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Richard Floersch, BS ’80, MBA ’80, UB School of Management (soft skills in the office)

October 2, 2019

♫ [Instrumental Music] [RICHARD FLOERSCH] Someone with high IQ but low emotional intelligence is likely not going to realize the same level of, you know, career pursuit as somebody who’s got high IQ, high emotional intelligence. So I’m a strong believer that the soft skills is with it’s what’s going to differentiate someone’s success in an organization. It really comes down to it’s very difficult to be successful in any company today if you’re not operating in a strong team. And a strong team requires really strong skills around being a good team person. How do you communicate when you’ve got maybe a different point of view without alienating the individual? So there’s a whole piece around communication that’s important and then I really do come back to this thing of you need to be authentic in the way that you communicate and interact with your colleagues. And I think understanding the impact that you have on your audience is really important because sometimes you need to moderate. I mean people I think should be able to figure out the impact that they’re having on the spot with individuals and that emotional intelligence gives you that opportunity to be able to adjust and to make changes because maybe you’re heading down the wrong path in the way that you’re communicating ♫ [Instrumental Music]

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