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Setting up my Hammock in Real-Time

January 21, 2020

hello everybody it is shug here and today
what I’m gonna do is hang to my hammocks in real time that sounds like a snooze
fest show us shoosh D hammock in the real time good would you shoosh why you
don’t do it actually I always thought that would be boring to people to sit
there and have me sort of putting up the hammock in real time but apparently
there’s a few people that need to see that and that’s what I’m going to do
here today I’m gonna do it right here in my in my backyard where I always hang my
hammock so now I don’t have two trees perfectly spaced but I’ll be using one
tree and I’m going to use the hook on the end there so let’s just pretend that
hook in my fence is a tree use your imaginations I know you can so I thought
I’d hang today my Dutch wear chameleon and this one has the Whoopie sling
suspension and then my green bean the new 2.0 hammock a little bit of a
shorter hammock a usually use it with my pod system and I’m gonna hang that and
that just has straps on it and kind of hooks on with either a carabiner or a
Dutch clip and I may show one of each so the first time that Kyle set up today is
my green bean hammock and I have it right here in the black bishop bag which
is actually green so let’s check it out in real time this would be my head in and I’m just gonna take my this is my
strap that has a Dutch clip on it rather than using a carabiner a little bit
lighter and I like them this is gonna be my head in I’m going
for a 30 degree angle usually for me that’s about head high and then what I
do is I have my hammock out of the black Bishop bag I’ll go to my simulated tree
here and hook that on I’m just gonna use a beaner on this end that will go right
there making sure that my buckles are set
right and not twisted I like my hammock just so I can sit in it like a chair
about this high I’m gonna want my foot end a little bit higher I know that
right now pull that up and I’ll let this in down a little bit I’m gonna turn my back on you there buckle and done I’m not really used to
this one that much all right and that’ll do it right there pretty much real-time now you can kind
of see the angle of my hammock I like you can look at my ridgeline right there
this red line and see that there is a an incline I always like my feet a little
bit higher a lot of people like their foot end higher in the hammock and
people ask because it pushes the mass of your body sort of from your Oh from your
where your legs attached to your body on up is the you know that’s the mass of
your body and you want it kind of sliding towards your head in to put you
in the right spot so that your feet aren’t sliding down toward the end of
the hammock I just find myself more comfortable there most people do but you
know this isn’t an exact science it’s not even a rocket science but it is a
science so you’re just going to have to always figure out how you like your
hammock hung but that’s basically it shoes could we see you take a Deanna key
and down from where it is shoes well alright so took it down wrap the straps back up
you know if they were wet or if they had SAP on it I would put these straps
inside of a baggie but they’re not so for this purpose I’m just putting it
right back in the black Bishop bag so that is really just putting up and taken
down a hammock with the strap suspension which is really I find to be the easier
of all suspensions to figure out in the beginning a little bulkier but now in
real time I will put up my Dutch we’re a chameleon and my chosen method is using
tree straps Marlinspike knot with a toggle and Whoopie slings you might take
a moment longer but I just I have no other reason then it’s just the way I
enjoy doing it so we’ll take a look at that in real time
one slight caveat I’d like to mention here because I am using my fence and a
hook I have on there I won’t be tying the tree strap around the tree of course
so factor in a couple of seconds first things first
in my stuff sack I always leave a little bit of my Whoopie sling hanging out
knowing that is my head end I keep my tree straps and my toggles in a baggie
that way if they’re wet I just put them back in this bag if they’ve got SAP on
them or for whatever reason that has a larks head so I can keep that hooked
through the loop of the webbing where I have my desk lift and once I’m out
camping I usually just leave my toggle in my strap when I take it down every
day that’s my Dutch clip took on I’ll tie at
Marlinspike knot and slip my toggle in that now normally what I would do here
would walk down to the other tree and put up my strap and my toggle and my
Marlinspike but I’m going to be hanging it off a hook right here so I’m gonna
skip that step Whoopie sling on to the toggle even though I’m just doing it
loosely and I’ll double check it before I sit in it I always make sure that it’s
on the knot and not on the top I pull out my other in down here to my
simulated tree strap slide my double-ended stuff sack down to this end
here’s where I start making my adjustments and all the while I’m doing it I’m
constantly just checking the end of my Whoopie sling is sitting on my
Marlinspike toggle right so that it doesn’t fall when I sit in to test it
know I’m gonna want my foot head a little bit higher a little lower that is pretty much it maybe just a
little bit of tweaking I might just lower the head end just a little bit a
part of the fun is to get it hung and then go well let me bring it down to in
one quarter inches and I’ll loosen that up just a hair
make sure to milk my berry you don’t know what that means you need to find
out but it’s about just right real time in a fairly controlled environment out
in the woods might take longer might take shorter but
there’s always just a couple of back-and-forth adjustments to make at
