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Study Guide: Time Management

August 14, 2019

[S. McCullough] Weekly calendars and to-do
lists! I’m Shannon McCullough and this is your TIME MANAGEMENT Edition of the IUPUI
Studyguide! [B. Santana] Believe it or not, 2 out of 3
college students struggle to balance college and the rest of their lives effectively. Getting
a 4.0 boils down to managing your time and getting things done. Let’s hear what some
students have to say about time management. [A. Hollinger] I had to learn the whole time
management thing because I ended up getting a job my first semester, and then on top of
taking classes and driving back and forth to school and that type of thing.
[M. McKinney] When I came into college as a freshman, I came in as a student athlete,
and time management was a really big problem for me.
[S. McCullough] It’s no secret that everyone has problems managing their time. Let’s
look at some tricks to find out how we can stay on top of everything. Let’s go to Lindsay
to find out how you can create a Mindsweep! [L. Stiller] This is a neat little trick that
helps you get everything out of your head and onto a piece of paper so you can plan
and organize for things that you need to get done. It also really helps you prioritize
the things that you need to do in your life. Just sit down with a blank sheet of paper
in a quiet area and sweep your mind of everything. Try to do this for at least 5 minutes without
stopping to ensure that you’ve thought of absolutely everything! If you get stuck, try
going to our website and using the Trigger List. It’s really great to help you think
of things that you might have forgot! Also on our website, is a mindsweep handout just
waiting for all you have to do! [B. Santana] Okay, now that you have a huge
list of things to do, let’s start organizing it and getting things done! Each week I create
a weekly schedule on all my upcoming due dates. I can look at my mindsweep and plan ahead
so that I’m scheduling times to study and work on upcoming projects so that I’m not
cramming to get everything done the week that it’s due.
Sometimes I’ll even color code my schedule just to know when a project or a test is due.
Some items are long term, so you don’t need put them on your calendar just yet! Remember
to look at our website for a weekly schedule template.
[S. McCullough] Most of the items you have to do are random and don’t necessarily need
to be scheduled. Having a to-do list enables you to see things that can be done during
periods of free time or on your way home. Take a few minutes to make an organized list
of things that you need to do throughout the day. It could be buying dog food, calling
the doctor, or even stopping by the Bepko Learning Center to find a tutor for your class.
Remember, as you do this, think about your priorities. Some items are more important
and need to be placed higher on the list! Once your list is done, you have an organized
calendar for the week, a list of to-dos to keep you on track when you have nothing prepared,
and the peace of mind that comes with effectively managing your time.
Visit the BLC website for a to-do list that is ready for you to fill out.
[L. Stiller] By now, you’re a time management powerhouse ready to hit the ground running!
So, go ahead; take 5 minutes to start your mindsweep. And, remember, the BLC Resource
Mentors are here to help as you start using these time management resources.
The BLC is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 7 pm and Friday 8 am to 4 pm. So,
come in and visit us today and see how we can help you control your time!

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