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October 11, 2019

[Members coming inside in order]
Hello! Hello! Ah Dogyeom here. – Oh you’re so gentle.
– No no So gentle. This is so funny. Joshua must be a gentleman usually. His everyday life actions are showing. Uh Seungkwan? DId you bring a pot stand? What do you mean? You don’t read a lot. Seungkwan I think this part’s a little burnt. No, I’m planning on changing my last name. I am Book Seungkwan these days. [Alright Book Seungkwan]
So let us introduce ourselves first. Two Three ‘Say the name’ Hello we are Seventeen! I heard that we would be finally doing the MBTI test today and I really wanted to do this. I know it makes me curious. There might be a part of my personality that I might not know. I think that I am a bit timid even though people think I am quite a bright person. No, really. But Hoshi does have that side. Yeah when he’s with us he’s really full of energy but he tries to set up that concept. No! Then he says things like ‘Seungkwan, you know that, right?’ ‘ Seungkwan, you know that? That I’m timid?’ He keeps saying that. [Almost a speech]
However at company dinners, he says things lie ‘Guys! You worked so hard today!’ “Staff members! Thank you so much!” – I’m timid.
– He keeps setting up that concept. When we are chatting and Seungkwan is making everyone laugh, I think, “Seungkwan… he really is funny and great..’ Guys do you know what MBTI stands for? MBTI? Music? Music! I don’t know, could you tell me? I’m asking because I don’t know either. [Joshua School for English] Anyway this test is not to see if Hosi is timid or not, but it shows a lot of aspects, so let’s start! It would be fun, we’ll be able to see all 13 of our personalities. It’s quite long. Somebody might go ‘Ah…’ and stop taking it midway. That is his personality. It is. The personality comes from that. The ones that already know our personalities are curious how it would turn out once we take a professional test – Members, for once be serious…
– so let’s do it seriously. Now shall we start? Okay. Start! You find it hard to introduce yourself to…. [so timid] You said you were timid! [With Dino, everyone’s done!]
Okay we’re done! Great great! Now we have completed the test. All of us have wrapped up the MBTI test. Shall we gather it? It’s not a big deal but it’s pretty fun. You feel kind of anxious about the result, right?
A bit. [I’ll look forward]
What kind of type do you think you will get? [blocking jokes]
I don’t know what types there are. – Ah I did that on purpose! Why do you do that when you know it’s deliberate?
– Ah I was going to joke about it. [Here’s a joke]
I think I might get type Bumju. [Very successful joke] I think he will get type Bumju. Yeah he will. [How about this?]
I think Scoups will get blood type AB. Ah… – It came too far from type Bumju.
– We should have stopped there. What a shame~ It’s sad.. To be serious, there seems to be a lot of types. Campaigner, protagonist, – Oh I know what it’s like.
– Architect, Logician, commander, I think I am advocate. No no. [Advocate?]
Ah how can you be so shameless? You are an advocate? [Never mind then] Defender, executive, consul, I hope I get executive. [The name sound so much like him.]
Executive! Aren’t I a self-executive? Oh it’s self-executive Bu Seungkwan. Virtuoso, adventurer, entrepreneur, Entertainer! Here he is! I think a lot of types are similar with my personality. Not 100 percent, but I have little of this and little of that. I am a little bit of a debater but adding one little phrase, I am a debater that loves heated debates but stutters. ‘So… uh… because you… uh d.. did that’ Like this? I’m sorry but could you turn off Dino’s microphone? [OK] Since we are so aware of each other’s personalities, – we know ourselves so much.
– We can see who’s who when we are checking the answers. [Everyone could do this, right?]
We all know the way each of us coughs. [Really?]
Huh? Close your eyes for a minute! [As soon as he said that, the game of “Guess who coughed” begins!] You have to cough. [Right at the first guess]
Dokyeum. Oh! Of course I know this. No I don’t think you do. [Everyone’s thinking that it’s too easy.]
We’ll start again! [totally focused]
