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SEER Efficiency Ratings #41

November 30, 2019

These are actually 9,000 BTU capacity
units which is less than a ton of coolant. In the past we used to see
these big square units that were probably twice the size that twice the
capacity and use probably twice as much energy as these systems do. We measure
the efficiency of the HVAC systems by the SEER rating s-e-e-r and what that
really measures is how much energy are you getting out of the system by putting
one unit of electricity into the system. So the higher the rating the higher the
SEER rating the better the system. We’re used to code minimum systems which
are 14 SEER. One unit of energy in, fourteen units of energy out through the
magic of the refrigeration cycle. These units are probably 19 or 20 SEER so
they’re very very efficient. They are part of the equation that we
have to get to our Zero Net Energy targets.

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