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Testing The Oreo Dipr

October 30, 2019

– Today we test: The Oreo Dipr.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Today we have a big announcement, for months we’ve been working with our
friends Chester C. and Abdul Khan and developing a brand new app, it’s a
trivia app called Trivy! – Yeah!
– T-R-I-V-Y. – And here’s the cool thing about the app:
you can download your favorite internetainer’s pack. And it was written by the
internetainers themselves. – Over 60 packs of different content creators.
You can get the app for free and play general trivia but then you can download
the individual packs of your favorite people.
– I know for a fact that many friends of ours have revealed information…
– Exclusive…. – …within the Trivy app so download
Trivy on iTunes coming to Android soon, we’ll put the link in the description,
but we’re gonna move on. – Yes.
– We’re moving on now. – Okay. You guys have questions for us on
Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. And those questions are like cars. Puttering
around and sputtering to a stop on the shoulder of some remote desert highway
with no help in sight. And we, like oil men, dig and frack and drill into the
ground, searching for deposits of answer oil that we can then run through the
refining plant that is our brains… – Yes.
– …and then, here we come! Barreling out to your location and spewing
gas answers into your question car. – (makes honking noise)
– You drive away satisified, but you know what? You’re gonna be back. Oh yeah.
‘Cause you’re gonna need more answer gas. And until you reduce your dependency
on us, we’ll be glad to come to your rescue. You drink our answer gas!
You drink it up! – (laughter) Wow! That got a little
political in there, huh? That’s nice.
– Mmm. Risky. – Uh, Ivana de la Cruz asked a question
related to, uh, what was it? Together – Desserts!
– We asked you to ask us about desserts. – That was the question.
Did I forget to mention that? – Was that not in the car-thing?
– It wasn’t. It wasn’t. Sorry. – Ivana de la Cruz asks, Tips to make sure to
leave space for dessert, question mark? – Okay. This is a great question. Because
I, for a large percentage of my life…. – Gotta leave room for dessert!
– Well no, not only that, I didn’t just think leaving room for dessert,
I was convinced that I had a dessert stomach. Because, after I finished a meal,
and I was totally full on whatever I was eating, I always had room for dessert.
And I suspected, that there… – I can vouch for this.
– ….was some science behind this. And it turns out that this is totally scientific.
You always have room for dessert. It is a physical fact, and here’s why.
Okay. Scientifically speaking, what actually happens is when you are really full
at the end of a meal… – Okay.
– …and then you consume glucose, which is sugar, it actually sends a…
– Expansion message? – …message to your stomach to relax
and expand. It is a scientific fact. And what happens is, is it begins, it begins
expanding, and you can actually eat quite a lot of dessert because it doesn’t begin
to send signals that you should stop eating until that sugar gets into the end of your small
intestine. So that’s why you can actually be really full and then eat a lot of dessert and
feel okay. Glucose actually causes your stomach to expand. So, the answer to your
question Ivana, is, you don’t have to make room for dessert once you start eating
the dessert, the dessert… Together – Makes room for itself!
– That’s crazy! – Science is awesome!
– Also, a little scary. Kersey Hames asks, Which dessert is
the messiest? Okay, Kersey. There’s plenty of messy desserts out there, but
I’m gonna go out on a limb here, I’m gonna say the most horrible mess that you can make is
in the dunking of a cookie in milk. – Oh. That’s inconvenient.
– Then you’ve got the whole timing issue when you pull it out too late it’s
like (water noises) – Well, structural integrity…
– The cookie’s like (water noises) everywhere – Structural integrity of cookies is
compromised by the saturation of the cookie itself.
– Oh, you said it. – And nobody likes that.
– You said it, man. – Nobody likes that.
– So that brings us to: A Weird Product You Must Have! – Introducing the Dipr, the hook-shaped
utensil designed to dunk cookies into cow-juice!
It fits perfectly! – Well, I would hope they got that detail
right. It’s like, Herb, uh, the hooks are all the wrong size but uh, maybe we
should still send ’em out. (crew laughter)
– Aww yeah. – Look at this.
– I am excited about this, here. – If I dip?
– We dip. – You dip? We dip?
– Okay, yeah. (crew laughter)
– Okay, here we go. Ooh, you can really let it get soggy.
– Mine’s dangling. – I like it getting soggy.
