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Scheduling Programs Over Time

November 30, 2019

“Dan, I have some of your books,” Well you
should have all of them but we’ll move on, “as well as some from others many of
whom you reference in your work or on podcasts. These books etc contains so many
workouts,” and they do, “for strength, mobility, fitness, etc. that I am at a loss
to where to start or what to do next. I think you have made a statement to the
effect that I could do everything but I can’t do everything at once.” Yeah it’s
true. You can do all kinds of stuff but you know it’s kind of hard to do
multiple qualities at once. “Could someone like me, 63 years old with an interest in
overall fitness and a little above strength, simply pick a program, finish it,
then move on to another, then another, then another.
I might not exhaust them all before I die. Or should my training be more
specific and planned.” Well I think okay the answer would be both are right. If
you read my work, I often reference the the great insight Tommy Kono had about
training for eight weeks for an Olympic lifting meet and the Monday after the
meet you go back to a bodybuilding program. When you get eight weeks out
you’re back to Olympic lifting and you mix those back and forth. I mean could
you do Mass Made Simple followed by the Big 21 followed by… You could but I think
you’d burn up quite a bit. You know Jim the podcast that you’re emailing to
[email protected], I mean there’s an obvious answer here.
Why don’t you sometimes just go to, type in park bench
you know press the button of park bench, let us know the equipment you have, and
just follow those really simple, logical, repeatable workouts that you have in the
program. You could do that you know for a couple of months at a time and then stop,
shift gears, and focus on a specific thing. You could do that we know they do
these things through the year now there’s there’s this one program where
you squat every day in October. There’s another one where a couple years ago
everyone hanged, hung for seven minutes a
day in the month of January. Some friends of mine online a couple years ago did
this thing where it was January 1st you did Turkish getup left in a Turkish
getup right The second you did 2 left 2 right, the
third you did three and of course on the 31st, you did 31 and 31. You know doing
something like that is gonna change. At the end of that I mean if you decide to
do a yoga challenge. They have these challenges at the other studio near my
house that they do the whole month of you challenge yourself to go
every single day. I mean if you got flexibility issues, doing a month of yoga
in a hot room might might do miracles for you but then you’re done. Move on. If
you’re not more flexible after a month of that, well then you’re not going to
get more flexible. I mean certainly you could master it and you know go down that
route but it seems to be a little bit away from the goals you’re talking about.
So yes you could jump from program. Finished program to finished program, but
what I’d recommend in-between is something a park bench program. Something
safe and sane and easy to get through

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