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Rob Lowe On Being Sober For 30 Years: ‘It’s A Full-Time Job’

January 15, 2020

– And let’s talk about sobriety. You’ve struggled with addiction, right? – I’ll be sober for, it’ll be 30 years this– (audience cheers) – Damn. – I mean if I get there. – (laughs) Shut up! – If I get there, this could
have gin in it tomorrow. – (laughs) That’s awesome. No, but that’s hard though. And an addiction is for
many different things. – Yeah, whether it’s food,
alcohol, sugar, drugs, bad relationships, whatever it is. Its like you kind of
get it together in one and it becomes a full time job. But it changed my life. It was the best thing I ever did. It enabled me to have a solid marriage and kids and a career. And I didn’t end up a crazy actor, which is always a possibility. – Which is always a possibility
for singers as well. – As we know. – Yeah, we can go (imitates cuckoo bird) – Well its definitely a possibility. – What was the final,
because I have people in my life that struggle with addiction are currently going through it. Like what’s your advice
for people like that? Because its such an everyday
struggle it seems like – Well the– – to break the habitual cycle. – I mean the one piece of
advice I really like to share having raised two young men. And everybody has to
learn their relationship with alcohol and drugs. Everybody has to. They have to figure out how
they are going to navigate it. And having just done that with two boys, I like to tell parents
honestly all you can do is try to keep them alive and– – (Kelly) It’s up to them. And they, Yes. No one can
get sober for their jobs, for their wife, for their kids. They can’t do it for any of that. They could only do it when
they decide their done. Truthfully. – And that’s hard. – I mean it’s kind of
radical to think about. You know what I mean. And you think “I love them so much, “why can’t they do it for me? “Or they’re going to lose their job. “Don’t they understand?” Until that light goes on, there’s honestly not much you can do. – That’s when its a disease though. – When the light goes on there is hope. When the light goes on, absolutely there’s definitely a great life beyond it for sure. – Thank you so much for
being so open about it because seriously not everybody is, and we all struggle with stuff . And I think that people that go through it and friends of mines that go through it, its nice to know you’re not alone. The best part is to know
you’re not on some like island like screwing up your life. – There’s hope! – We’re all on a island
screwing up our lives. – My life is 100 times more, my big worry when I got sober was I wasn’t going to have fun anymore. I was young. I was 26. I was like I’m not giving up my fun. I could never imagine. So when I get married I’m
not going to have a drink. When I have a kid, I’m not
going to have a whiskey. Guess what yes. I didn’t have
any of that and its awesome.

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