Soft Skills Training (SELF CONFIDENCE)

September 11, 2019

self-confidence is knowing yourself appreciating your own skills and talents and letting them shine it isn’t about being arrogant but having a positive self-image in this scenario Janine closes a big account but doesn’t feel it is enough to ask for a raise or promotion at work let’s hear the advice that Allison and Ted provide to Jeanine in this situation Congrats to Jeanine on the big account yes congratulations thank you I spent every last hour ensuring that they’d renew their contract with the agency there’s so many PR firms out there right now and you did it your boss must be thrilled yeah I guess he is Jeanine you guess you’re a rock star for that company look how many clients you brought in in the past two years yeah I know Chad must be ready to move you up well it’s not just up to Chad it’s also up to Marcus uh Janine you do want to advance with the company don’t you of course I do I’m sensing a but I just don’t know if I’m good enough but Janine look at what you have accomplished in just two years it’s not just bringing clients in it’s all the agency reps are men there’s just a way they communicate with each other that I feel I don’t know doesn’t include me what do you mean they look at me with appreciation they even say thank you and well done Janine but they never discuss accounts or other opportunities with me you just go back to their bantering and private conversations with each other Janine that’s not right you have what it takes you just need the self-confidence to let them know what you want and risk losing my job Ted you won’t Jeannine and if you did then we would know there was a gender bias and we’d be having a whole different conversation at lunch for now just acknowledge what’s happening but don’t let it thrive Allison’s correct just having the self-confidence to discuss your value and your ambitions to any firm and discuss your ambitions will set you on the right path no matter what it may be I am up for review next month I’ll consider mentioning it then Janine do you really think they would dismiss you cuz you’re a woman thinking back on all that’s transpired I’m wondering if that may actually be true but I don’t know I’m just I’m not sure there seems to be another layer of complexity in this situation does Janine’s gender affect her self-confidence when it comes to advocating for herself in a male-dominated work environment if you are Janeane how would you approach the conversation with your boss

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