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October 13, 2019

[Music] Situations often change, and so do our reactions to them. Many a time, reacting without thought can work against us. Learning to exercise self-control helps us get a better grip on our thoughts emotions and behavior and adapt them to suit the situation.It is important for us to understand the reason behind our feelings so that we can express them appropriately. We might not have control over our feelings, but we can choose to respond in a preferable manner rather than reacting out of habit. Self-control or Self-regulation is the act of controlling or regulating our behavior in a way that we are able to choose the appropriate reaction or response and are prepared to bear its consequences.An impulsive reaction often leads to regret later. By using self-regulation, we can plan a better response to a situation. Self-regulation allows us to pause and evaluate possible responses, identify the appropriate response, and finally adapt to the consequences.Self-regulation improves our self-awareness and higher-order thinking skills, thereby elevating our emotional intelligence.It fosters a balanced personality with improved decision-making and interpersonal skills. Well self-control teaches you not to react out of habit but we can’t help but ask you to like subscribe and share our channel what did you think of this video do let us know in the comments below and we shall keep catering to your needs on this channel if you like the video to receive notifications and get updates from Precedent learning.kindly press the bell icon

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