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Rajavukku Check | Tamil Movie | Planning Scene | Cheran | Shrushti Dange

February 15, 2020

Sir. Sir, these guys are the reason
for the problem. Then, 366A? That is IPC… Procuration of minor girl. To abuse the minor girls,
either by taking or by abducting. It’s clear, sir. Because of these four guys, Sir’s daughter is in problem. Not only that, they’re monitoring
sir through the camera. Even, they’ve locked
that girl somewhere. We don’t have phone number… …or any hint to trace
these four guys. If so, he would’ve conveyed
that to us first. Even the internet calls
are made through hotspot… …instead of mobile and broadband. Sir’s daughter and that four guys… …mobile numbers must be traced out, Immediately, we must find out who
their family members are… …and their whereabouts too. Sure, sir. Hello, Has my mother-in-law left? I didn’t let you
to get caught by her. I’m not that bad. Okay, shall we start our job? You weren’t able to find us,
when we sneaked into your house. It’ll be impossible for you to
trace this place. Shall we play a new game? I’ll join. Okay, your daddy is watching you. Say “hi” to him. Hi, daddy. I’m going to play a new game. Wish me all the best. That fawn isn’t aware that
it is encircled by four lions… …and started playing with them. I asked you to wish me best of luck.
But, you say something. Go. Hey, she understands
sign language. Don’t know what he said? Whatever he said,
she can’t understand. She is unstable. If she was, will she stay with us,
without questioning, When she is about to leave
to Canada at morning. But, watch her closely. The mobile number of those
four guys and sir’s daughter number… …is switched off for a long time. Prior four hours, Ashwin’s mobile
was switched on. But, receiving area cell tower
indicates the location of sir’s house. He got a call from the criminal,
who slit his neck at evening. Upon inquiring, it’s revealed that he
was given five lakh rupees… …and was asked to act like
slitting the neck. He wasn’t aware of anything else. Among the four, one of the guy’s parents
are settled in abroad, Another guy’s father is in Delhi. The other guy’s parents
reside in Bangalore. One of those guy’s father
is in pub right now. Then, he is our target. Sir, It’ll be morning in a short time. Dude, come here. Just watch this. Hey, it’s gone. Hey, check it. Will it get connected or not? Hey, wait for a minute. Hey, hurry up.
-wait. What! he has slept. He won’t wake up
if he falls asleep. Hey, he is sleeping. Is there any changes
in her behaviour? No change at all. Hey, come, let’s go. That fawn isn’t aware that
it is encircled by four lions… …and started playing with them. Dude, no. Listen to me. That girl was different. This girl is in love with you.
You acted as if you too love her. Hey, you go first. We’ll see later. Shall we play a new game? What game? Come, I’ll tell you. Come. What? What happened? What? Wait, I’ll come. Businessman Govindarajan met with an accident
and was seriously injured. He is admitted in a private hospital
and his condition is critical. I must go. I must go, please. They would’ve tried my number,
it might not be reachable. I must go, please.
Hey, tell him. Dude… Okay, go. Don’t switch on the phone here. Switch on after reaching
the hospital and seeing your father. Dad! Sir, Mr.Govindharajan. Accident case.
-ICU first floor, sir. Did he tell anything?

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