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Simple Trick To Pass Every Girl’s Shit Test

October 19, 2019

Tripp Kramer here from
There’s a time in every man’s life when he has to deal
with what’s called a “shit test”. This is when a girl says something to you that
completely throws you off guard and makes you get totally in your head and
not know how to react. Let me give you a few examples on today’s video on what
she may say to throw you off guard and then how to respond to that. But what’s
most important is you have to understand a little simple technique little
formula that you could use anytime a girl says something to you where you
don’t know how to respond. The simple formula goes like this; whatever she says
to you, I want you to agree and exaggerate. Agree and exaggerate. That means that your response is going to be basically agree with whatever she
says but then blowing that up to another level. Here’s an example; a
girl may say to you in the middle of conversation “Are you gay?” and your answer
is gonna be “Yes. I’m totally gay. I actually have three different
boyfriends and it’s really hard to see all of them. I never have the time.
You see what I’m doing there? You’re just agreeing and exaggerating.
What does this formula do? It basically says to the girl that you
don’t care. That you’re non-reactive. Another guy would be failing the
test and be kind of scared of that question and get in this head and be
defensive “No, no, no I’m not on gay.” She she knows you’re not. She’s just
messing with you. What this technique is doing is it’s basically showing her
that you’re non-reactive. Non-reactive to when she’s messing with you.
Non-reactive to high-pressure situations. A woman wants to know that she’s with a
guy who can handle himself and she’s basically testing you on this little
mini-pressure situation. She’s like adding a little bit of pressure and
you’re showing her “I’m not affected. I am all good.” She might go
the opposite route and ask you something like “Are you a player?” She’ll say
something like “Are you a player?” or “I bet you say that to all the girls” She’s basically testing you to see how you’re gonna react to are you
a guy who’s just some sort of pick-up artist and just saying the same
lines to the same girls over and over. So what do you do? You agree and
exaggerate. Say “Yeah, I’m the biggest player in the world. In fact, I’ve got two girlfriends
right around the corner. I should introduce you to them.”
Or if she says “Do you say that to all the girls ?” And you say “Well yeah of course. How else am I supposed to meet women? I gotta say the same lines.” So
again, you’re agreeing plus exaggerating. You don’t have to copy what I’m saying here. Make up your own but just agree with her and then exaggerate it. I’m gonna give
you a few more very unique ones. She might say “Buy me a drink.” First of all, if a girl ever says “Buy me a drink”, I don’t even know why you would ever want
to speak to her again because that is to me a very obnoxious thing to say.
But maybe she’s messing with you. If she is and says “Buy me a drink”
you’re gonna look at her and say “No. You buy me a drink first.” See how she reacts.
If she’s like “No seriously, buy me a drink yada yada. Just move on. Don’t
talk to this girl anymore. But maybe she’s just messing with you. Say “No, you
buy me a drink.” This is different. This is not agree plus exaggerate.
I’m just giving you some specific examples of ones that may come up. But in
this case you’re gonna say “No.” But you’re not gonna say “No. I’m not gonna buy you a drink. Why would you ever ask me that?” Instead you’re just going to
confidently look at her and say “No, you buy me a drink first.” Another one where
you’re not necessarily gonna agree and exaggerated is when she says “I think we should just be friends. Can we just be friends?” This is
another example we are gonna playfully disagree with her and you’re gonna say
“No. I can’t be friends with you. It’s not possible. I’m already too in love.” But
you are exaggerating a little bit there and obviously it’s a joke but
you’re not going to agree to that. You’re not going to ever agree to be her friend.
If you actually like her and if she can’t handle that. Well then you’re just
gonna have to move on and it wasn’t meant to be. She might ask you the question “How many girls have you slept with?” Which is
kind of similar to the player one. In this case we will agree and exaggerate.
So you’re gonna say to her “Well when, today?” So she goes
“How many girls have you slept with?” “Well it depends like today?”
Agreeing and exaggerating. Or “I don’t know. I can’t even count anymore. Maybe 250, 260. I don’t know. What about you?” Maybe you guys were in conversation. Something comes up and she says to you “You look really sad right now. Aw did I hurt your
feelings?” Then you’re gonna agree and exaggerate. Either say “Yeah my heart is
broken. I need a tissue. I just, I can’t handle this moment anymore.
Whatever it is. Again another agree and exaggerate moment. The whole idea
here is to be non-reactive. This is attractive to women.
Non-reaction to her tests, to high-pressure situations. It shows that
you’re strong and that you can hold yourself. Now you probably want to
learn more about these little techniques and how to be amazingly attractive to
women so that they come and chase you. Well check this out. What’s going on man? If you are
watching this right now that means that you are struggling with meeting and
dating women and probably not just any women, but the ones that you’re really
attracted to. Those ones that you really want. Not the ones that you just want to
settle with because that’s what you think you can get. And listen, I totally
get it. I totally get it. I was there once too. I was a very very shy guy. A very
nerdy guy who really only settled with what I could get. But now I’m at the
point where I’ve really discovered and tapped into some of the secrets in terms
of being able to meet and attract the women that are anywhere. I’m talking on
the street, during the day, maybe at a bar or club or at night, anytime. And this is
something that I really want to share with you. And you can do it too. A lot of
guys they just don’t think that they have it in them and they think they
need a lot of money, they need to be really good-looking guys
like actor model looking guys to be able to get the types of girls they want.
But let me tell you, this is not true. I’ve helped guys all over the world
be able to get the women that they really want and the secret to doing it
is really all about your vibe and your personality and the way that you display
that with a woman and I talk all about this in my program called Hooked. What
Hooked is is a video course that really breaks down what attraction is to a
science. You need to understand how attraction really works because you probably
have it all wrong right now. You probably think, like I said, you need a lot of
money or looks or some kind of status or be some sort of celebrity to get the
kinds of women that you want. But it’s not true. You need to understand how to
tap into attraction by understanding how to break it down to a science. And I’ve
done that for you in this program. But that’s not all. What you need to
learn is not only what attraction is but how do you apply it? How do you make it
part of you? How do you make it part of the person that you are so you can
display your personality and your vibe out wherever you are to meet and attract
the girls that you want. And I have some great techniques and I have an amazing
step-by-step system basically. It’s just like you watch the
beginning, go all the way to the end, follow what I say, apply it and then it
starts to work for you. This is an entire video course teaching you exactly what
to do with any girl you meet any time. t doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a
relationship or you’re looking for just casual sex, one-night stands or
if you’re looking for a specific type of relationship. Or maybe it’s just
she’s your friend but you guys sleep together and that’s it. It doesn’t matter
what you’re looking for because attraction works the same way. It’s all
about how you apply it and so that’s what’s all inside of Hooked and I want
you to check it out. All you got to do is go to Go to that
link. I’ll put a description down below and you can see it right here on the screen.
Go to so you can learn more about this and get your hands
on this program and it’s so affordable. I want to get it into the hands of as many
guys as possible so check it out. com. Learn this system,
what it takes. It doesn’t matter if you’re shy or you’re short or you’re bald or
you think you’re this big nerd. I’ve been able to help all types of guys
be able to tap into that attraction and be able to create that vibe with any
woman they meet and it’s happened over and over and over again. So don’t forget
to check out so you can
see what it can do for you.

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