the end once in a while you just nail it but usually not I was talking about it
when I was hooking it up so there’s my toggle and there’s a little you know a
little lanyard I have on there and what I do there’s my Dutch clip but I kind of
have that little lanyard is running running through the loop of my strap
there that way I know this is how I wrap it up when I finished my trip that way I
know my toggle is there so normally each night when I keep it in when I’m done
hanging I just leave the toggle hooked right into the tree strap and wrap it up
and put it back with my hammock I wouldn’t take the time to do this every
night this is just what I do when I kind of get home and I’m straightening out
everything just to know that my toggle is hooked on my my tree strap and
normally I bring a tree strap I bring one that’s six feet one that’s five feet
so here’s my thoughts on hanging hammocks a lot of people that are new
get into hammocks and they’re thinking man I can have that hammock strung up
before my friend gets his tent up well if that’s your thing go ahead when
you’re gonna be sleeping in that hammock for the night you really want to get it
set well I’m kind of picky being Hickory both we spend time walking around
looking for trees and a little area for me it comes in to what’s on the ground I
don’t want a muddy spot I think about my breakfast from the hamakom where I’m
going to be laying and what what I’ll be looking at when I lay there
normally looking for trees that are somewhere between 14 and 17 feet apart
that’s kind of the sweet spot but you know you don’t always have that option
when you stop for the day sometimes a tree’s or you’ll find them really wide
and sometimes they’re really close and sometimes are the perfect trees but
their stuff just growing in between them I’ve noticed when I get to campsites
with tempters there’s always some flat tent spots they get their tent out and
throw it down on the flat spot they pitch it they throw their sleeping bag
and blow up their pad and put it in there and they’re done
amateurs we’re dealing with under quilts or putting your pad in the hammock your
top quilts hanging your tarp I find setting my hammock on my tarp is kind of
my kind of some of my fun time I really enjoy it you know just constantly you
love tweaking and playing with it that’s just me that’s the part of hammocks that
drives a lot of people crazy they don’t enjoy the tweaking and the setting you
know it’s getting that foot end right getting that sweet spot the distance
from the ground I love it so my normal thing is just to get the tamp a drop a
pack I might go get some water first and fill up all my waters I checked the
perimeter I look and see what’s around I see what’s behind me in the woods if the
trail if I came in on the trail and it this way I like to look and see what’s
behind me see what’s around me that I might miss and then I start looking for
the perfect trees I might find a sweet spot back in the woods by little by
little creek or branch or something like that so I’m never in a rush with it to
me the end of the day is playing with my gear get the hammock set up might sit
and lay in the hammock for a second then a guy said I gotta get up man I’m
getting too lazy get the tarp pitched or at least get it strong and have it in
the snakes Gibbs looking at the night I almost always deploy my tarp just cuz
I’ve had pine needles falling in my face at a spider drop on my face once I
didn’t like that at all a lot of people think hammocks are gonna be lighter than
tents well if you’re already a lightweight tent guy maybe not now you
can get ultra lightweight hammocks they tend to be shorter they tend to be a
lighter material that’s thinner so you have to watch how much weight it’ll bear
instead of using seven sixty fourth am steel like here is a suspension or
straps a lot of people use this really thin Dyneema
and the lightest straps they can get and personally I just don’t like to take a
chance on my hammock suspension I don’t want my hammock ripping or dropping in
the middle of the night so I’m willing to carry an ounce or two extra but when
you get into ultra lightweight hammocks you start losing length and I think
sometimes you lose comfort there at least for me
some people like a shorter hammock just like there’s a few people that like
their hammocks strung out straight and tight the normal rule is generally a
30-degree hang that’s just a rule of thumb just a place to start
not set in stone for me that 30 degree is usually about head high neck high
sometimes on the head end head the top of my head or even higher sometimes on
the foot in the joint having this talk with you and a little cup of a medallion
or espresso with some milk in it that I made frothy so it is very fancy sitting
out here you enjoy your camping time whatever it is you do however it is you
do it tent tarp bivi bag hammock I don’t care teepee hot tent
I don’t care sleep on the ground like a cowboy I don’t care that’s your camping
that’s you you do it how you want to do it I say it a lot now say it again all
secure in Sector 7 whoo buddy look darling Hanover

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    With only a tenth of a foot of sag the total tension would go to 5,500 lbs! In the real world the hammock and suspension would stretch and the angle would change, and the load would decrease – but that's the math.

    With a 2 foot sag the tension goes down to a total of 292 lbs. String those hammocks tight and things might pop!

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    Anecdote well and truly over; i havent done much investigation but is there a way to change my current prussik chord style suspension!? Can i just tie a loop, cut away excess and clip on a strap?

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