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Sharing best practices to improve equity and efficiency

December 4, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Some of our most important
goals for our colleges and our district as
a whole is really to improve student equity
and student engagement. Certainly within
the Silicon Valley, there is great disparity
of income and affluence among families
across the valley. And providing them all with
equitable opportunities to achieve higher education
is a huge priority for both of our colleges
and our district as a whole. One of the ways that we really
need to try to respond to that is to make sure that no matter
what the student’s background is, no matter what their
socioeconomic status is– whether they’re a
first-generation student, whether they’re an immigrant,
whether they’re a returning student– we need to make sure that they
have a comparable experience with the services and resources
that our district provides almost exclusively through
technology these days. Our approach to share
technology has really helped us achieve some of those
goals in a couple of ways. One is, by teaming with
some of our sister districts throughout the
state, we can really discover what some
of the best practices are in terms of how we operate
our enterprise applications and make those services
available to students. A shared services
approach has helped us with is what I
call myth busting, and that is invariably, someone
in our institution will say, well, we have to do it this
way because the law says so, or the regulation says
so or the policy says so. And as we’re collaborating
with our sister districts throughout the state, we can
bring together peers and really compare notes and
just say, well, do the rules really say that? And maybe sometimes they do
and maybe sometimes they don’t. And frequently, we find
that they don’t say that. And there’s opportunities
for us to take friction out of the system, to drive
efficiency and effectiveness, and to really improve the
workflow of the things that we do for students,
faculty, and staff. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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