– Eat it. Tell me. – Oh. Mmm. It’s a little bit
of crunch, and a lot of love, from me. – Now see, I don’t want any crunch,
I’m goin’ down to the bottom. – (mimicking Link) I don’t want
any crunch! – I’m scraping…
– (mimicking) I wanna get that crunch right outta there. – Alright, here we go.
– I’m gonna, I’m gonna get one more. If you’re not careful, you will cut
yourself like a fish. – Yeah (laughter).
– But you know what, these things are so amazing, I thought to myself,
it’s just a hook that grabs a round thing to dip into a liquid.
– Mhmm. – We can find other round things to dip
into other liquids. – So we did!! Alright. So I know I’ve
been given a whole thing of marinara. – Yes, and I’m about to give you…
– Ooh! Cheese wheels! – Yes. Grab a cheese wheel, hook it onto your
hook. Oh, not like that. You gotta do it the right way. Do it like this.
– Do it like this? – Mhm. Perfect size. And then you fully
submerge ’em in the marinara. – Ohp! Oh! I lost it.
– Oh gosh! Mine’s doin’ just fine.
– I lost it. I had to, I had to fish it. – It’s so cheesy. Mm. Oh.
That was a good idea. Did you fish it out of there, you got it?
– I found it. – DId you find it with your hook?
– Mhmm. – Is it called the hook?
– No, it’s called the Dipr. – The Dipr. That’s right. It’s not called the hook.
– And they efficiently only used one vowel. – What if we could start a hook, though?
– The Hooker? No. (crew laughter)
– The Hooker. The new competitor to the Dipr.
– Um, no. – You got anything else to dip over there?
– Um, I have mustard. Oh, I got this too! – Goll-ee.
– Round salamis! – It’s not really salami-sized.
– We’re encountering some resistance here with the…
– Well, I gotta kinda hook it a little bit. I don’t know, is that cheating?
– There are no rules with the Dipr! – I’ve hooked my salami.
– Alright, so…. – Full submersion in…I didn’t plan for
that much mustard. – Ohh, goodness.
(crew laughter) – What’s up with you and losing stuff, man?
– I gotta, I mean it’s like baiting a hook, it’s really…
– Mm. Mustardy. If I get some on the right part of
my shirt you won’t even know. – Alright. I’m gonna catch up.
Woo. That is a lot of mustard. (crew laughter)
Alright, I’m going in. – You gave me an idea, you losin’
and stuff. There just happens to be some fish over here.
– Oh no. – Link, these are sardine pieces.
– Eugh. It’s like a fish sausage. – But this is like the freshest fish
you’ll ever eat. Like, stickin’ a hook into the ocean? And gettin’ it. Take out your lemon
juice. I got you some lemon juice over there. And just hook the sardine, just right there.
– I couldn’t even eat a salami. Ooh. Golly. – Get your hook out. This is like
me and you, in a raft, on the Atlantic, just stranded. And we have
these hookers, and that’s it. (crew laughter)
– Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. – Okay so here we go, you just dip.
– Oh, you’re not hanging it? Look, you gotta hang it vertical like that.
– I think I’m gonna get plenty. – And then (dip noise).
– Oh, full submersion? Together- And then you bring it up!
(crew laughter) – And then, what’re we gonna say next?
– And then you eat… – And then you let Rhett bite it.
– Here we go. – Ooh, that’s a big juicy…
– Oh, there’s bones in it. That’s the way it would be on the ocean, though.
– Mmm. Catfood. – It’s not that bad.
– (like a cat) Meow! (crew laughter)
– Okay, I think that this has been a pretty successful endeavor.
– Yeah, I think that we have tested the limits of the Dipr, and uh, learned some stuff!
What, exactly? I do not know. – I think it’s that, this has been… A Weird Product that You Must Have! Okay, next question comes from Alex
McClarnon. Do you have any advice on how to obtain water and food in
the dessert? – (laughs) How to obtain water and
food in the… Together – Dessert.
– Um, Alex, actually, um, we are not too sure ourselves. But, I do know
of a couple of guys who, they have one of those survival shows….
– Mmm! – …on one of the nature networks, it’s
called um… – Ryder and Raindrop?
– Yeah. Survivalizers, Ryder and Raindrop. – Yeah! Yeah yeah.
– And, um, they recently did an episode… – I love that show!
– …on, uh, Dessert Survival. – Mhmm.
