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Save the Children gains real-time fundraising insights with Azure

January 18, 2020

One, two, three, go! Save the Children is a global nonprofit organization with a mission of giving children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn, and protecting them from harm. In 2018 alone, Save the Children reached more than 134 million children in over 120 countries, including the United States. We are trying to capture all the information how all the work that we are doing out there, are we doing at the measure we should? Are we reaching the number of children we should? We realized we needed a robust single view of data. When we built the Azure Data Warehouse, the challenge was to get bulk data as efficiently as possible into the Data Warehouse. And Attunity was able to provide a replicate tool to move this data efficiently. Data analysts used to be dependent on pre-built reports, but they wanted to slice and dice the data using Power Query and Power BI. Azure SQL Data Warehouse provides many advantages in terms of price, performance and the end users get more than what they ask for. There is this constant need for, not just a steady snapshot, but data that is being created right now. We’re a global organization, and many of our solutions first need to be on 24/7, 365, that can run online and offline. We just developed a new solution that’s actually being used when an emergency happens. So whatever the emergency is, they’re using this toward tracking work that we’re doing with beneficiaries immediately, which historically, that’s been a very tough thing to capture. As we migrate, our ultimate goal is to give the tools and all the analytics and all the information to the people out there saving children, delivering programs. This data will be there for them to react. The less we spend on technology, the more efficient that we can be, ultimately the more lives we can save of children.

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