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Seven Tips About Visiting Costa Rica (First Time)

January 19, 2020

today I’m sharing seven tips you need to
know about Costa Rica before visiting for the first time after you hear these
seven tips you are going to know what to expect how to pack according to their
weather and how to better plan your adventures when you visit Costa Rica for
the first time if you are traveling to Costa Rica for the first time let’s pop
into my video the number one tip you need to know before going to Costa Rica
is that there is a wet season and a dry season and our driver told us that
during the wet season you can expect it to be sunny warm in the morning and then
the clouds to roll in for around one or two hours of rain and then it’ll be over
and a little wetness at night we were there in April during the dry season and
it looks like a desert on some of those mountains like the trees are bare but in
like after the first rain you are going to see lush green beautiful fauna and
scenery everywhere in this beautiful country we stayed near the Liberia
Airport because the beaches there are only about an hour away in the
guanacaste region of Costa Rica there you have coffee tours you have ziplining
you have an animal park and you have so many beaches that you can tour now the
weather in Costa Rica can be stagnant because you are right there on top of
the Equator and we had one day of stagnant weather it was hot as
everything no breeze whatsoever and humid a lot like Houston Texas can be
and in the four days after that we had gorgeous breezy weather dry weather it
was absolutely beautiful ok before I get ahead of myself let me
start with flying into the Liberia Airport now we flew into Liberia because
of the closeness of the beaches and that’s where United Airlines flew from
Texas the number 2 thing to know before you visit Costa Rica for the first time
is to use the restrooms onboard your airplane before you land you know they
start turning on the seatbelt sign about 40 minutes before you land use the
restroom before then because in baggage claim there
one stall restroom in baggage claim now when you leave the airport all of
that has been newly renovated within the last year
like in 2017 2018 so it’s beautiful air-conditioned many restrooms to choose
from but there’s only one stall in your baggage claim and because your drive
to the beaches maybe an hour that’s why I suggest going before you even land so
you don’t have to stand in line you’re ready to enter your vacation zone the
number three tip to know before you is that Costa Rica is to know mentally that
the beaches are on the Pacific Ocean and the sand is black the water is brownish
blue but it’s clean but I just want you to be prepared mentally it’s not the
Caribbean whites in clear crystal clear water it’s beautiful you are gonna be at
the ocean you’re gonna love it it’s gonna be gorgeous
and you are gonna be on vacation mode and not care what color the sand is or
anything I will say I like the sand better than the Caribbean because it’s
firm and you can really get a good walk in on that firm sand versus the dry big
granule sand in the Caribbean by the way my name is Laurie and I create YouTube
videos about ideas that pop into my head travel mostly because I’m married to an
airline employee but I also make lots of other videos just take a look around my
channel Lauriepop ideas that pop and if you’re on
your phone scroll all the way to the bottom to leave me a comment and
introduce yourself and the great thing about Costa Rica is your adventures can
be in the sea but they can also be inland there’s so many things you can do
inland in Costa Rica I don’t know if I said this but this was our first time to
Costa Rica and what I was most worried about was the number four tip that you
need to know about Costa Rica is we did not see any mosquitoes and I was so
worried and I had heard from lots of people that mosquitoes were everywhere
at night they would wake up and there were mosquitoes off in front of their
bed door trying to get to the light we
didn’t see any of those and one thing that we came with because my husband is
a great researcher is this insect repellent sunscreen combination that is
patented it is non greasy it’s not lumpy it doesn’t get watery and when you’re
traveling that’s one of the main things that happens to sunscreen especially
when it’s super hot like we took this in our bag on our excursions and our tours
I will link this below because I am so highly recommending this it is a thick
lotion and if you see it goes on smoothly now make sure you buy the two
ounce one because they also offer a four ounce one if you haven’t seen my travel
hacks video I’ll link that there and I’ll also link how I pack in a suitcase
if you don’t travel a lot it might help you we wore this all the time and let me
tell you one of the best things about this it only comes in 15 an SPF 15 I was
at the pool in the pool at the pool walking down the beach for at least two
hours only one application and I never got burned the military uses this
because of going in the jungles they needed the bug repellent and the
sunscreen the number five tip you need to know about Costa Rica before visiting
is that every vehicle is going to be very well air-conditioned we took
several tours even the drive from the airport to our hotel was completely and
fine with air conditioning I was very worried about that and pleasantly
surprised we set up all of our tours online ahead of time and all of them
except one we could pay for online fully but one Alex on the beach we paid a down
payment like $20 and then we had to pay like 90 dollars when we got there you
might want to take cash we had an ATM at our casino and the Riu
resort and I’ll link my resort review up here for you
bring your debit card so that you can get cash because some of the tours do
not take credit card they only take cash I will link down below the tour
