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Temple College Continuous Orientation 1, Student Handbook and Time Management

October 12, 2019

0:00:00.000,0:00:05.066 Have you ever played a sport? Every sport has a rule book. 0:00:05.066,0:00:08.066 Did you know that Temple College has a rule book, too? 0:00:08.066,0:00:12.066 The rules for the College are listed in the
student handbook. 0:00:12.066,0:00:17.066 First, do you know you have a legal right
to certain information? 0:00:17.066,0:00:21.033 The student right-to-know is found in the handbook. 0:00:21.033,0:00:32.000 There are two different types of calendars. There is a calendar of events that lists all important
TC events, registrations, meetings, and holidays. 0:00:32.000,0:00:37.066 There is also a two page calendar available
for every month of the year. 0:00:37.066,0:00:41.066 Time management is a very important skill
that is often overlooked. 0:00:41.066,0:00:50.066 If you want to keep track of all of your assignments and due dates, it benefits you to build a master calendar. List ALL of your assignments for 0:00:50.066,0:00:59.033 every course on a calendar. Once your assignments are set, examine each task looking backwards from the due dates to schedule time
to 0:00:59.066,0:01:04.066 work on assignments, study for tests, and
write papers. 0:01:04.066,0:01:14.033 List all activities due for the week and rank
them in order from most important to least important. Complete assignments based on the priority
you 0:01:14.033,0:01:24.033 place on the task. Identify the assignments you need to complete. List your priorities for this week, this month, this semester. 0:01:24.033,0:01:34.033 Creating a to-do list can be very beneficial
to help you keep track of the things you have to accomplish today. List all the tasks you have to 0:01:34.033,0:01:38.066 complete on a calendar or notebook that you
can carry with you. 0:01:38.066,0:01:41.000 Check tasks off the list as you finish them. 0:01:41.000,0:01:49.000 The paper based student handbook is an abbreviated version of the online student handbook, which can be found by clicking on
the 0:01:49.000,0:01:54.066 Student Resources link on the top of the Temple College home page. 0:01:54.066,0:01:59.066 The online version provides greater detail
on policy and procedure, 0:01:59.066,0:02:02.066 that are outlined in the paper based student handbook. 0:02:02.066 [Silence]

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  • Reply Justin Robison January 29, 2014 at 2:20 am

    The Handbook has tons of great information and should be read by everyone. For my own sake I have to use a dry erase board to keep track of my classes, though I do forget many things. I am working to better manage my time as well as how to stay up o date one everything

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