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SOP: Planning in the New Year

December 5, 2019

hi this is Karl Palachuk with small biz thoughts and it’s time for another sop video for managed service providers I’m
standing way back here so you can see this huge wall I have at the back of my
office this fall is going to become a mural in 2016 it’s part of the plans for
my company today we’re going to talk about planning in general and
specifically financial planning personal planning and business planning you need
to do a little bit of each of these in order to be truly successful in the new
year you know many people put a lot of
pressure on themselves to do new year’s resolutions and new year new me and lose
weight and all that happy stuff and they basically set themselves up for failure
I want you to set yourself up for success and here is what that means
instead of doing it all in January and making a big deal of it I’d like you to
get in the habit of planning things for your business planning to be successful
you know one of my bank raises is nothing happens by itself well guess
what that includes success particularly I do a lot of focused planning for the
new year in October and November so that I’m really clear about what’s going on
at the end of the year and how I need to prep for the new year what sort of
things I need to put in place I have some idea of what my finances look like
not just in January in Q one but for the whole year but more importantly I plan
every month I take a little time and I do planning in three different areas I
encourage you to start with one hour a month if you’re not used to planning a
lot and eventually work up to doing one hour a month for each of these areas financial personal and business now what
does that mean financially means things like are you meet reaching your sales
goals had you hire the right number of people are you doing the things you need
to do with regard to getting money from your clients and paying your vendors on
time on personal matters it’s really what do you want to do with your life
and your biz earnest and how do you plan that out
what are you doing when you’re going to be doing next week next month next year
and all those things have a long range and a medium range and a short-range
list of goals that you need to pay attention to what if we don’t spend any
time planning than none of that stuff happens by itself and finally on the
business front you need to plan out what’s going to happen in your business
what will it look like what do you want your brand to look like where are you
going by the end of next year and what is it gonna do for you personally and
financially so you see it’s all tied together it’s very important that you
take a little bit of time and make it a special time literally pick a time put
it on your calendar and maybe it’s the first Monday of the month of the last
Friday of the month or whatever works for you but take some time and get in
the habit of planning so that you can get in the habit of making sure that you
look at what you plant right if you don’t measure you don’t know whether or
not you making any progress Peter Drucker says what gets measured gets
done so let’s not freak out about planning for all of the year in January
instead but start down the slow path of creating a new habit of doing a
little planning all year long this is Karl Palachuk for small biz
thoughts wishing you all the best in your managed business for 2016

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