– So, I think they’ll answer your question. (African drum beats)
(birds chirping) – Before the last commercial break, we
set up this bivouac, ten thousand miles from civilization. Now a normal person would
be totally screwed at this point. But we’re not normal people.
– That’s right. We’re… Together – Survivalizers.
– That’s right. And we’re in luck today because I brought a satchel full of baked goods.
And boy am I parched, Raindrop. – Oh, don’t worry, Ryder! Because
today we’re gonna be finding out how to get water out of the dessert. And the
key to that, is to project your thirst thoughts out onto the universe? And then the universe
will provide, brother. – Right. Now, they call these moist for
a reason. ‘Cause there’s moisture in here. Don’t sniff it. All you gotta do is
you gotta gently hold this thing up and put it in your palm right here,
put your other palm on top here, give it a nice gentle squeeze. Uh, bigger squeeze.
Very tough squeeze! – I’m not seeing anything. The icing’s
coming down, but I don’t see any water. – This one’s unusually dry. They don’t
know how to bake there. – Why don’t you let me give it a try?
You got another cupcake in there? – You wanna give it a shot?
– You know the truth about me and this cupcake? – No.
– I am the cupcake. – That explains a lot.
(squirt noise) – Oh my goodness.
– There she blows! – Well, you got a moister one.
– Cakes, much like Mother Earth, are composed of layers.
– Ohhh. – Brimming with what the
ancients used to call, wawa. – Alright, so, I’ve retrieved this bamboo
shoot that I’ve turned into a makeshift straw. And all you gotta do is make sure
you jam it in there deep enough to break through to the water table.
– Do it! – And then you just, you gotta
drink. That’s prety much it. – Put some negative pressure on it.
(wheezing/sucking sounds) – Come on! (dry sucking sounds)
Nothing! Nothing except bamboo! – Hey, Ryder. I’m sensing a lot of negative
energy from you? I think it’s really impacting your ability to draw the wawa from the caca.
– Well… the water table’s dry. – You just gotta get down here and
you gotta feed the right energy into the cake. (whistles at cake)
And then you just, ohp! (water gushing noise)
– Wow. – That’s fresh caca wawa.
– Beginner’s luck. – Get in there!
– No, I don’t want any. – I love gummy bears. You know
why? Because they cointain the gelatinous tears of my friend, the earth Goddess, Gaia.
– You need to masticate ’em. And you wanna get ’em
in there, you’re basically gonna chew out the liquid.
– Yeah. You gettin’ any? – Mhm. Mhm. Mhm.
– Ah. Ryder, I’m sorry to say, I think that was saliva.
– Totally water. – I think the key is you
become one with the… – Listen.
– …water that is stored in those gummy bears that are sacrificing
themselves for you. – Okay, whatever. Just take a mouthful.
– No, I only need one. I just need one and I gotta form a relationship with it.
– What are you doing? (kissy noises)
– What’s wrong with you? – Shh.
– Eugh eughghgh. And that’s how you get water
out of dessert! You can stop now though! I get it! We get it! Agh! It’s over!
Let’s get outta here! Agh! Okay! Alright! (African drum beats) – Wow, lotta moisture in those desserts?
– Who woulda thought? – Lotta liquids in there!
– Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – “Hi, I’m Matthew from Sarasota,
Florida. And it’s time, to spin the Wheel of Mythicality!” – Don’t forget to download our Trivia App:
Trivy in the App Store where you can get over 60 different YouTuber packs,
your favorite YouTubers. – And, click through to Good Mythical More.
I’m gonna give you a product demonstration see if you know some stuff about us. Gonna
open some mail with Jen as well. – Two clowns arguing over makeup. – Hey. Hey, Buster!
– Hey, don’t say hey to me while I’m putting on my makeup!
– You’re putting on MY makeup! – Oh really, how do you know?
– That’s mine. – Well, because it’s got like…
– It’s got my name on it… – It’s a white face and it’s got red lips?
– FloJo. It’s got FloJo’s name on it. – Well…
– Buster? You’re Buster, I’m FloJo. Just like the runner from the 80’s.
– Well my last name’s JoFlo so I got confused. – You’ve never told me that.
– Well, I’m puttin’ it on anyway. – Oh, gosh. Right on your lips? But
you’ve got that lip thing. I don’t want… – I’m puttin’ it on the inside too.
– Oh, you’re doin’ white-tongue. White-tongue, you can’t do
that anymore, it’s racist.

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