Srdjan Roje: The Cure For Procrastination (And It’s Quite A Surprise!)

September 26, 2019

And then there’s that
thing of procrastination! You know, things that
you should do, but: “I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll start next week that
diet or that exercise” or something like that… Or that book you decided to write:
“Yeah, yeah, I will” “I will but maybe
not today – tomorrow.” You see – there are books and books
written about procrastination and in a lot of them the authors
are usually giving you some kind of tips and tricks for
time management. But procrastination is not a consequence
of time mismanagement, It is a consequence of
EMOTIONAL MISMANAGEMENT. When you think about that thing that you
decided to do; to go on a diet; It just doesn’t FEEL good! It feels better not to do that,
than to do that! Why is that? What are you afraid that is
going to happen? Or what are you getting
from this situation? And both questions will give
you very interesting answers. So, what is the worst possible
thing if I go on a diet? “I will be hungry”,
“I will be cranky”, “it’s not going to work”, or “I’m going to
maybe lose some weight” “but then after a while they’re
just going to come back”, and it’s more pleasant; you PERCEIVE it
as more pleasant NOT to try it at all than to try it and then to fail. But, also, there is the
other side of the coin: “What am I getting out of
NOT going to a diet?” Well, maybe you have friends
that are also a bit overweight, and if you really go on a diet, and you
lose some weight as you hope you will, maybe they will hate you,
maybe they will envy you, maybe they are not going to like you anymore,
they won’t go with you to the movies, or they are not going to be friends
with you, and so on and so on. And also you are getting a lot of
sympathy for being maybe obese and you created all kinds of reasons,
that it is your RIGHT, and so on and so on… And you like to eat and
blah blah blah blah… You know, you don’t
need to go on a diet. But if you decide to
go on a diet and then you notice that you
are procrastinating, that you are just
not doing that, ignore your thoughts that
it’s going to happen tomorrow. “Yes, yes, after the summer, or after
the New Year’s Eve”, or whatever… You notice – but you need to notice; and
actually meditation is a huge help there – you notice that you are
just procrastinating. You’re just kicking the can
down the road, so to speak. Why? What do I believe is true? What is the worst possible thing that
might happen if I go to a diet? And what am I getting out of it? Ignore the excuses. Excuses are just consequence of your
vibratory state of anxiety, let’s say, or shame, or guilt, because you are overweight
and so on and so on. And just FACE IT! Face it. So, procrastination is not about
time management. It’s about emotional management. And actually, it’s about management of
your own definitions and beliefs.

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