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December 5, 2019

Oh hi Good afternoon vlog it’s about 1:30. Just got out of the shower, had a slow morning, you know, it’s Sunday I’m vlogging today because me and Lilly are gonna be doing a shoot for the gram I haven’t done a shoot vlog in quite a while because I don’t know we just haven’t had the chance to shoot We’ve just all been busy. Been too long been like frickin two weeks, and that’s too long for me so I’m putting on a face mask right now to just prepare my Skin for this outing and because I just think it is fun even though it probably doesn’t do anything But we’re you know what a girl can dream. Okay? This is the, if you’re wondering, origins charcoal mask Whatever got my coffee right here of course. Don’t worry guys. Don’t freak out got a coffee right here Yeah, we’re leaving at around four cuz we’re going for like sunset. I have a while to like get ready and stuff I haven’t picked out my outfits I Haven’t blowdried my hair because I usually blow-dry my hair after I shower if I like want it to look good Cuz then it’s like easy to manage You know I feel like if I just let my hair naturally dry. It’s just not easy to manage It just gets all fluffy and f****** weird got to do my makeup got to pick out my outfits gotta upload a video Sundays! Oh I’m also hungry cuz it’s about lunchtime. I woke up at actually a decent hour today woke up at about 9:00 That’s pretty good. You know I mean I can easily sleep until 11 so 9 is like a respectable time I’m in the mood for peanut butter and jelly right now which is just so random cuz I like don’t often crave that but like I make special peanut butter and Jelly, it’s like deluxe like it’s not like the normal shit You know it’s like better like it’s like really f****** good But it’s like really specific like if you want to make this peanut butter and jelly like you have to get the exact Ingredients that I get or else it’s just not the same when you think of peanut butter and jelly I bet you think about this Right, this is what you think of just like the basic thing that like everybody ate in like kindergarten That’s not how I roll I like to take things to the next level with my peanut butter and jelly so now that I look like I’m at a spa Oh, also, this is my Turbie twist literally the most handy thing of all time. It’s just f****** great I’ve had this since I was like maybe in seventh grade, but it still works like a charm. So excited I love peanut butter and jelly so fun. I should probably eat it more I don’t really eat it that much peanut butter jelly time no oh he’s very fat. Look at this little belly He’s an indoor cat so he doesn’t really get a lot of exercise, but we love him Anyways his name is Oliver, by the way he’s the chillest cat of all time. I’m like serious He literally does not care like he just chills. He doesn’t get angry he Never- oh my god That’s cute like you can pick him up you can throw him around not that I do that I don’t do that. I wouldn’t do that to him, and he just doesn’t care He’s just so chill he loves to take naps with me You know who loves to get cat hair in my food who loves to get cat hair in my nose cat hair makes me sneeze When I sleep, it’s okay, I don’t mind But you know I’m kind of allergic to him not gonna lie like I’m literally … Try not to sneeze right now because I’m like I’m kind of allergic to cats, but like I have two. I also have dogs But I’m not allergic to dogs, but literally I’m allergic to him, and he sleeps with me every night And I like wake up every morning with my eyes puffy because I get freakin like allergic reactions to his ass But what can you do you know you can’t stop love time to blow-dry my hair. First we must brush obviously I’m a little bit violent with it, but it gets the job done I hate this. I look so weird. Time to blow-dry Just finished blow-drying my hair it looks a little bit fluffy But we’re working with what we have. My face mask is so dry. I need to take it off immediately Librarian okay good. ugh Now that the face masks off. I take this- this is like the closest to a beauty view- beu- f*** This is like the closest to a beauty video you’ll ever get from me next we’re gonna using this simple micellar water (or some shit) and just cleansing our face because if there’s any left over like face mask. That’s just like looks really bad That’s all I’m doing for my makeup tutorial today. I hope you enjoyed and that’s it Okay, my mom’s um in the shower, so if you can hear that, I am so incredibly sorry, but today We’re gonna be making some peanut butter and jelly So let’s just hop right into it I’m so sorry. First you need peanut butter. Jelly. You need bread. But listen up and listen closely. I use very specific ingredients for a peanut butter and jelly it’s not a joke This is not a drill. This is not something that I just joke around about okay This is this is big stuff for me, and so if you want to recreate this at home You have to be pretty exact or else it won’t taste that good So we have this bread bread is probably the most flexible part of this You could use any bread as long as it’s just like kind of like a hearty Wheat bread like not white flimsy gross-ass bread like you know that good stuff, okay? Let me just rant about bread for a second because you know I have to get something off my chest. See a lot of people Are like you know the healthier breads or like the breads with like more whole grains and s*** like “oh that’s gross” White bread is not that good. I’m talking about like this white bread like something like sourdough or like a French like baguette or some s*** That’s that’s that’s also white bread. That’s good, but like original like PB&J bread like this It’s just s*** it’s so bad. A nice hearty wheat bread This is Alvarado Street Bakery sprouted flax seed bread from Trader Joe’s you probably get it from Whole Foods and stuff, too Probably from your local grocery store, maybe maybe not if not don’t worry You can be pretty flexible with