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Sam plans a surprise birthday party for William!! [The Return of Superman/2018.07.15]

February 24, 2020

(Staring) Hello. (Hello.) – Laa Laa. / – Laa Laa. (Is it Granny,) (their Australian grandmother?) (No, it’s Laa Laa the Teletubby.) Look, they’re dancing. Shall we dance too? (They’re into “Teletubbies” lately.) (Enjoying) (The “Teletubbies” sun appears.) – Baby. / – Baby? – Ben. / – Is that Ben? (Even from up close, it looks like me.) (His twin halfway across the world.) (No matter how close Bentley approaches,) (William is fixated on Laa Laa.) (Look at me, brother.) (Addicted to Laa Laa) (Sam is performing his morning stretches.) (Bentley follows along.) (Sam is working out to lose weight.) Let’s see. Help me out. (William is his weight of choice.) Thank you. Good job. High-five to that. That’s it. (He lost 10kg within 1 year and 6 months.) (He finishes off with persimmon vinegar water.) (A ringing phone causes Bentley to cry.) It’s okay, Ben. There you go. (While Sam leaves to pick up the phone…) Who’s calling us? (Getting on all fours) (He takes Sam’s drink.) (Spilling) (Is he taking that to give to Sam?) (He debates if he should give it to the cameraman,) (but he ends up spilling it.) (What should I do?) (Whatever, forget it!) (Briefly pondering) (He returns to put it back.) (What?) (That’s Mandu’s water bowl.) Why is he… Is he refilling that with the dog’s water? (Chuckling) – Goodness. / – Isn’t he smiling too happily? (Laughing mischievously) (He covers his tracks.) (Wiping) (I should finish wiping before Dad gets back.) (I covered all my tracks!) What is it, William? – Dad, water. / – Water? – Will Sam find out? / – I see. – Do you want water? / – Yes. – Is that so? / – Yes. That’s Mandu’s water! (Oh, no!) He drank it. What’s this? Gaji’s water. – This is Gaji’s water? / – Yes. (He can’t grasp the situation.) (It translates to “I spilled the water.”) What happened to my water? Did you wipe it? Yes. And you poured different water into this? Yes. Is that so? (It’s better if you don’t know the whole truth.) William, before we go out, we must pack a lunchbox. Do you know what this is? You like this. It’s yellow. – Yummy. / – Say “pineapple”. Pineapple. Pineapple. William. What’s this? – Apple. / – Apple. What’s this? Apple. “Bitten” apple. “Bitten” apple. I’m sorry. That was a lame joke. (You should apologize for the lame joke.) (We can’t forget about watermelon in summer.) Go eat. (William gets a piece.) (Mandu and Gaji follow after him right away.) (Oh, no!) (He’s about to lose his precious watermelon.) (Luckily, he retrieves it quickly.) (Relieved) (I’ll eat it up here since it’s dangerous.) (The dog doesn’t give up and stays close to him.) (Looking at him with puppy eyes) (It’s not happening, Mandu.) (This is my first watermelon this year.) (Eating watermelon to the rind is the best.) (What’s the menu for the picnic?) (Mix rice with sugary vinegar water.) (Slapping) (Why is he putting fruit on top of the rice?) These days, William is getting picky with food. In Thailand, there’s sticky rice with mango. It’s very good. I’m trying to make a dish similar to that. I’m using the fruits William likes with rice like sushi, and go to a place he might like. (Papa Sam’s special lunchbox is ready.) Ben, Ben, Ben. Do you want to eat this too? (Give me some watermelon too.) Okay, the lunchbox isn’t important. Let’s eat this now. Okay? That’s it. (Sam spreads the plastic sheet in case he spills.) What did you say? (He takes off his shirt right away.) Ben. William. (Laughing) You’re a pro. It seems like you figured it out. (It’s not my first time playing this game.) Here. Not the diaper. Don’t take off the diaper. (I’ll compose myself and sit down.) Take it. Sit. Sit down, buddy. Ben needs a net. Here you go. (Bentley tastes his very first watermelon.) (My goodness.) (He has entered a new world of flavors.) (What’s this tasty thing?) (He’s loving it.) (Sucking) (He finishes it clean since it’s tasty.) Was it delicious? (He might end up eating the net too.) (How far did you stick out your tongue?) (It translates to “This is delicious.”) (I’m the Watermelon Finisher!) You’re the Watermelon Finisher. (Mandu, sorry for eating this by myself earlier.) – Are you giving it to him? / – Yes. (Mandu and Ben both like it.) What is it? (Bentley is going hard at the watermelon.) I’ll give you some more. You finished it. (I want to eat some more.) (Yes, he put it in.) (Come on. Hurry.) (The watermelon is here.) (Bentley is entranced by the watermelon.) (Forget about my gentle disposition.) William, look at your brother. He’s eating a lot. Hulk. There you go. He eats it like that. (He eats two pieces at once.) Hulk. Hulk. Hulk showed up. (I’ll show off my eating skills too.) William, do you want to drink it? Put your mouth over here. (Drinking) (Gosh, the juice tastes amazing.) – Is it good? / – Yes. (Grabbing) You drink it too. (Give me some juice too.) ♪ Drink it, drink it ♪ ♪ Here comes the watermelon ♪ (How will Bentley evaluate it?) (It translates to “Give me some more!”) Okay, okay. I’m sorry. My goodness. (Bentley