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Quick Tips: Sharing & Real-time Collaboration in Data Studio

January 18, 2020

Hi everyone, I’m Krista Seiden, Analytics Advocate at Google, and today I’m joined by Dave Oleson who is a Product Manager on Google Data Studio. In this Quick Tip video Dave is going to show us how you can share and work in real time together in a Data Studio Dashboard. So with that I’m going to hand it over to Dave. Thanks Krista. So Data Studio has a great dashboarding solution, but it’s also built on top of Google Drive which gives all the sharing and real-time collaboration that you get into Google Doc or Google Sheet. So let me just quickly walk you through how this works. So here I have a dashboard that I’ve built, and I might want a little bit of help on this. So I’m going to go ahead and share this with Krista. Now I’m showing this with Krista, and I can keep working on this, and Krista will show up here in a few seconds. Just got your invite. Let me jump in there. So what would we do in here? So right now I’m creating, I’m copying all of my components, and creating a new set of components for you to go in style. So I have the iOS users and over here you have the Android users. So why don’t we go ahead and style these. I will make on my iOS components blue, and you can go ahead and use the Android green for all your Android components. Perfect let’s do it. So I come in here to the background, select blue, maybe that’s a little too dark of blue. Yeah my green is little dark too. There we go. And so Krista and I are working on this and we’re sitting right next to each other but with this technology we could be on opposite sides of the world when we collaborate in a real-time just like we are right now. Exactly. This is really cool and a great way for teams to work together in Data Studio. Thanks for watching.

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