We’re going to do it, you have to focus now. [Me! I want to do it!] Hey Moon Junhee it’s just you! Now here are the results. The results have arrived and it seems like a lot of people have similarities, more than we expected. I think so. But it’s cool that there are 13 of us but we only got 5 Yeah [Personality type : The passionate mediat or – S.Coups, Dokyeom, Hoshi, Jun] [Witty Activists- Seungkwan, Vernon] [Good advocates – Wonwoo, Woozi, The8] [Righteous social activists -Mingyu, Joshua , Dino] [Brave Defender – Jeonghan] Then first, let’s go with the one with most people, 4 people I’ll explain to you about the passionate mediator The person who is a mediator type would only show the good sides even in the worst situations or to villains. They are positive,
and try hard to make better conditions they are the true idealists. Dokyeom, Coups, Hoshi, Jun ok. Hey this is right! There is the flame of passion inside them,
which could blaze up just by making a fire I think it’s right? The biggest strength is that by using proper metaphors or stories they symbolize their thoughts and communicate deeply with others. Ok Dokyeom, S.Coups, Hoshi, Jun. And they are also talented in language skills They are not only skilled with their native language but they also pick up a second foreign language,
and even a third foreign language. That’s right. I think this is a very good personality? If you don’t give them interest constantly, they would sever contact and live as a hermit. [Amazing]
Oh Wow! [He himself agrees]
Wow I think this is right! Oh! There is a famous person who belongs to this. Shakespeare. And Johnny Depp. Depp! Do you know Julia Roberts? I do. And Alicia Keys. Also Tom Hiddleston. Rocky, Avengers. -Ah!
-You don’t know, don’t you? I know Rocky. What do you think Hoshi? Do you think the personality fits you? Hm I’m not sure? But this could have parts that fit, and some that don’t. It’s not 100% Hoshi or Coups, but there are some parts. There are some sides that are similar. If you mix 4 of them, they become passionate mediators. If you mix the 4 of them. And there is something like this as well. It’s simplified here Cherishes and loves oneself. Cherish and loves! That’s Hoshi. Next one. -Lazy perfectionist.
-S.Coups. They don’t even start if they can’t do it perfectly. [Extremely agree]
That’s right! I don’t start if I can’t do it perfectly! And tries to solve things alone, even if it’s hard -Jun is a bit..
-It might be Jun. Once they hate something, they hate it until the end. [=Hoshi]
You have a clear like and dislike right? Yeah when I hate something, I’d rather die. Gets angry if someone interferes with the way I work. [=Hoshi] S.Coups S. Coups! Likes being alone, but doesn’t like to be lonely! Wow that’s so creepy! The organized ones at the back are facts. I think this would be fun. We always think that Seungkwan and Vernon is a bit different. But I think this is really unexpected for me. I think it’s so cool. Vernon came up to me and said he doesn’t go along well with Seungkwan. Oh really? [Sulky]
I said that many times to Jeonghan. Oh you’re coming between like this? Witty Activists. Seungkwan, Vernon. People who are activists have liberal minds. They occasionally take the part of mood makers they feel happy by having close ties
with others socially, emotionally. They are attractive and independent, active and good-hearted they belong to about 7% of the whole population and you can meet them easily. They both are like that. I think it’s right. The big title is ‘Life is fun’ – It’s like Vernon!
– Right? They are both like that. Fortunately, activist people know when
and how they should take a rest. Oh! They both take time to rest. Wow! they feel the same pain with
the person who have been stepped like this, they are emotional and sensitive. Oh I agree! Yeah whenever I tell Seungkwan
about my concerns, he would feel sad and joy as if it’s his own business. He sympathizes really well. Vernon also feels pain when he gets stepped on. That hurts for me too? [Agree with this as well]
I’m sensitive to foot. [Sensitive]
Okay now I’ll read the back It’s fun, it’s a different vibe. Chaotic. [he got insulted] They get shy around new people, but adapt quickly. They like talking. I see both of that. [Seungkwan & Vernon]
– They are really similar.
– They are similar. They easily get absorbed into something, and easily give up. Wow! -Isn’t that like Seungkwan?
-It’s my 5th year playing the piano..only doing the chords.. [It’s still not over]
