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Soft skills are critical when job hunting

October 12, 2019

3 WHEN IT COMES TO FINDING A JOB, MOST PEOPLE AGREE THAT PROFICIENCY IN A PARTICULAR SKILL IS IMPORTANT. BUT, HOW MUCH OF A ROLE DO SOFT SKILLS PLAY IN THE WORKPLACE? SOFT SKILLS INCLUDE BEING ON TIME, HAVING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE AND GOOD COMMUNICATION. CHRYSTAL BLAIR ANSWERS THAT QUESTION IN HER REPORT.. 3 CHRYSTAL BLAIR/REPORTING SOFT SKILLS ARE USUALLY PERSONALITY DRIVEN Bill Smillie/Missouri Job Center:”Being on time, having a good attitude..getting a days work for a days pay.”BILL SMILLIE OF THE MISSOURI JOB CENTER BELIEVES THEY AREN’T AS PREVALENT TODAY AS THEY WERE WHEN HE WAS COMING UP..Bill Smillie/Missouri Job Center:”I learned those job 3 skills from my parents when I know when you’re old enough to know better.” 3 ACCORDING TO THE NATIONAL SOFT SKILLS ASSOCIATION.. IT’S BELIEVED THAT ABOUT 85% OF WORKPLACE SUCCESS IS DUE TO SOFT SKILLS AND ONLY 15% COMES FROM HARD SKILLS. Bill Smillie/Missouri Job Center: “The number one thing we hear today from employers is individuals today lack those soft skills.”Matt Hudson/OTC Executive Dean For Career Technical and Community Development :”You can do things and even admit some things you don’t know, or you’re not as proficient at But, I think if you can do it with some confidence and kindness, you can actually have uhm, a better reception from the client, or customer, than if you come into it with a weakness in the area of a soft skill.” MATT HUDSON, EXECUTIVE DEAN FOR CAREER TECHNICAL AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT OTC SAYS THESE SKILLS ARE MORE IMPORTANT IN CERTAIN JOBS.Matt Hudson/OTC Executive Dean For Career Technical and Community Development :I think when you’re talking about a worker who is in an environment that’s serving the public in whatever fashion, that customer service skill is probably the most important one they will have.”STAND UP..”So, does this era of social media help or hinder when it comes to the development of soft job skills? Bill Smillie/Missouri Job Center:”You know, I think the cellphone and social media and all the instant communication… I call it instant gratification — is there and there’s no secrets anymore.”HOWEVER, ACCORDING TO WHAT SMILLIE HAS EXPERIENCED, THE SOCIAL MEDIA GENERATION PREFERS A PERSONAL TOUCH WHEN IT COMES TO JOB HUNTING.Bill Smillie/Missouri Job Center: “It’s interesting that millineals tell us that they prefer a paper application over an online application. Because an online application they can’t look the computer in the eye and say I’m special..hire me.”HE SAYS THEY BELIEVE SO STRONGLY IN THE NECESSCITY OF SOFT JOB SKILLS THAT THEY’RE TEACHING THEM IN A CLASS CALLED “CHANGE ONE THOUSAND.”Bill Smillie/Missouri Job Center: “We’re trying to change one thousand people in the next two years, with these soft skills 3 ..uh…training.., that employers are asking for.” “We’re doing it because employers say..we need help.” DONNA STANSEL, SAYS SHE HAS GREAT HARD SKILLS FOR A CLERICAL OR ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT JOB . HER STRONGEST SOFT SKILL IS ONE THAT MANY MAY NOT CONSIDER BUT SHE SAYS IS IMPERATIVE IN HER LINE OF WORK..Donna Stansel/Job Seeker: “Knowing what to say when. When to keep your mouth shut..” SHE SAYS WORKING CLERICAL JOBS OFTEN MEANS HAVING ACCESS TO CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.. Donna Stansel/Job seeker: “If you don’t keep your mouth shut word gets around and your not trusted or you’re fired.” JAYSON HICKEY IS RE-ENTERING THE WORKFORCE AFTER BEING SELF-EMPLOYED FOR MANY YEARS. HE SAYS HIS GREATEST SOFT SKILL IS ENTHUSIAM..Jayson Hickey/Job seeker: “Being a self starter, know, self employed through most of my life — one thing that..that has been a driving force has been yes, to be dedicated, to be enthusiastic about whatever you’re doing.” ACCORDING TO THE “BALANCE CAREERS” WEBSITE THE THREE TOP SOFT SKILLS EMPLOYERS WANT ARE..POSITIVE ATTITUDE, STRONG WORK ETHIC AND EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION. 3 3 IF YOU GET YOUR NUTRITION

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