SafeCrush™ v Manual Pill Crushing – Efficiency v Inefficiency.

December 25, 2019

In today’s workplace, nurses are still crushing pills manually, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. This is considered NORMAL. The video and video insert, in real time, display the stark differences between manual crushing v SafeCrush™ as you can see, performing a manual pill crushing task like this ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, is tedious and cumbersome. when crushing
pills manually, nurses cannot do anything else but crush pills. In real time you
can see the protocol for each system the manual pill crushing system is labor
intensive and archaic while the SafeCrush™ system is user-friendly and efficient. IMPORTANTLY SafeCrush™ gives back time to nurses, in fact at least 44
seconds of time is given back to nurses every single crush. From an efficiency
and cost-savings standpoint, if nurses crush pills one hundred times per day
SafeCrush gives back 44 seconds x 100=4400 seconds this is over 73 minutes per day! SafeCrush™ gives back time to nurses bringing efficiency to the
workplace. SafeCrush™ protects nurses from injury and illness and SafeCrush™ crushes meds much finer! SafeCrush™ the new normal

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