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TABERNACLE PLANS | Bible Study | Jesus In All of Exodus 25-27

December 2, 2019

This is Spoken Gospel. We’re dedicated to seeing
Jesus in all of scripture. In each episode, we see what’s
happening in a Biblical text and how it sheds light
on Jesus and his gospel. Let’s jump in. Moses is talking with God
on Mt. Sinai when he receives plans for a movable
structure called a tabernacle. This is a tent in which God
would dwell with his people as they journeyed from Mt.
Sinai to the Promised Land. God has always wanted to live
with his people. That’s what the Garden of Eden was for. And now, in the tabernacle,
God is making the first giant step in restoring the presence he
had with humanity back in Eden. Basically, his instructions for how to build this
tent start at the center and work their way out. The mercy seat in the holy of holies
is the central part of the tabernacle. We can think of it
like God’s throne. This is where God would appear and meet with
his people, like he met with Moses on the mountain. Next, there’s the bread of presence
which represents the 12 tribes of Israel. In front of that is the golden lampstand
which continuously shines on the bread. This was to be a constant testament to the
fact that God’s presence is with his people. Outside of the tent, in the outer
court of the tabernacle, there an altar. The altar is where
sacrifices would be made. This reveals that people cannot
just approach God as they are. Their sin must be dealt
with through sacrifice. Everything in the tabernacle
is sectioned off by curtains. The more dense and ornate they become, the
closer one would get to the holy presence of God. This fact shows us that the closer people
get to God the more protection is needed. The structure of the tabernacle
conveys one strong message – God is holy. He is set apart, glorious, and perfect. Which is what makes Jesus
coming to earth so magnificent. Jesus is the final tabernacle because he is
the tent in which God fully dwells in the flesh. But Jesus doesn’t just fulfill the tabernacle
itself, but every part of the tabernacle. He is the actual holy of holies
because he is the actual presence of God. Jesus is the bread of life
who is present for his people. He is the light of the world that shines
on them eternally with his protection. He is the final sacrifice on the altar that
allow us to enter into the holy place of God. Furthermore, at Jesus’ death the curtain
covering the holy of holies is ripped open to show that there is no longer
separation from God and his people. All who belong to Jesus have been turned into little
tabernacles in which he dwells through the Holy Spirit. And eventually, Jesus will return and
transform the whole world into his new tabernacle. For he will dwell in it with us forever. I pray that the Holy Spirit would
give you eyes to see the God who is unapproachably holy, but
still wants to dwell with his people. And that you would see Jesus as the one who made
a way for this good God to live with us and in us forever.

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