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Soft Skills Training (PERSONAL JUDGEMENT)

October 19, 2019

personal judgment is using our values and ethics to make good decisions and exercise appropriate behaviors in school work and our personal lives in this scenario Brooke witnesses an uncomfortable situation between Kim and Brandi let’s see what happens Brandi that presentation was unacceptable I’m sorry I did the best I could I mean I suppose I stumbled over a couple of the facts stumble Brandi you were barely coherent you know people like you have to try harder what’s up Brooke going to the meeting later what’s wrong I don’t know if I should say I can’t believe what I just saw well what happened I want to talk about it yeah I don’t know what to do Kim was just in here and she was really laying into brandy what for well she said it was about her presentation this morning but it felt a lot more personal than that personal how Alex she said people like you need to try harder people like who oh do you think she was being discriminatory I don’t know that was my first instinct but I could just be overthinking it I don’t know what to do I feel like I can’t just do nothing what is your judgment tell you what seemed inappropriate about what you just saw well first that it was so personal like saying people like her and second that she berated her so publicly what does your gut tell you to do talk to someone I just don’t know who I suppose I could get clarity from Kim before talking to the supervisor I think she should know how she’s coming across and second I really think Brandi deserves an apology but then again maybe I should just go directly to a supervisor I’m just not sure Brooke seems to be in a tough situation what are the many ways Brooke might respond to the interaction she witnessed what do you think Brooke should do moving forward consider the scenario from Brandis perspective if you were her how would you want a concerned co-worker to respond

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