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Stop Promoting and Start Selling Efficiency

December 6, 2019

(synthesized music) – [Mark Jewell] So one of
the observations I’ve made in the last 20 years in selling efficiency is that we have to stop
promoting efficiency and start selling it. Most people in this industry — In fact, most salespeople — Statistics say that most salespeople receive three days of
professional sales training in their entire careers, and the funny thing about it is that’s not even three real days because most of that sales
training is product-based. When you really talk about what the Harvard Business Review said lately about sales in their blog, they said, ‘You know in the old days, you used to have two parts charisma and one part product knowledge.’ That was sales. And now, forget about it. People can find out more
information on your product from the internet than
they can from you, right? That’s what they think and
as far as the charisma, you know what? Really charisma is not
necessarily where it’s all at. (keyboard music)

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