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The Dark Side Of Each Zodiac Sign

September 29, 2019

There is an old saying, “A human soul is like
yin and yang.” Which is true because there is a little bit
of light and a little bit of dark in every human being. So, do you know if your zodiac sign has any
type of darkness? In this video we’re going to find out. Before we do that, remember to stay updated
with our latest content by clicking subscribe and ringing that notification bell. Please keep in mind, these are speculations
based on characteristics of each zodiac sign. Now, without any further ado. Time to jump into the video, starting off
with… Aries Dark Side: Impatience and Impulsiveness Aries people tend to be dynamic and strong
leaders. They are determined, ambitious and have a
go-getter attitude. Unfortunately with all these awesome traits,
Aries have two major flaws. One of them is their Impulsiveness, they are
not necessarily the best people at thinking things through before acting. Natives of this Mars-ruled sign like to act
first and as such they are more of doers than thinkers. This is why, they may get into trouble way
more than they would like. Their second flaw may be that for they are
impatient. Aries is not a very calm zodiac sign, they
aren’t people who like to wait. Once they have achieved a goal, they are already
plotting their next move. While this is great on paper, in real life
they should probably wait for the right time to act. Speaking of the right time, the next zodiac
sign is all about awesome timing. Taurus
Dark Side: Stubbornness If you know a Taurus, you are probably aware
of their sense of timing. This comes along with their brilliant time
management skills and the bull prides themselves on being punctual. Perhaps, their greatest asset is their determination. Once they have set their eyes on the goal,
a Taurus won’t back down until they have achieved it. This is why they end up being so successful,
if you don’t believe us then ask Mark Zuckerberg. There is one problem though, people born under
this sign are not necessarily very adaptable. They find it difficult to accept change and
can be very stubborn. A lighthearted discussion may turn into a
full on argument because of their habit of not backing down. We are not saying it’s bad, we’re just saying
that valuing others’ opinions is as good a trait as standing your own ground. The next zodiac sign can easily adapt anywhere
but has a different problem. Gemini
Dark Side: Inconsistency Okay let’s get one thing straight, Geminis
are brilliant individuals. People born under this sign are great communicators. They also have a keen eye for detail and this
is why they do well in the fields of communication. The one problem for this seemingly perfect
zodiac sign is their lack of consistency. Geminis aren’t always great at following
up with things. They may get started with a project only to
leave it halfway through which can affect their careers. Speaking of careers, Geminis usually get bored
of the regular 9 to 5 and will likely start exploring. This makes it harder for them to get settled
in any one field. Sounds stressful? Don’t worry, for most Geminis this inconsistency
is just a phase that usually goes away with time. In their later life, they tend to be sure
of what they want and since they are smart workers, they find it easy to achieve their
goals. Let’s move to the next sign, the one that
has a crab for a symbol. Cancer
Dark Side: Moody Cancers are great at people management, their
natural compassion comes out when they are amongst others. Often they are the ones that keep their friends’
circle together. As a part of the water trio, including Scorpio
and Pisces, Cancers are very creative. This is why they do well in the arts. The dark side of a Cancer may be their moody
nature. Cancers can go from, “this is the best day
of my life” to “I am just going to sit in the corner and cry all day” in about 10 seconds. It’s not that they are not mentally and emotionally
strong, in fact they are one of the strongest in the zodiac. It’s just that they feel all the feels and
sometimes these emotions can be too much. Sometimes an old incident can bother them
or a problem that has not been addressed might tick them off because they pushed it down. So if they get a little moody, it may not
be anything personal. Moving on to the next zodiac sign, we have Leo
Dark Side: Self-Centered Considered the kings and queens of the zodiac,
Leos love being the center of attention and know exactly how to command it. They are proud, confident and charismatic
individuals. People born under this sign also tend to have
a natural flair that draws people to them. Their only dark side being that they may be
self-centered at times. In their pursuit of being noticed and recognised
by the world for who they are, Leos often forget that they are not the center of the
universe. Sometimes they may be too much in love with
themselves to care about others. Perhaps, this is why many Leos in their younger
days often struggle to form decent interpersonal relationships. Speaking of interpersonal relationships, the