It’s really rare to see them complete something properly If they complete something, they feel happy about that forever [Happy] Vernon! They react well to what other people say,
so many people ask them for advice. It’s similar that he reacts well. [Agree]
Oh reaction! Vernon reacts really well. They can’t lie. Huh? [Refer to episode 2 of Andromeda]
Hello? Hello? Do you know what’s next? They are skilled in handling the crisis. Ok hello. They are quick-witted, but pretend that they don’t know. He’s really quick-witted. Yeah he pretends that he doesn’t know. And this is really similar. They like playing friends because they are extroverted but when they want to spend time alone, they stay alone. That’s right. Seungkwan goes to cafes by himself. That’s same with Vernon. He rides the bicycle by himself Does Vernon stay alone? Actually, rather than trying to stay alone when I am somehow alone, I just try to enjoy my time alone. and there are famous people who belong to this type. There are famous people who Dokyeon might like. Rober Downy Jr. Isn’t that game over? Will smith. They are bright people. And Spiderman. I really like Spiderman. -Is there Beyonce?
-No. -Adele or..
-No? They are not there? I see that there are so many witty and fun people. But I think Carats will be so surprised about this. -That you and I are similar.
-I know right. But in the old days, I had thought that ‘I have
such a different personality with him’ but not long ago, we were talking while walking we just talked about our concerns for almost
an hour, but there’s something like that here. They like talking about human emotions or relationships. So we have different tastes. It’s not that our personality is different, it’s that our tastes are different. They know they don’t go along well with each other and they know this because they spend a lot
of time together, talking to each other I’ll read Good advocates which The8, Wonwoo, Woozi belong to. They are not even 1% of the population. Oh really? They have utopia and ethical ideas that are deeply inhered in them. Huh? I think the PD would regret making him read Normally, you have to react to it but he reads and says ‘Oh?’ There’s one more. There is the uprightness hidden behind the soft voice Upright! So creepy! Oh you have that! they know exactly how to state their opinions and for what they think is right, they fight restlessly. Oh Woozi! [Give]
Wow he never gets tired. [And take]
He has the motor. Oh Woozi is a warmonger. These people look closely at others’ emotions and they also want others to do the same. Don’t say anything to Hoshi. If you interfere with his duty, he gets mad. He could get mad. Ok, if you don’t give them attention constantly, they
sever contact with you and live in seclusion, so everyone please give a lot of attention so that they don’t become hermits! Ok everyone, so that they don’t become hermits.. To a person who are good advocates, the world is where inequality and unfairness are rampant. Yeah, I think that way. Lastly, this is the essential point. They have trouble with the ego. Very shy around strangers. Oh very much. -Very quick-witted.
-Oh he’s quick. Is really sensitive to the trend, and distant from reality. Myung Ho is quick? He is quick because he pays attention. Maybe he doesn’t have that at all for other things. There are many things like that. They are nice to their people. They do some good to people they know but if someone does something wrong,
they end the relationship without looking back. Oh I think it’s right. Right right. It’s so correct. They like something planned out. Woozi likes things planned. -When he’s lying down everyday
-He’s also organized today. I’m going to wake up at 1pm tomorrow, go work out at 3, [Plans well] Famous celebrity. Famous person~ Famous person Martin Luther King. Nelson Mandela. -Nicole Kidman.
-This is all the leader. Lady Gaga. Morgan Freeman. -That’s it.
-Wow that’s amazing. But do you know what’s most funny? Hoshi was laughing while reading this so we looked at Hoshi’s type again. – There’s something that wasn’t read
– Oh I think it would be good to put this in the passionate mediator type [Characteristics of passionate mediator]
They are attention seekers, but when they get attention,
