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THANK YOU!! | 2019 Year In Review + 2020 Plans

November 30, 2019

Hey Michael Church, Crawl Space Ninja, getting
ready to head into work. Today is not Thanksgiving, but when this video airs it will be Thanksgiving.
So I just thought I would take this time to not only talk about how thankful we are here
at Crawl Space Ninja for all of you that watch our channel, and that have hired us, and bought
DIY products for us, but also wanted to share with you about what we’ve accomplished in
2019 as well as what we’re looking to do in 2020. So who would have thought when we started
this company, or when I started this company, in 2005 that we would be where we are today?
Our YouTube channel, our DIY store, franchising, opening corporate locations. It’s just been
a blessing and amazing to watch how God has grown this company and I’m so thankful to
him and to all of you who have helped us grow and always kept our mind focus on putting
our employees and our customers first. We feel like if we do that then the rest will
take care of itself. So thank all of you. I just want to thank all of you for being
a part of Crawl Space Ninja since its inception. For those of you that don’t know, in 2005
my wife was eight months pregnant with my oldest son and we were struggling financially
and I started doing research on indoor air quality believe it or not because I as a child
had asthma and it seemed like every Halloween, every Christmas, every holiday, my birthday
I was always sick. So we always lived in rental properties and we always lived in places that
had it seemed like bad air quality, plus my family smoked. So anyway, it affected me a
lot. So whenever my oldest, Aysa, was about to
be born I decided that I wanted to make sure that he didn’t have those same respiratory
problems and things like that. My research led me to dust mites and to mold spores, bacterias,
viruses, allergens, different things like that and we found that a lot of those problems
came from crawl spaces, basements, attics and duct work, which is what we try to focus
on in our business. We try to make sure that everything we do corrects air quality in some
way. The crawl space obviously is a hot bed for molds and high humidity, which increase
dust mites and different things like that. You got basement problems for flooding, which
can get drywall and finished materials wet, which creates mold. You’ve got the attic,
it’s kind of like depending on if you have a lot of mice and raccoons and things up there,
you might have a litter box up in your attic and then you’ve got the duct work, which goes
all the way through all these places. So we feel like if we seal and insulate that
duct work properly, but it all has to do with humidity. Humidity affects a lot of things.
It affects dust mites and things like that. So thank all of you for watching our channel
and learning about some of the things that we’ve been able to educate you about and we’re
going to have some new videos that focus on basements, and ducts, and and addicts and
even more crawl space stuff as it comes around. Now for 2020 we just trained, today is our
last day of training for two of our branch managers. We’ve got a new branch opening in
Augusta, Georgia. We’re putting a branch manager in Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama. We’ve
got a branch manager starting next week in Athens, Georgia. So we’ve been able to grow
corporately but also franchises. So if you would like to learn more about how to become
a branch manager, one of our sales ninjas, or a franchisee, please click the link down
below and let us know your interest level and hopefully we can create new Crawl Space
Ninja franchises and corporate locations in your area because we are looking to grow. Okay, so that’s been great. We’re going to
be opening up seven to eight locations in 2019. Not opening them up but have seven to
eight locations in 2019 and we’re looking to open 15 to 20 locations in 2020. So if
you’ve got an interest in learning more about how to be a leader with Crawl Space Ninja
or a business owner through franchising, we’d love to talk to you about that. We’re also
researching some new products and methods to insulate crawl spaces better. There’s a
great new product out there that we’re testing to see if it’s more effective than foam board
or not. So hopefully it’s going to be easier to install and less expensive to ship because
foam board can be quite costly to ship, but we’re checking on these things. We’re always
looking to grow and the research and development of all of our new products and methods and
things like that. So anyway, just wanted to give all of you
a thank you and like I said, if you don’t have Crawl Space Ninja in your area and you
can help us to grow to your area, please contact us. Let us know. If you’re looking to do the
project yourself, obviously you can buy just about everything you need on our DIY store
now. We’ve got new new tools and new methods that we’re sharing with all of you on how
to do your own crawl space. Or if you’d like us to do a inspection of your crawl space
and hire Crawl Space Ninja to help you, check out and basements, obviously So anyway, just want to thank all of you and I hope you make it a
happy and blessed day and we’ll see you later. (singing).

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