goes for the second round.) ♪ Here comes the watermelon, drink up ♪ (Are you kidding me? It was just getting good.) Okay. You’re unbelievable. Here you go. Here. (Sure, sure. Let’s go for the third round.) You have a huge appetite. (Falling) (A watermelon-print due to excessive drinking) Come here. (He forgets about the pain and charges forward.) ♪ Until when will you drink the watermelon juice? ♪ (Gosh, that was good.) (Sam washes the watermelon they finished.) (Working attentively) What is this? William, do you want to be a soldier? Yes. Wear the soldier’s trousers. (It’s a watermelon military uniform.) And the soldier’s hat. And the gun. Hold the gun. (And when he holds the gun with the outfit…) You’ve become a soldier. Salute. How do you salute? Salute. Salute. (He does a charismatic salutation.) William. William, look at your brother. You two make a good pair. (I was enjoined to serve my duty!) (We’ll protect the Hammingtons.) This was your hat, right? (It’s too small for Sam.) Should Bentley put it on? (What happens when he puts it on Ben’s back?) What is he? He’s a turtle. (He’s the real version of Squirtle.) Good. – Shall we go out now? / – Yes. Let’s go. – William. What’s here? / – Yes? It’s William’s birthday soon. For this year’s birthday, I want to throw a special event. I think this is a good chance for us to take the rides and have fun together. What is that? What is that? (Hello, I’m William.) A rabbit. (Nice to meet you.) William, imitate a rabbit. (Rabbits hop and hop.) How cute. – William, would you feed this to the rabbits? / – Yes. Rabbits, come. (Rabbits, enjoy your food.) (Utterly proud) Amazing! Wait. They kissed. Did you see that? – Yes. / – They kissed. – Shall we kiss too? / – Yes. (The Hammingtons kiss after getting motivated.) Amazing. Give a kiss to Ben. (I reject your rejection.) Let’s go. William, what’s this? Shall we try one? – You know what sushi is. / – Yes. William. William. (Try it.) This is watermelon rice. (William is eating it.) (Thanks to Dad, I can eat rice now.) William, I prepared something for you. – Excuse me. / – Yes? – Would you mind watching him? / – No, that’s fine. – Come here, William. / – Thank you. Let’s go. You’re a cutie. (Let me stay with you for a moment.) (While William is playing with the family,) (his dad is preparing something for a while.) Should I peel it? Can you do it by yourself? William. William. – Hello, William. / – William. – William, look. / – What’s that noise? William. Hello, William. Who am I? (My gosh.) Who am I? Shake my hand. Let’s shake hands. Nice to meet you. (He shyly shakes hands with Laa Laa.) Come here. Laa Laa. (It’s you, right?) William, what’s my name? Laa Laa. He’s the Sun Baby. Ben. (He’s obviously Ben, my brother.) Isn’t it your birthday soon? Yes. Your dad asked me to do something. William. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (Blowing) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (Congratulations.) (Dear William, happy birthday to you) Clap! (Thank you.) How old are you? Four. How old are you? Are you four years old? William, don’t you like Laa Laa? No. Should I go? Yes. Should I tell your dad to hurry up and come? Yes. William, do you like Sam? (A big accident occurs.) Hey, Ben! (He uses his real voice in his surprise.) Hey, Ben! My goodness, it’s okay. It’s okay. William, I’m going. Give me a kiss. (A kiss of goodbye) (They have a heartfelt farewell.) Gosh, I’m sorry. (Who is Laa Laa?) Bye. See you later. (Sam shows up as if nothing happened.) William, what is this? Where did you get it? Laa Laa. – Was Laa Laa here? / – Yes. Do you mean your grandma in Australia? No. Who was here? A Teletubby. – A Teletubby? / – Yes. – Was Laa Laa here? / – Yes. No way! – Was Laa Laa here? / – Yes. – Was it nice? / – Yes. How nice was it? (It was this nice.) Was it that nice? Yes. (Seeing William happy makes Ben smile.)

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    Bruh when Sam got in the way! 🤣

  • Reply Shanique Wright July 27, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    I loooove that shoooow! I’m so mad they didn’t sell Tubby Custard in Canada like they did in England!!!!!😣😣😣😣

  • Reply moonpiesundae July 29, 2018 at 5:40 am

    It's nice to hear MAMAMOO's AZE GAG song 😂

  • Reply my husband is big marvel July 29, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    William looks like Vernon dsjsjsjsjs

  • Reply wonho July 29, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    its been decided, william is chaotic evil

  • Reply Ash sparks July 29, 2018 at 5:33 pm

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  • Reply Im Trash July 30, 2018 at 10:52 am

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  • Reply Angela Tuiza July 31, 2018 at 4:37 am

    I think rice and mango goes well together too who thinks it also goes well together????

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    Sam is the best dad ever!!!

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    Despite Ben being a newborn Sam seems to ignore him in favor of William….

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