they get awkward and don’t know what to do. No Coups, you can’t laugh because you are also the passionate mediator. [Passionate mediator (S.Coups, Jun, Hoshi, Dokyeom)]
I’m sympathizing. Joshua, Dino, Mingyu – Oh I’m curious about this.
– Righteous social activists. For social activist people, they are
leaders who have charisma and passion. They are leaders who truly believe and lead people. They truly think and worry about others when they think is necessary, they do not mind throwing
themselves, and gives candid advice for the right thing. Mingyu Mingyu. And they get really emotional. and from the last page, the summary. Yes A bit noisy. Isn’t this just what the scenarist wrote after knowing our characteristics? A bit noisy And second, wants to become a super insider. Mingyu, Not a super insider, but wants to become a super insider. Does not express his anger, but just endures it quietly. Takes a long time to get over his wounded heart. -Joshua also does.
-But all three does. Is warmhearted, so has a hard time cutting off relationships. True, true. Right. I think all three are similar. And, [Righteous Social Activist]
for similar celebrities, Barack Obama. Obama. Barack Obama. Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey Oprah Winfrey. Jennifer Lawrence. There are only three people. He was a social activist. Good. I have Junghan’s description. Yoon Junghan. One person. Yes. Brave guardian. -Let’s hear what it is.
-Let me tell you. Guardian type person, has a quite unique characteristic. They do not exactly fit into the description of their characteristic, in other words, they have various tendencies that are hard to be defined. This trait sublimates their strength, and makes them stand out even more. They are about 13% of the total population, showing quite high proportion, there won’t be any better personality than this to take most of the population. It says it’s a very good personality. You became like this because you came to our team, sorry for that. If the guardian type person thinks the matter they think valuable is not finished, they cannot stay idle. Guardians have such altruistic personality. When the things I planned doesn’t progress I feel uncomfortable. He says often like, “Are we doing this or not”. Do we go or not. Go or not? Do or not? They are uncomfortable receiving the spotlight, -I am really uncomfortable.
-True and they also feel awkward from getting the credit. True Admitted. Is it the last page now? Yes, from the summary, it says he likes to take care of others. Yes, he really does. Takes the phone call after much thoughts. True. Is that the reason why you don’t answer? Yeah, sometimes. Because you might ask for a drink. I contemplate a lot before answering the phone. I know how it feels. Sometimes introvert, sometimes extrovert. The personality changes, so himself does not know what personality he has. You go back and forth. Has a gentle personality, and does whatever you ask him. Amusing. Rather than expressing own thoughts, he follows what others say. The type that gives a sense of stability to the group. And, [Brave Guardian]
For celebrities, there is Beyonce. He took away Beyonce. I wanted to become Beyonce too. Captain America. Captain America But I do see Captain America from you. Really. I know what it’s like. Carry a shield on your back from now on. These talks are also embarrassing for him. To think about it, overall, there are many people who are uncomfortable from getting attention, and people who are anxious because they want to get attention. We have a lot of relation with attention. -True
-Since we are entertainers. Amusing. The images of the members that show out from our broadcast activities, are explained here well, so it’s so fun. It’s fun. Good. Anyone think this is wrong? It can’t be exactly the same. Everyone can’t have the identical situation. But oddly enough, we are well grouped. It’s really similar. Amazingly, it is well grouped. So if you think the explanation doesn’t fit me, then it fits for the other member in the group. So guys, we did the MBTI test today. How was it? It was really new and fun. Oh, as expected of the brave guardian Junghan. The brave guardian. I should change his name in my cell phone into brave guardian. Actually, there isn’t much chance to see my own personality like this, but it’s really interesting to see it. I thought myself as selfish, but looking at it like this, I feel like I am not that selfish, And as you get influence from the people around you -your personality can change.