companies that we use they’re not sponsored but these are the ones we used
to give you a starting point to research what tours fit your family’s activity or
activity level or adventure level a day-long adventure that we took was a
riverboat cruise and a coffee tour and we loved coffee
especially Costa Rican coffee and the CI tours who we used said lunch will be
provided and we were expecting to be dropped off at a resort and use their
food or we didn’t know what to expect they took us to a real live working farm
homemade rice beans chicken from the farmyard it was so fantastic we had rice
pudding as a dessert they had an authentic Costa Rican house that we
could walk through and see these really old tools and it was just fabulous they
need to advertise this ranch more we were very very glad and relieved that we
got to experience this farm-to-table meal firsthand and we even saw a real
Costa Rican coffee maker they use this filter it starts off white but you can
use it for a few days and then you wash it and then reuse it and it’ll last for
about a month the number six tip I would like you to know about Costa Rica is to
know what beach you are staying at like our Resort was the Riu Guanacaste but
the beach was Matapalo and it was less touristy because there are only two
resorts on that entire beach well granted each resort holds at least 701
rooms but those are the only two resorts on that beach and the other beaches like
coco and flamingos those are much more touristy so just to know when you’re
researching that that would help because it could be raining when you arrive and
because I saw some passengers having to walk down the steps of the airplane and
walk across the tarmac I would suggest wearing Keens not
flip-flops we were there in the dry season so we
didn’t have that experience but that thought did pop into my mind when I saw
those people having to walk down the steps in the elements it was sunny and
beautiful but anyway something to think about and you can wear those Kings
because a lot of ziplining companies require closed toed shoes you can wear
those Keens while you go ziplining I was gonna wear my Tevas and my friend said
she is the one who read the website who said they require closed toed shoes and
I also speaking of ziplining I also did not want all my parts to be splayed and
smooshed for everybody to see so I wore capri leggings and then a little thin
pair of shorts on top of that and it was totally fine so fun I highly recommend
ziplining we are not risk takers we just wanted to
enjoy a canopy tour by ziplining canopy tour is the same as ziplining fYI and
the Congo trail is who we use because they were right by our resort but when
the guys at the Congo trail ziplining tour let asked us if we wanted to go
upside down or fly Superman style we said yes just to try it out so I felt
like we got an extreme experience you can choose on your ziplining tour if you
want the basic or if you want an extreme canopy tour ziplining experience and you
can also choose like from as little as a two hour tour for ziplining all the way
to a much longer to her since we were not going to leave the resort very often
I didn’t worry about bringing a raincoat because I didn’t care if I got rained on
but I did bring a hat I did not need it and I thought I was gonna need my hat
while I was if lining but you couldn’t have worn a hat because you’re wearing a
helmet for ziplining every experience in Costa Rica is going to be wonderful you
can research on TripAdvisor Viator is a link of Trip Advisor and
they set up tours for you you will not be disappointed that says how those
people make their money how they live so you want to support them and there
do their best our guide for with CI tours took us by a little playground
which he called and go on a park on our way to the riverboat cruise we stopped
he walked us around taught me how to pet an iguana it was just a little stuff
that he didn’t have to make he took the time and he was doing his best above and
beyond his best to make our experience enjoyable and we did tip him $20 each we
were the only people in his van and you build up such a relationship with these
people that brings me to the seventh tip that you need to know about visiting
Costa Rica bring dollar bills bring some cash because sometimes people forget
about paying their driver two bucks per bag or $1 per bag because this is the
way they are earning their money and they are working hard for it when you
drive through the Guanacaste region you will see any region I’m sure you will
see how poor some of these people live and so and they only get paid a little
bit of money so you just want to give these drivers and these tour guides so
much of your money you want to support them and with the driver they are going
to stay with you usually all day long for your tour even then they may not
even be the tour guide so we tipped our driver for that day since it was such a
long day and he was with us he talked to with us we did tip him $20 each one
thing that Alex on the beach tours did for us the guy who only accepted $20 up
front and then we had to pay the rest on the spot in cash only he sent us an
email the day before with the the drivers picture in the email so we knew
exactly who to look for on the beach in your resort you might have people like
salesmen in the lobby and then some of them are on the beach but there they’re
legit people on the beach legit companies with great websites so don’t
discount those if you are when you were researching and the more you research
the more you are going to get excited about your
you’re gonna see all these pictures you’re gonna hear all these wonderful
adventures and your creativity is just going to go go go
let it flow research all you can and learn and be prepared and I hope these
seven tips have helped you be more prepared and know what to expect and how
to pack and I hope you have a fantastic Costa Rican trip thanks for watching

