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Telephone Communication: Basic Telephone Skills

October 8, 2019

hello hai everyone there welcome back to my
course on developing soft skills and personality this is a course run by a iit kanpur in ah
nptel mooc ah we are very happy to know that about fifteen thousands students have registered
for this course and most of you have been enjoying this course ah very well this week
if you have noted that ah the main focus is on communication and in this module particularly
i would like to focus on telephone communication i will be discussing in this module on basic
telephone skills but before i start like i always used to do before i am going to start
with the quick recap of what i did in the previous lecture
in the previous lecture i ah by lot of attention to active listening i once again recollected
your ah knowledge on the important of active listening i emphasis the fact that successful
personal and professional relationships depend much on active listening you need active listening
for gaining knowledge and knowledge itself is power and only with the kind of power that
knowledge can give you you can ah get whatever you want in your life active listening contributes
to your job effectiveness it will determine whether your indispensable irreplaceable and
then it will help you to retain and go high in your job it will help you to increase your
productivity both at a creative personal level also at material level in the company or job
wherever your ah contributing to it can overall help you to develop your persuasive as well
as negotiation skills which are two important aspects of communication as well as soft skills
in the later part of the lecture we focus more on the barriers to active listening
ah while talking about barriers i said that we can have two kinds of barriers one is the
physical barriers which are actually cause by the environments such as ah problem in
acoustics disturbance from outside if it is ah draining heavily there is thunder outside
and then lot of disturbance outside you may be finding it difficult to pay your attention
in the classroom so that amounts to physical barriers but i said that even those things
can be minimized if we make technological adjustments or if he shut the door and then
make it air tight we are able to ah listen to things properly but the problems are with
regard to people related barriers which can be divided into the physiological as well
as the psychological aspect physiological wants other wants which affect your body such
as fever or headache or any stomach pain or any kind of ah illness that that will change
your mood or the room is either too hot or too cold which can also affect your ah mood
and attitude the other aspect which is equally important and if not it is more important
is the psychological aspect the thing that works on your mind
such as your lover hate for the person who is giving your talk ah such as your kind of
prejudice against the person so all these things can work against as barriers in terms
of active listening i discussed later in detail about certain other aspects of active listening
such as inadequate language base partial listening disinterestedness or lack of interest in the
subject i emphasis the fact that even if you dont like the person who is giving your talk
or giving your lecture or is involved in a conversation
show at least interest in the subject the topic that the person is talking about prejudging
is another bad habit and which is deterrent in terms of active listening ah we open the
mind should be open when your listening to somebody hatred or love for this speaker both
ways will be home full love for the speaker will make you form positive bias hatred will
completely make you cut off from whatever topics which have being discussed diffidence
that is feeling very weak inside will also affective your active listening because you
dont want to clarify any doubts and also you always thing that your from lets say hindi
medium or telugu medium or marathi medium and you thing that your language proficiency
so weak you will not be able to listen to the person in english or you thing that your
technical vocabulary so weak and rest of the people are so smart and you will be not able
to listen to that so that is your diffidence which you need
to overcome by ah replacing that with confidence over enthusiasm that is stopping the speaker
ah then and there because your more enthusiastic in knowing thinks and you think that you know
it and the new try to stop this speaker even if ah the ah speaker knows it but the speaker
is bit slow in giving you the idea so ah combine with this is intolerance or impatience so
your impatient ah to let this speaker conclude the talk you jump and then try to filling
the blanks that the speaker is leaving deep rooted believes his ah the last but not
the least ah obstacle that i was discussing in terms of barriers to active listening so
our own convictions our own beliefs will create our own mind set and then we will be either
going for a cognitive [disn/discontents] discontents or assonance discontents is the disharmony
we create with the speaker in terms of the ideas the speaker is trying to give us we
try to fight we try to negotiate we always try to rejected and then be even try to humiliate
assonance is our likeness for the speaker that is developed because again ah with regard
to our ah believes and then value systems positive bias could be dangerous and then