-True, true. So the result of this can change each time. I want to get a correct result again next time. It will be fun doing this a few years later. Yeah It might change. Our team, as we lived in each teams, have changed in some places slightly. But if I did this test when I was young, I would have never gotten the same result like you. This might have happened because I was influenced a lot by you. Really. But Vernon’s personality has changed a lot compared to him a long time ago. Going Seventeen, for the first time, got to know each other again with fun. This session of knowing each other and empathizing, was so fun. Any other psychological test? Other tests. We will meet again. I hope there will be another content like this. -With a different test
-Next time, with an actual teacher. Like a drawing test. Or a situation test. Sitaution test. Or with a hidden camera, do a situation test. Yeah something like that. [Yeah something like that] [One day in August] [Members thinking they have gathered for the TTT pre-interview] [Members thinking they have gathered for the TTT pre-interview]
I heard that this year would be less hot, but it seems not. [They follow the staffs obediently for the individual interview…] [Following the staffs to have a personal interview…] Uh, cool. [SVT’s strange interview] A creepy warehouse [Welcome]
Oh my! Here is a warehouse. Do I sit here, right? Yes. I thought it’s a real man, I’m surprised. – Let’s have a brief interview.
– Okay. Have you ever gone camping? Camping? When I was in middle school, I went on a school trip and enjoyed camping back then. Putting up a tent by myself. What comes to your mind when you think of camping? [Shaking] Camping? Just sleeping in the tent? Yeah Except for the fact that the bed changes, I just think I go out to play. Except for the fact that the bed changes, I just think I go out to play. [Surprised] I think it’s like.. disaster? [Disaster is due in 50 seconds] Disaster… Dis Yes, I think it’s like that. Is there anything you really want to do when camping? When camping? [Preparing for fishing]
I’d like to fish, nothing but fishing. Cooking outside is… [The lights suddenly turned off] It’s a little bit scary. [What’s it?]
Here.. [The staff isn’t saying naturally]
The boss here told me to come if there’s a problem. [What’s this awkward act?] If the lights turn off, it’s unable to film. It’s a real man! A real man! [Got caught] Don’t move. Arms! Don’t move your arms. It’s weird here. [Soft] So weird. A man. This is a real man. It’s weird here. Don’t move. Don’t move, please. [Running away] Explosion of his charm of being silly but cute Don’t do this. [Did nothing yet]
Don’t do this. Don’t do this. I hate it. It’s a real man! Ah, it’s a real man!! Why are you doing this to me? [It’s a hidden camera*^^*] [Calm him down and make him sit down again] I really hate scary things. Is it a man? Is it a man? What’s it? Don’t do this…. Don’t do this. Don’t. Don’t do this. Please don’t. Don’t do this. Don’t do this, please. [Did nothing yet X2]
Don’t, don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t do that for real. Testing yourself. [Passionate mediator – likes being alone, but doesn’t like being lonely]
Wait, please don’t go out. Don’t go out, brother. Please don’t go out. I know but it’s too scary. – It’s not a man. It’s just a mannequin.
– Lies! It’s a man when I touch him. I know you’re tricking me. [I have to go out]
Please don’t go out. Tell them you got it. [Explosion of his charm of being silly but cute 22]
So scary, really. [Coaxing and soothing him] If you do this, Yes. If you finish it quickly, I’ll come back and interview you right away. [Being wary] [Observing] [Feeling sorry]
Must be hard. Aren’t you tired? [Staring] Do we have to do like this? Aw, oh my god! [Big fish]
Aw, oh my god! Don’t do this. You don’t even open this pen. [Sulking] [An alert] [He is too scared to concentrate] [Threatening]
I used to do taekwondo. [What?] [Passionate mediator – an attention seeker but gets embarrassed and awkward when receiving attention]
Don’t do this. Why are you doing this to me? Come out. [S.coups is free] Thank you for your hard work. Fighting! [Now 12 members are left] See you next time, bye~