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    Nice video, my husband just brought up exploring the idea of traveling there. He found out Americans are retiring there…I’m cracked up 😂 I’ve watched so many videos, and tv shows discussing ex-pats lol. Best of luck with your channel, you should get in touch with Don Terris at Don’s Family Vacations. He primarily focuses on cruising, but he’s open to creating collaboration videos, he helped another YT channel add a nice bump in subscribers.

  • Reply Chrissy 8675309 May 24, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    I will never do it, but it was fun hearing about your trip.

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    Very informative!!! My first time to Costa Rica end of November. Very excited 😎

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    the biggest mistake you all made was staying at a resort and in the northern pacific if you would have gone to the southern pacific area it would have been less touristy and way cheaper my wife and i have been going to Costa Rica for 20 years and have found out the southern pacific is one of the best places to visit

  • Reply lisa cullins August 25, 2018 at 2:34 pm

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    There are some beautiful beaches with golden sand and clear water in South Caribean Coast, near Puerto Viejo.

  • Reply Carlos Milano September 18, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    You are NOT in top of the Ecuator. Ecuator is on top of the Ecuator, Costa Rica is NOT. The sand is NOT dark all over, mainly in the Guanacaste area, from Punta arenas down the sand is white. The Caribbean beaches are way better than the Pacific beaches. However generally speaking is a matter of taste.

  • Reply Sandy Degener September 29, 2018 at 2:35 pm

    Nice bid. Guanacaste is pronounced: Guanacastay.

  • Reply Mahbuba Alam October 4, 2018 at 10:53 pm

    Helpful video. Can you advise if I should just take US $ or colonnades for local transaction? Since you mentioned tipping in US$, would it be acceptable to tip in colonnades too?

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    What’s the best and cheapest way to get around tamarindo beach ?

  • Reply Pablo Francisco Arce Castro October 31, 2018 at 12:47 am

    United not only flies to Liberia, they fly to San Jose from around 3/4 other USA cities. Most of the beaches at the North Pacific are not dark sand, probably you stayed around the same area.

  • Reply Kevin Nunya November 1, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Not a lot of information from this nice lady. First, there are two international airports (Liberia and San Jose) so it depends on where you are headed as to your arrival location. If you are going only to Guanacaste/Arenal areas then you would fly to Liberia. Most other locations, fly into San Jose. Currency is Colones and most places should only take them and not dollars. For the Pacific beaches, keep in mind the surf is bad at many places and swimming can be very dangerous. Know your limitations and never go far out past your waist. There are few lifeguards in CR and they are not like LA County lifeguards, and if you need medical attention, hospitals can be a long way from where you are near the beach. By far the best hospital in CR is CIMA hospital in San Jose (really Escazu), where they take TriCare cards from vets and have a great facility. Fruit there is great as is the coffee, but the CR fare is generally bland and focused on Gallo Pinto and chicken. The best food in CR can be found in Limon, as the Jamaican influence is heavy and you will find lots of Jamaicans living there. The roads are the worst in Central America so keep that in mind when driving and there are few guardrails to keep you on the road. There are lots of places to go there, like Arenal, seeing the turtles on the Caribbean side in a place called Tortuguero National Park, Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park to name a few. If you want white sand beaches go to Quepos/Manuel Antonio, which is about 7 hours drive from Liberia. Keep in mind prostitution is legal in Costa Rica so certain places (downtown San Jose and Jaco Beach) are havens for tourists looking to score with Colombian or Dominican girls. Jaco is not a family friendly beach so you must go south to get away from the hustle of selling dope or girls. Playa Hermosa is a big surfing beach if you are into surfing and being in the south of CR. Up North there is more surfing and tons of surfers. As for dry and wet seasons that is true, but you should always be prepared for rain and some cooler climates in CR, especially at higher elevations in the country. FYI I have lived in CR for three years and also lived in El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Jamaica.