i gave you the example of ah one hitler fan who wrote very ah price worthy item about
hitler and anybody who reads it would think that he such a very ah great person with if
the person has no idea about the atrocities that was cost by hitler ah during the world
war now having discussed about this in this module
lets focus on telephone communication and then some basic skills you need to know about
ah communicating using a telephone most of the times telephone is one of the devices
which are use for communication or rather which is misuse for communication or i would
like to say that its one device we abuse it take it for granted but when the device was
invented by alexander graham bell for the first time and then when he ah made a call
to the then president of the united states so the president remark by saying that ah
may be ah this device is interesting no doubt but ah i dont know who is going to use this
so the ah idea at that time was ah it was thought that many people will not use it but
you know that it is today not only used but it is misused abused and then it has become
part and parcel of our life now why is that important in terms of soft
skills and personality development it is important in terms of developing your personality because
knowing the way you use phone knowing how and when you’re using a phone will also tell
us what kind of person you are now i just want to ask you some probing questions
and then you think about these questions and then you reflect on them and then you identify
who you are when you are using the telephone how do you behave
now lets start with first set off questions why do you call someone on phone think about
these questions why do you call someone on phone what is it that it is making you call
somebody on phone people tell me that they call somebody on phone just when they feel
bored at just bored and then they want to talk to someone nobodies around so just to
pass time they call somebody they just chat communications one main purpose itself is
to just to share ideas just to enjoy the share pleasure of communicating with someone if
telephone is used for that fine you kill boredom you enjoy so ah after filling to someone you
like maybe you feel better people also use telephone for curiosity to
you find out what why do you use this do you use it just for curiosity like find out what
someone is doing sometimes out of curiosity in terms of helping the person or even in
terms of harming the person if you are preparing for a competitive exam so your thorough or
tomorrow there is an exam you are very thorough so you want to spoil your friend who is preparing
for that you call and then give unwanted information create interest for that the person gets distracted
from that or you actually call and then share some important information so out of curiosity
also you call somebody you call ah someone on phone just because of your insecurity your
own basic insecurity both sides for example ah people who was so close between
friends between lovers between ah couples ok ah people become nagging so we we say ah
nagging housewife but we also have the counter suspicious husband so both of them use frequently
by calling the other person just to check just to verify where is the person what is
he doing to whom ah is he or she making call verifying and validating so one’s own security
the other person is imposing it on the other one and then you see what kind of relationship
you will be able to maintain using this device passing information is another recent why
you call someone it could be good information it could be bad or it could be simple information
ok ah giving some phone number so giving some details about a job sharing some information
about an advertisement that as come and so want so passing information also you call
someone you also [com/call] call someone for sharing good news ok this is one important
thing that you call a person and then you share it
you also inform people about events appointments so you call someone and you tell that this
is going to start on this day at this time dont miss it so you remain somebody of about
an appointment about a meeting you also call someone on phone to give bad news ok and ah
in the next one we will just see how you can do this but right now i just want you to think
about these wants why do you call someone on phone sometimes to give bad news sometimes
it just for discussing ideas ok you studied together you research together or its just
like your friends and then you keep on sharing ideas you discuss about that and then you
talk for a long time sometimes you call a person just for the office
routine business matter telling somebody where the file is kept telling somebody to bring
the file telling somebody to download something so the routine things you just ah call someone
sometimes you use the telephone to call for help so you find somebody like a thief wandering
in your nearby vicinity you want alert the security you want to call the police so ah
there is a ah coral that is a fight somebody is beating each other slowly it might become
a kind of communal right so you are afraid you call the police we call for help you make
a phone somebody is ah lying on the road so maybe its a terrible accident so you want
to call the ambulance so you call for help you use telephone for calling for help you
also use telephone for calling for service like booking tickets ordering food items
so why do you call someone on phone and when do you use phone the calls you make and the
