single mouseclick and for
me – well, me it helps a lot! Thank you very much! You have questions? Just contact me. My contact information is on my homepage.
Thanx a lot for listening and watching, take care and see you next time here on Science Sales Academy channel!

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