next sign isn’t a champ either. Virgo
Dark Side: Overly Critical If you are a virgo then you probably love
to get to the bottom of everything. You are very analytical and logical, and while
this may be helpful for your career at times, you may nitpick more than most people would
prefer. It’s hard for you to miss details and you
because you are not one to sugar coat anything, you call it like you see it. This isn’t always received well by others,
especially when you start giving out opinions. Although, if you can overlook this flaw then
you will realize that virgos are as loyal as they come. Moving on from a mercury-ruled sign, we find
ourselves at number seven, the sign of … Libra
Dark Side: Being Indecisive Libras are known for their diplomatic nature. This sign is very rational and violence is
not their best trait. As a result, they hate getting into fights. Libras love being able to spend time with
their friends and socializing. Though, they do have a dark side, and it’s
one that can often cause a lot of problems…they may be slightly indecisive. This is especially true in their youth. As a result, they may take longer than others
to choose a career or partner when it comes to relationships. While they are not as impulsive as an Aries,
they do find it hard to choose a partner. On the bright side, once a Libra has come
to a decision, you can’t change it. They will stick to it through the rest of
their lives. Speaking of sticking to a decision, the next
sign has no problem in doing that. Scorpio
Dark Side: Vindictive Scorpios have many admirable qualities; they
are passionate, tenacious and determined people who won’t stop until they reach their goal. This is a great thing, right? Well, if their goal is to create a beautiful
art or to write a novel then sure.. Scorpios are great people to be around, unless
you have managed to anger them, if that happens, it would be better to stay away from them. People born under this sign find it hard to
forgive when they have been wronged. Even if they manage to somehow forgive you,
they may not forget what you did to them. From Scorpio, let’s head to the next sign
in the list. Sagittarius
Dark Side: Overconfident Well, it’s not that they are always overconfident
most of the time these folks are just minding their own business. Usually their motto is live and let live. They are always optimistic and hopeful and
while it’s good to have a positive outlook on life being too positive may not always
be the best. Because of this optimism and the fact that
they’re naturally drawn to adventure and thrills a Sagittarius might try out something
far too risky, or get into a fight thinking they can handle it. This kind of overconfidence is often their
downfall. On the upside though, people born under this
sign are very lively and they make good travel companions. Whereas, the next sign would probably prefer
to stay home and watch Netflix. We are talking about… Capricorn
Dark Side: Being Pessimistic Ruled by Saturn, people born under this sign
love being productive. They want to be the best in whatever they
do. The number, 2 doesn’t exist in their dictionary. Their ambitious nature makes them work harder
than their peers to the point that it can hamper their health. This is why many Capricorns end up having
health issues by the time they reach their early 40s. Their biggest problem though lies in their
pessimism. The more they lose, the more they are likely
to lose faith in themselves. Capricorn often have a perfect image of themselves
inside their heads. When they fall short of that perfect image
they start to self doubt. Speaking of self doubt the next sign does
the opposite. Aquarius
Dark Side: Pretending to Know Everything Aquarius is the sign that marches to the beat
of its own drum. They are unorthodox and love being that way. Most Aquarius’ are well-read and love to
devote hours on topics of interest. Unfortunately, there are many subjects in
this life to discover and it is impossible for one human being to know everything about
everything. This maybe a simple concept to grasp to you,
but not for the Aquarius. They want to have an opinion on everything
and be part of every discussion which often does more harm than good. They may be seen as annoying by others or
they may become obsessive. This obsessive nature could deny them the
opportunity to learn about many new things in life. Now, let’s move to the next sign. Pisces
Dark Side: Being an Escapist Pisces are known to be very artistic and idealistic
individuals. They believe in dreaming big and try very
hard to achieve those big dreams even if they sometimes fail. You see, Pisces is the sign of the peacemaker,
and they reject violence. Unfortunately for them, this rejection may
be seen as trying to escape. On the plus side, this is the only dark side
of this zodiac sign. They might be seen as an escapist by others
but in reality they are just trying to keep their peace of mind. So, which zodiac sign are you? Do you have any of these traits? Let us know in the comments, we would love
to hear from you.

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