this next we have peanut butter. I have Santa Cruz organics peanut butter This is the best peanut butter a close second would be Laura Scudders Which is also pretty good last the jelly this is crucial But if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s where you live you might be screwed. It’s the organic super fruit jelly This is the best jelly of all time. I’m serious It’s so good grape fuckin Welch’s shit like it doesn’t even stand it a chance We got the bread in the toaster right now And then you know we’ll just keep these right here waiting for their big moment. Honestly, not gonna lie I’m a little bit hangry, but then again I’m always hangry so no one’s surprised. gotta wait for this to toast and then we’ll eat it Well, then we’ll assemble it then we’ll eat it. It’s go time oh Yeah, baby plop that okay. I don’t know why I just scared the f*ck out of me. Okay. It’s time to assemble okay I know you can’t see my face Which is very upsetting probably actually it’s probably really nice. First step, of course, we put on peanut butter oh My god. This is this is a lot of work, but it’s good. It’s so good Now that your peanut butter has been applied onto both slices in a nice even layer Take your jelly take your jelly jelly take your jelly ew listen to that sound Jelly ASMR slap that on. I don’t like that much jelly so I just put a little bit You’re freakin done. Okay? I’m not gonna try it yet I’m gonna wait till I can taste test it for you guys even though I already know what it tastes like but whatever did I mention that this is open-faced? It’s way better this way And you don’t get like Overpowered by bread so overall I would recommend eating an open-faced like this 10 out of 10 11 out of 10 100 out of 10 Oh, yeah So good make it at home Normally, I pick out my outfit for my shoots like two days before or three days before and I’m like prepared you know but today I am just not prepared like we leave in literally an hour and 20 minutes from now And I just have not even thought about it like I just don’t even know what I want to wear. Maybe I have a bunch of unfolded laundry right here, so maybe there’s something good in this pile Maybe I don’t know I don’t know this is my first outfit. We have this top from brandy. That’s like I don’t know some sort of like racecar shirt these pants from PacSun these are literally my favorite jeans. I wear them all the time. I’m gonna wear my white Vans That are a mess But I know you might be like Emma that outfit is So boring like what like why is that outfit so boring you need to spice it up Yeah, Wow we have checkered, and then we have like checkered found one outfit now I need to find another one because even though I usually only end up wearing one outfit I like to bring two just in case. I picked out my next outfit, and I’m like low-key really into it This is not something I would’ve normally picked out But let me explain so we have the same jeans cuz changing pants in the car is annoying and then this shirt from Brandy I’m really digging it It’s like short sleeve like short like lumberjack flannel looking ass thing And I just I’m wow like I really like this shirt And then my necklaces are from stargaze jewelry and these glasses are from Amazon I don’t know they just match the outfit like I don’t ever wear these I literally had them when I was Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween, but they’re coming in handy It’s one of those things where it’s like You don’t know if it’s gonna be ugly or not until it’s like too late. Lily is here bow bow bow *gasping for air because running is hard* So how was your day? Okay, I’ve personally never been to this spot. Have you? – No. So this will be a little adventure for us both. I look like a fucking lumberjack nerd Pee your pants pee your pants I ended up changing into this outfit once again And I’m going to start out with this one and then when the Sun starts going down. I’m changing into the other outfit. I I used to think oh That was so bad. Not wearing makeup today for this shoot because do you know what I don’t wear makeup on the youtubes so why should I? Wear makeup on the instagrams. I’m just trying to keep it real out here squad. Oh my god That’s so annoying. You know what song would be fitting for this cuz I’m on top of the world I Thought the view was pretty but I thought she was prettier Hey Two things number one we saw real-life coyote It looked like a dog, but we’re like no that can’t be and it was a freaking coyote If we don’t make it out here alive That’s why the coyote freaking got us We’re taking a little break because you know shooting is hard work Instagram life hard work boy I’m so hungry. -Me too. Also. I have a zit on my lip and it’s so painful – C’mon – I can see your whole boob – This should not be that hard Hey! Wow It’s becoming nighttime, we’re wrapping it up. We’re dipping. We’re leaving. I think we got some good ones There’s a beautiful beautiful sunset, but sadly I didn’t film it you’ll get to see a photo of it. That’s fine also I changed my shirt in public just like took off my entire shirt in public and changed Hopefully nobody saw me that was it a little quick shoot normally We do longer ones, but you know we’re busy people we have to fit them into our schedule That was so cool Bye Lily! I love you so freakin much BAE I fucking love you the feeling is like so not mutual and it’s so obvious Okay, Lily. Can’t wait to see the pics gonna be great going to be lit, and I’ll see you soon Okay, I’ll see you soon. Sleep tight and don’t let your mother f*ckin bedbugs bite Bye You guys know the drill by now. It’s a few days later I’m editing the vlog and I forgot to do an outro, but that was it for today’s vlog I hope you enjoyed it if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel comment down below anything you want I love you all so much. I appreciate every single last one of you, and I can’t wait to see you next tiiiiiiiiiiiiime

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