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Sustainability and Urban Planning | RMIT University

December 1, 2019

The idea of the wild city allows us to think
about how we fit within the city as part of that broader mosaic of human nature relations. Cities shape us, and we shape it, and that
interrelationship is where planning sits right at that nexus. My name is Wendy Steele, I’m an Associate
Professor at RMIT in Urban Planning and Environment. What’s really exciting about working in
the area of urban and environmental planning is that you’re offering solutions and ways
forward in uncertain times. At the moment we’re being confronted in
cities with a number of significant challenges: climate change, moving towards a low carbon
future, our whole world is morphing and changing. As planners we have the unique challenge to
help navigate equitable and fair ways forward that brings the whole of our community along
with us. One of the strengths of the RMIT program is
that it really seeks to ground theory into practice. We have a number of opportunities for students
to undertake field excursions both locally and internationally. Students can also undertake a work practicum
where they are located within a consultancy or a local or state government in a more hands-on
way. Staff at RMIT are really passionate about
the work that they do. They’re focused in their own research on
creating sustainable cities. A key aim of planning is about furthering
a sustainable future for all people, and that’s what really interests us.

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