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    15:10 why does hoshi looks like an old man reading newspaper, his face is about to be buried into the paper 😂 he’s so cute uwuuuu

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  • Reply K-pop multifandom September 25, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    I found that the test is interesting and I found that I got ISFJ-A which is same with jeonghan
    Who else ?

  • Reply Linnea September 26, 2019 at 1:55 am

    As an ISFJ I'm glad I'm on the same page as Jeonghan aka my bias uwu (and Beyonce)

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    I'm a Defender, I took the test online and it's so accurate!

  • Reply actresschoi September 26, 2019 at 11:41 am

    Woah, when I watched this I really thought I was an INFP coz of what Cheol said, that he's a "Lazy Perfectionist" I was srsly thinking about what to call that trait of mine and when he said it, it HIT me to my core LOL. But then I wasn't sure so I took the test, turns out I'm an ENFP so I watched this again to confirm and it does make a LOT of sense wow. Another thing I'm excited about is that I'm the same as my ult, Seungkwan. That speaks a lot on why I love him so much 😍😭

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    mingyu: no

    seungkwan: sad

    he wanted to be similar to beyonce-

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    I do wonder if since they're broadcasting this, how honest their answers are

  • Reply Ravenstar2296 September 27, 2019 at 2:49 am

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  • Reply nae mam forever yours September 28, 2019 at 6:21 am

    Fun fact:
    INFJ Advocate is the rarest personality type of all which only takes 2% of the population but we have 3 of them here plus me and my friend. Who else is INFJ here?

  • Reply nae mam forever yours September 28, 2019 at 6:22 am

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    I always relate to Hoshi a lot when he says he's an introvert and people don't believe it because he's weird and loud around his friends. Now I understand that it's because we both have the same kind of personality. I'm also a mediator and I'm very loud and crazy around people I know, but I get shy and introspective in new places.
    I must say, as a singer and an introvert, I always feel so stressed stepping on a stage when I have to sing to a lot of people so I can imagine the pressure he feels doing it as a career (+ he has to sing and dance, soo)

  • Reply RAINIE STEFANIE MATRIZ September 28, 2019 at 7:21 pm

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  • Reply Heehee Puw puw September 30, 2019 at 3:35 pm

    I- I’m surprise that 4 of them got INFP

    Like, I feel like a proud mom 🤧

  • Reply Jessica Wu September 30, 2019 at 4:27 pm

    I just happen to know that wonwoo, woozi, and the8 have the same personality type with me even though wonwoo's is slightly different because I'm an INFJ-A

  • Reply Jessica Wu September 30, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    Ooo I can finally watch going seventeen at seventeen's channel understanding what they are saying for the whole video😁😁🙌

  • Reply Kaari Kiyama September 30, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    “Don’t make up even 1% of the population”
    SVT: 3 members

    “About 13% of the total population, showing quite high proportion”
    SVT: 1 member

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    i'm so confused as to why hansol is an extrovert, he never really seemed that way to me….. (but i'm happy we got confirmation that both seungcheol and seokmin are introverts ♥)

  • Reply DiAme October 1, 2019 at 11:49 pm

    Because of Seventeen I knew about this test. I took the test and got INFJ. Surprising but fun! (Highfive with Wonwoo, Woozi, The8.)

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    This is so interesting ><

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    I love the way DK says “what a shame” so happily like mood me when my classes get cancelled but I gotta look good to kiss up to the TAs

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    When One after the other personality traits were being read, I thought "oh I do this, oh u have this" But when jeonghan's traits were read ,,my character matched it like 99%….
    It's true, I am neither an introvert nor an extrovert… I now know my character. THANKS TO SEVENTEEN…

  • Reply Xin October 3, 2019 at 5:04 am

    I am INFP-T like Jun. It surprised me at first because Jun is usually portrayed as loud and enthusiastic while I'm a very quiet person unless I'm around people I'm very comfortable with; but after some thinking and how he reacts in this video it makes a lot of sense honestly. I thought the part where they say "if you don't give them attention they'll become a hermit" is particularly applicable to me as I'd happily hermit forever if my friends don't come pry me out of my cave every once in a while.

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    No one of them have a similar personality as me. I'm ISFP (adventurer) .
    I thought hoshi's personality is similar to me, but yeah… Close enough.. hehe Hoshi is INFP. 😍

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    seventeen: ooooohhhh
    seungkwan: oh really? close your eyes for a minute
    seventeen: telling seokmin to cough
    seokmin: COUGH COUGH
    chan: seokmin
    seventeen: OHHHHHHH
    seventeen: telling Jun to cough
    Jun: ᶜᴼᵁᴳᴴ ᶜᴼᵁᴳᴴ
    seventeen: HAHAHAHAH

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    mingyu: tell me something boy~

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