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Skillopedia – 4 tips to host an effective conference call ( Telephone skills & Soft skills video)

October 10, 2019

Hello Everyone I am Niharika and welcome to
Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world.In today’s session we are gonna
learn How to conduct conference calls? It’s important for you as a business professional
to lead or to chair good conference calls. Well rather than having face to face meetings
these days companies prefer to have conference calls. You just can’t dash into the conference
room and start your call. Well, preparation is key to conference calls and that’s what
we are gonna learn in today’s session. Let’s have look at some tips that will help you
to present yourself in a great way on a conference call. The very first thing that you need to keep
in mind in order to lead a conference call is set a plan
There are various people who attend conference calls, right? They belong to different time
zones or probably they are busy with different meetings. You need to make sure that you are
not interfering in their plans and to do so you need to send a request for the meeting.
So the first thing that you gonna do is, send an email. Now this email should include the
time of the call, it should also include the name of the attendees who are gonna attend
the conference call and of course the agenda with the topics that have to be discussed
during the call. Another thing that you can do is, send out a reminder email the day before
a call or probably on the day of the call. Now you can use this opportunity to also any
documents or reports that would be required by people in order to discuss the agenda during
the call. So make sure that you set your schedule well and plan it well. What’s the next thing? Its time to start your
call. People it’s important for you to be on time.You can’t take your own time, you
can’t be late especially if you are the one who’s hosting the conference call. So be on
time. And if people are late, have some notes handy in order to initiate small talk. Another
thing that you need to keep in mind is have the background noise to the minimal. You can’t
have people around you shouting on top of their lungs. Well, you are on a conference
call, it’s just like a face to face meeting so keep the background noise to the minimal.
What’s the other thing that you need to make a note of – well, introductions. The moment
you start your call its important for you to introduce yourself. and also ask the others
to introduce themselves, well not necessary that you would know each and every person.
Probably it is a new client. and you don’t know them, you are talking to them for the
first time, so let everybody introduce themselves and then you can go ahead with the agenda. The next thing – Stick to your agenda
Well it’s important for each and every person on the conference call to follow the agenda
that’s been emailed to you before. Focus on the positive aspects then cover the challenges
and later offer solutions to it. So this is the way your call should go. Now also, you
need not over promise. there times when certain questions are asked and maybe you are not
prepared to answer them at that very moment. It’s okay, you may tell everyone that you
will get back with answers soon. the next thing that you can do is take notes, During
the conference call it is important for you to note down whatever is been spoken about.
So what’s the next thing? Probably at the time of the call you realize that a follow
up meeting is required. So on the very same call you can decide on the time and then after
you have decided on the time well you can thank people and ask if any other questions
have to be answered. Thank them for their time and wish them a good day. So what’s the next thing? Well, it’s after
call work. Now immediately after your conference call
is over what’s the next thing that you do? Well you take a break. Not really, I am just
kidding. there some work that you need to do after your conference call is over. Well
the notes that you took down during the call, its time to convert these notes into minutes
of the meeting. Now what exactly are the minutes of the meeting? The points that you discussed
during the call, the solutions that you offered or the actions that have to take place before
the next scheduled meeting. So you need to email these minutes to all the attendees who
attended the call and also ask for any corrections or adjustments if required. And that’s your
job that you need to do after your call is over. Al right people, so these are certain tips
that will help you to host an effective conference call. Follow these tips and I sure the next
time you have a conference meeting it will really work for you. Also do not forget to
subscribe to our channel Skillopedia because we have many sessions that will help you to develop your skills. And I will be back soon till then you take care.

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