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Simplify IT infrastructure with management tools

September 11, 2019

you’re a small to mid-sized business you need smart affordable ways to take on constant change make faster decisions and do business anywhere but those efforts may lead to a pretty complex technology infrastructure that takes up too much of your time and resources you need simple effective management tools to help save time and reduce effort while still enabling you to embrace opportunities from cloud mobility and big data are you ready for the IT of the future ask yourself these three questions one how good is your view if you don’t have a single end-to-end view of your IT infrastructure from a centralized console you probably have an incomplete picture and you may be spending too much time keeping track of it all too could you be automating more are you relying on a lot of separate specialized tools to manage your environment or are you dealing with too many manual tasks three are you being proactive aging infrastructures are more prone to failure but with proactive monitoring you can identify problems before they cause costly downtime the right management tools can address all these issues by simplifying IT administration requiring less staff and less IT expertise how to start begin with servers that have integrated cohesive management tools designed to work together for a single end-to-end view and better control if you have a headquarters with less than 20 servers you can rely on HP easy system management tools like insight online which offers its simplified tracking of IT preventing problems before they occur with proactive system scans firmware and trend analysis and HPE embedded management tools like I lo save administrators time by providing out-of-the-box web access and health monitoring and remote system management which minimizes down time and travel time but as your IT environment becomes more complex maybe you have more than 20 servers or remote offices HPE offers advanced management tools HPE s1 view provides firmware management OS provisioning remote management and storage provisioning configure once and replicate across 20-plus racks and bladesystem servers networking HP ease management tools is well suited to work with SMBs that require end-to-end visibility in order to reduce the time required to manage and provision network devices HPE storage is designed with simplicity in mind and integrates directly into virtualization management tools to provide centralized management of the virtual and physical infrastructure including one-click storage activation and stress free upgrades which does not require specialist storage knowledge for resources combined that view with automated configuration provisioning troubleshooting and reporting to reduce manual tasks finally take a proactive approach with 24-7 intelligent monitoring on servers to spot errors and stop problems before they start backed by a robust portfolio of Technology and financial services HPE just right IT can help you simplify IT management and use your resources more strategically so you can be ready for anything

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