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    -First, watch some videos of this youtube channel (they're not in English); but you can have an idea of some touristic places in CR that aren't very common (even for locals).
    -Second, when renting a car, choose a 4×4, cause roads are not so good.
    -Third, high season is between December and the end of January (also in July) so beaches are mainly gonna be crowded.
    PD: I'm costa rican and I like to watch these kind of videos to see what tourists think about the country and how their experice was.

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    With the recent extortion attempts by police on Canadians we have changed our travel plans.  If you cant trust the police…  That's the image being portrayed.  Beautiful country.  Too bad.

  • Reply Francisco Barrantes December 29, 2018 at 12:00 am

    Laurie – When you talk about the weather down here you said in general "the weather in Costa Rica is hot etc…. " but you were on an specific location "Liberia" and it has a completely different weather than the Caribbean Coast, middle of the country, the capital San Jose etc, etc…. it's like saying the weather in USA referencing only an specific location such as NY or FL. I remember once I talked to a group of US tourist in Cartago area that were freezing because they were not prepared for that tour, wearing short pants, T-shirts, sandals and complaining nobody told them about the temperature there ….

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    Great tips, I really enjoy all your videos, Were staying at the Riu Guanacaste, is it accurate that they don't have coffee makers in the rooms? We really early morning coffee on our balcony when we travel so if that;s true I will need to take our travel coffee maker. Also were going there in February any tips you can give as we are only doing 2 day trips and the rest of the time staying and enjoying the resort, can you enjoy it with that much heat…lol?

    One more question…my husband is a smoker , yes I know I hate it too any advise I will pass on to him about the rules.

  • Reply Abby Normal February 7, 2019 at 3:50 am

    Damn, I have traveled solo without tourist guides all over the World. No one cares about colors of the sand, SPF of the lotion or any of the other trash. LOL What people want is customs, beware of this law, or be prepared to pay this amount for whatever.

  • Reply Brenda Robertson February 9, 2019 at 1:08 am

    Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed beautiful Costa Rica! Just one thing is that what you said about all the beaches having dark sand is untrue.
    We have a condo in beautiful Reserva Conchal on the Guanacaste coast and it is white sand with shells at one end. The beach is about 1 mile & 1/2 long and the water is crystal blue. Maybe you can travel there next time! It is extraordinary!

  • Reply eyemallrt February 9, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    God it’s annoying when someone goes on a 2 week trip and makes generalizations about the whole country when you’ve only seen a small, small part of it!! The beaches aren’t all black, it’s not as hot in other parts, it’s not dry everywhere and rainy season varies from one area to another. Tipping is generally only done in the Americanized resorts and not a Costa Rican custom. If you are thinking of travelling there, please don’t judge it by this video!

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    There are some good info You Tube presentations that one would be well advised to watch.

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    Nice tips but I'm from Costa Rica and you are wrong about the color of the sand, there are many beaches, some of them have dark sand as you said but others have white sand even gold sand and clear water, blue or turquoise, I recommend a web page ( where you can see what to expect in many beaches of Costa Rica.

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    For those who travel to CR thru the Liberia airport, you'll see only 1 province: Guanacaste. And IMO it's not representative of the beauty that this country has to offer. Guanacaste is setup to receive North American tourists, big resorts and Americanized experiences; that's not really what CR is about. Travel North, South, and if you are an American who truly values culture, nature and your relationship with the Universe, then go Caribbean. Hint: you won't find resorts in there )

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    Thank you for all the tips (especially the bathroom tip in the airport)! It really helped us prepare for the journey! Cannot wait to head to Costa Rica!

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    Laurie – I'm glad you had a great time in my country (well you only visited one area of the pacific coast) but there is a comment I did not understand: "cars have air conditioning" ? Of course, cars have air conditioning, what is the surprise on that?

  • Reply It's Julianse99 September 5, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Hey I’m from Costa Rica and there’s a couple facts that are kind of wrong for example the bathroom fact it’s true but most of the tourists go to the principal airport in the capital of the country and that airport is bigger so there’s more stalls. And the beaches on the pacific of the country they are not necessarily black/ brownish sand and dark water, if you search well you’ll find white sand and light blue beaches. It’s also worth it visit other parts of the country like the mountains, the Caribbean or the city

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