way you make those calls they will tell who you are so think about the way you are making
and why you do this also keep thinking on whom do you avoid on phone and why if a tell
you dont want to make a call why dont you avoid making a call and then ah if a tell
your avoiding someone who is that person whom you avoid calling on phone why is that a person
who has given loan the the money lender who was given you money and then you dont want
to call because you are not able to pay the dues
its a your enemy giving a call and then you want to avoid that phone you want tell somebody
that you’re out of home or out of office you want to tell a lie that you are not available
is it your neighbour with whom you dont have a good rapper and the person is calling to
complaints something that your tree has grown to the other persons ah compound and then
the leaves are falling and then you are not doing anything about it or any that kind of
complaint is that the neighbour that you would like to avoid or have you done some miss deeds
and then you’re afraid of the police so you would like to avoid any call from the police
your involved in some kind of activities maybe a wrongly implicated corruption case so you
are afraid of investigation officer your simply afraid of your boss and then you just want
to avoid on phone because you dont want to call your boss all the time wherever you are
are you avoiding phone call from your wife or a relative or a colleague or colleagues
in general are you avoid ah will you avoid phone calls from vendors which most of us
do even we try to block calls from vendors because the keep advertising things and we
dont like but then there are people who like even getting those calls they listen to that
patiently and then they decide what items to buy
are you avoiding calls from clients are you avoiding calls from customers because again
you maybe ah little bit orate that the customer may come and then give complaints or the customer
maybe angry that some services not done again if you look at it from this angel this prospective
you will understand that the calls you avoid and the way you avoid them you you someone
to tell that or you look at the missed calls and then you dont pay attention all these
wants will determine who you are think about these questions and see how you respond to
them and then the third set off questions that i want you to ponder over or related
to whom do you want to talk to on phone so if at all you have to talk to someone and
if at all you are longing to talk to someone all the time ah as einstein says time is related
so when you talk to someone to whom you long to talk whom you want to talk even if you
talk for three hours so it passes like three minutes
but when it is the boss or someone whom you talking whom you dont want to talk so three
minutes will go us three hours so who is this person to whom you never mine talking at all
is it a classmate is it a friend and among friends ah schoolmate or close friend or just
a new friend which friend are you interested talking to is that a lover or is it your teacher
is it your employer there are ah although we figure boss as a kind of ah terrifying
person so there are very benevolent employers who facilitate ah the there employees in terms
of making them realize their potentials \so there are many ah employers many people
who actually ah creative kind of harmonious surrounding and then even the workers want
to talk to the employer so ah would you like to talk to your boss and then share your problems
there are ah bosses who are so empathetic and then who even know all the problems at
home the things which have causing stress to the workers and they try to help them in
a very benign way to sort the doubt also or are you just waiting to talk to your doctor
share some problem and seek some advice are you always interested in talking to your mentor
who is always trying to help you to groom yourself help you in your growth realizing
your potential or is there any well wisher to whom you want share some good news and
then seek more advice are you interested in talking to an inspirer may be the person knows
that he she is inspiring you or not knowing it but you would like to talk to the person
if your ah somebody like a doctor or someone or at higher position would you like to talk
to your patient and then share some concerns or would you like to talk to your student
who needs your help if you are a teacher or somebody who is in the education line would
you just want to talk to an astrologer many people would like to even begin their day
talking to an astrologer or ah happy event in the home or something bad happened they
would like to talk to the astrologer or are you interested in just talking to a stranger
so today ah people or even interested in calling someone whom they dont know they just want
to buildup relationships they pick some number randomly they call even they make right relationships
by making wrong calls so are you trying to take your chance by calling ah stranger overall
the people you want to talk and the way you talk to them again it will tell who you are
so think about these questions who are your ah favorites with whom you want to talk to
now lets look at why phone calls are important when i was thinking about it i realize that
there are very interesting and paradoxical reasons now paradoxical reasons a paradox
seems to be a very contradictory thing but then it makes sense when you look at them
and put them together in a context look at some of the paradoxes ah ah with regard to
