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September 11, 2019

Steve Dotto here. I’m glad you’re joining
us today. If you are a person who manages any sort of a team, if you manage a softball
team or your business’s ultimate team or you work with your kids’ soccer team, you
are going to love this demo because it is a tool that helps you control the roster of
your team and communicate with them, times of games, times of practices. It allows you
to know who’s going to show up and who’s not going to show up and it does it all effortlessly
through a web-based interface, meaning that people can access all of the information you
share on any of their devices and it automatically syncs and integrates with people’s calendars
and email. What a brilliant concept! I think you will agree.
The product is called Rosterbot. It’s free so you’ve got to try it out if you are a
person that manages any, actually I will say right up front, not just sports teams but
if you do theater, if you have a community band that you play in, anything that you have
to communicate with a team and you have different positions that need to be filled, Rosterbot
is a phenomenal tool. You can sign up for Rosterbot. They’ve got
a nice kind of tutorial on the home page. I’ve logged in and I’ve set up the Dottotech
Dodgeballers because if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. I love dodgeball. Anyway,
I’ve set up this team. It allows you to create as many teams as you need and the cool
thing is when you go to create a new team, it asks you what type of a team it is.
When you click on here, as you type it in, if you type in ultimate, it’ll know right
away that you’ve got Ultimate Frisbee as a team. If you type in hockey, it’s got
ice hockey, ball hockey, floor hockey, and field hockey. The reason it’s got all these
different presets is positions are different in each one and if you’ve ever organized
a beer league team or any type of team you know need all of the positions, especially
say you’re playing beer league hockey. It’s always hard to get goaltenders out. You’ve
got your fulltime goaltender but if he says that he’s not available or she says that
she’s not available then you’ve got alternates that will be contacted automatically by the
system. It’s a brilliant concept. Let’s take a look at a team that I’ve
already prebaked. Let’s take a look at my team here, the Dottotech Dodgeballers, so
it will give you an idea. Now they do have preset positions for all of the major sports.
I actually set up when I started to set up my roster, I actually set up kind of my own
positions because some things just aren’t going to have positions. Here’s our team.
You can assign jersey numbers. It all works off email addresses because it’s
going to email invites. Much the same way as you’ll be getting meeting invites, you
get emailed invites that register back to the website. If you take a look here, I’ve
got an email for this particular event that we have and we can see how we have the Rosterbot
invite addressed to me, telling me the details of my practice for the Dottotech Dodgeballers
and just like any other meeting request, “Yes, I’m in” or “No” and allowing me to
link it through into my calendar or Outlook or any other device including my smartphone.
Brilliant! So you see here you have spares and fulltime.
The fulltime people are all contacted. Once they’ve all responded, if there are positions
that aren’t filled then the spares are informed of the need. You can put people in by position.
You’ve got coach and of course for my team we have Cannon Fodder, Lackey and Party Coordinators.
Those are all the important parts in a dodgeball team. Those are just titles of positions that
I put in. If you have a soccer team, you’ll have a proper list of proper positions all
indicated. What happens is you go about and you create
new events and you add different events for practices, for games, for parties, for whatever
it is. You create and add a new event and you just go through a simple little database
here where you put in the date, the time, the location, etc. You save the event and
then it’s emailed out to all the participants that are on your team. They are then informed
and they are asked to respond. Once they’ve responded then you know exactly who’s going
to show up. They’ve got all of the details. If you have to make changes, you can automatically
reach the whole group as well. Now what this replaces is this classic email
list where you send out an email to everybody then you’ve got to go through and respond.
It creates real email overload and stress and the possibility of lots of mistakes being
made for the manager because you’ve got these nested emails back of people replying,
saying they’re available, then they’re not available, and then asking questions.
This puts all of the scheduling in the correct place.
I think it’s a brilliant concept that they have which allows them to put in spares as
well as fulltime players which means that a) if you don’t have a full roster for any
one event, you’re informed right away and also your spares are automatically informed
so you can deal with the situation early and not have to worry about kind of playing catch
up. You can set up multiple teams. You can use this for community teams. You can use
this for amateur teams. If you manage an amateur baseball team or soccer team, as I say, it’s
a perfect tool. But don’t just think it’s only for sports.
Think a little bit outside of the box. If you’re the stage manager for a community
musical, this would be an outstanding tool for letting everybody know when rehearsals
are, letting them know what time it is and asking them to confirm that they’re coming.
Plus, you can have a much higher show up rate for all your rehearsals and all of your events
if people have acknowledged it and of course it links directly through to their calendar
of choice, which is huge because it automatically populates the calendar.
Overall, I can’t think of too many things that Rosterbot doesn’t do. It’s definitely
worth a try. Check them out at and as I said, it’s free! I hope that you
found this particular video to be very useful. If you have, please subscribe to our channel.
We are trying to reach 100,000 subscribers by the end of this year and for that, we need
you. You have to join the Dottotech team and be on my roster of subscribers. That would
be awesome, wouldn’t it? I’m Steve Dotto. Before I go, one more time, if you can dodge
a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

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