use of telephone and with regard to how it is used ah in terms of human communication
so phone calls generally if you look at it they connect as to people ok so the make this
connections possible they make the human communication warm and alive but they can also disconnect
people how many times we just slam the phone down and then be say something angrily we
dont want to talk to the person we just shouted the person we alert the person and even multiple
calls numerous calls have been made so we completely disconnect from the person
is that not a paradox phone is helping you to connect phone is helping you to disconnect
and then you leave some of these people cold and uncared for when you dont want to talk
to someone they are completely disconnected and you dont care how cold how uncared and
how unsympathetic they feel and then while there are some who hate calling some people
there are others who love to get calls from them its another paradoxical thing so there
are some who dont want to call some people thinking that ah they dont make any sense
but those people or actually looking and waiting for the calls from these wants
now ah this even ah situations like sometimes children who are ah settled in for away places
and then ah parents and then grandparents waiting for a call children thinking that
in the busy ah schedule they dont have time to ah make them call or even tell them very
trivial things which are [happing to/happening to] happening to them whereas the parents
as well as grandparents are waiting just to here one small trivial information from them
which would make them very happy so this the paradoxical thing a phone call could have
avoided many suicides i heard of people telling that ah somebody talk to them at the right
moment and then ah it help them change the mind a similar incidents is quoted by albert
camus in the novel the fall so ah there is the person who ah suddenly premeditates suicide
with the really session that ah this this nobody who would really called him or feel
emotionally attached and a things that ah its its ah paradoxical thing again that the
day in which the person wanted to commits suicide is the day no friend makes a call
to him so again implying that if only one friend if only one family member had called
him maybe you would avoided ah committing suicide
now phone calls can give you life phone calls can make you commit suicide by not making
it in the important time so not making a call could have made many ah people leave happy
lives making call can also make people leave happy lives so hence it is important to use
phone calls wisely and effectively so overall i would say that phone calls are
important aspect of human communication you can make or you can mar it so the way you
use it its going to tell about your personality its determining your personality it has become
a very integral part of human communication and today we cannot do without it
the coming ah lecture i am going to tell you how we are also by extension using mobile
ok and then before i go to mobile i will also try to tell you some professional way of handling
ah telephone now some basic skills before i go to the professional
skills in the next one basic skills for using telephone as i said many of you may be implicitly
using it but i would suggest you try to learn to use it you overly you understand why you
are using it first you understand that telephone is different from oral communication that
is person to person or from individual to individual face to face the way you talk to
a person face to face is different from the way you talk to somebody on phone
now this is important because face to face when you talk to someone you can always modulate
your expressions depending on what the other person is feeling you can stop your communication
you can extent your communication depending on the interest or depending on the disinterest
of the person who is just sitting before you but on a phone you dont have a clue ok on
the one hand but on the other hand you can also take some clues only based on the way
the person is expressing his or her verbal ah base of communicating his or her ideas
now keeping this in mind remember you have to use telephone very carefully it is believe
that if you if you completely want to avoid someone face to face you still you can use
ah telephone but then when you use it you have use it very discreetly
now if somebody is making you a call a call that is very important and the person is going
to give you some information and you need to note it down now if you are not prepared
ask the person to call again so that you be prepared with the notebook you can note it
down or your your just driving or your just eating something or your just attending to
some guest now dont do two three things especially when you have to talk to someone on phone
avoid that be focus keep a pen and paper if ah ah again even if it is a personal call
so keep the pen and paper just near your telephone or a small notebook memo note where you can
note small point at least even in a personal call dont miss important point especially
somebody telling you that you can call someone and pass the information or you do this for
them so note that in your to do list especially with regard to numbers if they giving you
a number so note it not noting it making one error in terms of number is going to become
very harmful if you are the right handed one please the
phone on the left side and use the right side for notes on the right side you keep a notepad
or a small notebook and then there you ah take notes quickly so that left side you can
ah take the receiver and listen to the person and generally it is also ah suggested ah even
ah scientifically that you use the left ear generally for ah listening avoid ah using
the right one so that is the suggestion given so try to do that and use the right hand for
taking notes and smile or show that your cheerful now when you smile your voice will be different
when you do that and even the other person can feel that your smiling and making the
other person feel comfortable and feel happy about the call be patient if ah ah the other
person as made the call be patient till the person points of the call dont rush to complete
unless you have a very emergent thing to do in which case you can politely tell that the
reason important thing and appointment or a class or an important even that you need
to attend to and then you can tell that politely in terms of time keep and eye on it but dont
rush as i said and if the other person is making the call and then the person is trying
to speak remember the tips i gave you about active listening make the other person speak
so you dont interrupt frequently so that the other person feels frozen so and then ah you
dont do all the communication dont make it one way ok make it a two way communication
and the other side you be calm and comforting so that the other person talks to you more
never loose your temper even if the other person is trying to provoke you or say something
provocative or pass an information about you a gossip this person heard about it and then
dont loose your temper at least on phone dont do this
dont eat or chew for example chewing gum or munching something when somebody is talking
to you its impolite its also not showing that your having culture behavior you can excuse
somebody to finish it quickly or you just stop eating and talk to the other person and
if you have to go back you also tell the person that you have just stopped eating just to
listen to the person the person can come back to you after you finish eating or if it is
an important want you just pay attention quickly and then windup the call and continue with
your eating dont do both together chewing munching eating and then that noise that you
make while you chew and your not able to even say something correctly there is high probability
of miscommunication you say a number or an important thing the other person as not able
to here it stop reading if a phone call comes so your
in the middle of reading a very interesting novel and who done it kind of thing and the
next page the most important suspense is going to be revealed so your mind is there but the
phone call has come pass close the book continue with the call if the phone call comes when
your typing something on your computer or on your laptop dont do both stop typing again
pay attention to the call give verbal encouragements when you do that because the other person
is not visible to you and even in your case you have to realize that now it is not a face
to face communication the other person can understand your listening only if you are
able to give some verbal encouragement you can say for example i see tell me more
go on would you like to talk about it please continue go ahead so these verbal encouragements
will make the other person to continue and then say more about it
now these are some basic telephone ah skills and then ah there are some basic things which
you generally take for granted but i should tell you before i conclude this the courteous
things like asking polite ah pleasant remarks such as hello how are you how do you do and
then saying please thank you and then again ah when the person is ah saying thank you
first saying that welcome or ah we have most welcome and then winding up with some kind
of ah ah note of hope like i would like to see you on this day lets meet in the ah party
tomorrow or look forward to get call from you again
so these things are basic but then again i am just reemphasizing so please thank you
sorry and these are overall soft skills ah etiquette that you need to have and more important
in telephone skills we will be looking at more in the next one but just want to conclude
with the thought from one famous novelist and journalist look at this again he also
tries to point out the paradox of using telephone people used what they called a telephone because
they hated being close together and they were scared of being alone so they hated being
close together so they use phone but they are also scared of being alone so they dont
want also to be left out so phone as a said is something that bridges
the gap but it can also create the gap it depends on the user you how you use it you
can bridge or you can close the communication network so decide how your going to do this
go through the video once again ponder over the questions that i asked and assess your
personality in terms of the phone that you are using where are you are you the ones people
want to run away from are you the ones whose calls people are avoiding are is that you
people always love to here if not what should you do to make you that persons so that always
people want to talk to you always people want to listen to you
next lecture again will give you more tips on [beca/becoming] becoming a professional
telephone ah user until then i say thank you and thank you so much for watching this video
have a nice day

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