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Qui suis-je vraiment ? INFJ Personnalité (MBTI) : ça veut dire quoi ? ~ Ursula

November 4, 2019

hello everyone, I hope you’re well. Today, today I’m going to make a
different video from usual. It had been a long time since I had said
that at the beginning of a video because for real I try to always make videos a little bit
different each time, but anyway! I feel a little bit stressed out, a little bit shy, a little bit of all of this … um because in this video I will talk to you
about me. I’m not really comfortable with talking about me, even if on YouTube I find that it’s a little bit easier because in the end you
watch only if you are interested. I do not force anyone to watch. it’s for
people who are interested in this topic who like psychology and who just like also to get to know other people
and see how others do, think … and live that’s all. For me it’s something that I like a lot! I love psycho, I studied Neuroscience at University because I love Neuroscience so these are really topics that interest me and I made you a video the last year, last summer where I talked to you about different personality tests that
I like that I found accurate and different ways in fact to learn
to know yourself better if you’re interested I’ll put the link right here
and also in the description box In this video, I talked to you about
the test called MBTI, MBTI in French. it’s the Myers-Briggs personality test
so I told you that my personality type is INFJ so I for introversion, N for
intuition, F for Feelings and J for judgment. I will put you the test in info bar if
you want to do it. When I discovered it I got wooh it’s
good, it’s really good because I like a lot everything personality tests
so I’ve already done a lot in my life and I like to discover new ones so feel free
to comment if you have some suggestions After that I really learned
about the different types of personality because I thought if mine is really accurate like that maybe others must certainly be too It’s really interesting to get to know others, of course to know oneself but also to know others,
know how other people work. Also know how to improve, so
I will explain to you how I try to improve myself, evolve. What is also the most logical for me
in terms of evolution. So I’m going to talk about myself because it’s what I know best. I only have my own experience that I can really tell you more in detail, but if you have questions about different personality types, feel free to to ask me in comment. feel free to do the test and
to tell me what is your result in comment I love to know. I have already passed the test to almost
all the people around me because I like to know what is the personality type of people
that surrounds me and in general also I try to guess and it happened to me many times to guess right so that’s it a little bit my thing so do feel free to
tell me what is your result, feel free to ask me your questions about you if you have any. If I can answer you, I will try to
reply you in comment. I really do not know where to start
because it’s so weird to talk about me usually, I do not like that
… it’s not that I do not like it it’s that I’m not comfortable actually. I do not feel comfortable. I made you videos on introversion
because I’m introverted, it’s the i of my personality type. Well we’ll talk about that I think, we’ll start
by the letters so the I is for introversion so I made you a video on introversion
that I will put you right here and in the info bar where I explained you what is introversion because there are people who do not know
what it is to be introverted. What is the difference between introversion
and shyness? because I also made you a video on shyness because
I am also shy at heart. It’s different from introversion, I have
worked on it a lot. I also told you about it in my video on shyness that I will put you here, but it’s true that introversion is more
loving to be alone, not necessarily need to for example to talk a lot about self, to express oneself very often, to meet a lot of people, to have a lot
of social interactions we would say in general. Of course, there are different degrees of introversion. I had also done the Big Five test. In the big five you have different levels
(scores) for the different parameters which are evaluated. I’ll tell you my result because
that it is more precise. In the Big Five, there is a whole part I
you will put it there: Extraversion. Cut into different categories: socia self love, social daring, sociability and vitality. My extroversion level is 3 out of 5. On average people are around 3.5 so
I am less extroverted than most people My score is not so low but I remember
that the first time I had done the the MBTI because in the MBTI you have
also a level (in percentage). It seems to me that it was a little weaker
that depends of course of tests but basically I’m still
well introverted. To simplify I would say that I do not necessarily like to have all the attention on me, which is certainly paradoxical
for some people when we’re on YouTube but it’s true that I did not start
my youtube channel to be known, or to be famous or that kind of thing and it’s
always makes me weird for example when I’m recognized in the street or yeah that’s
not something I was looking for Now must also … I adapt right, there are advantages
to that too but honestly that was not at all my goal and basically
my goal was more to feel connected with others, to share things that
I like, create videos that I would want to see on youtube so I wanted
to make this video also for me and for people who are like me and
who want to see this type of videos so also try to share tips,
help you discover things and connect with you because I like the
connexion and I find it pretty crazy to actually be able to communicate with people who are at the other end of the world that I do not know at all but only via internet. I find it crazy enough I find that youtube is so much more
interesting because we can really express yourself in a video, share lots of ideas,
a lot of things and I think it’s great that’s why I started on youtube,
not especially to talk about me but necessarily it’s easier to talk about
me than to talk about another type of personality for example. The second letter is N for Intuition
so I’m intuitive, that’s more interesting for me to trust
to my intuition to trust than my physical sensation, my senses. In opposition to N there is S for the senses. I will be less focused on my senses
in a general way than my intuition and what I think is true, what I feel. I also have lots of intuitive sensations. I do not know how to describe it but
it happens to me to think in sensation for example I also think in picture sometime but uh … Let’s say intuition, I made a video
where I spoke to you a little more about intuition. I will put you the link. I like the overall look of things, the
abstract things in general. I am more interested in the hidden aspect of things that the visible aspect for example when I meet someone it’s like
I did not see necessarily … I see the physically people, I’m not
blind but it’s not at all what I’m really interested in first and that’s
not at all what I remember from people in general I am really interested in their personality
and things that are not necessarily the most visible ones I would say. I need to feel the connection with
the person from a personality point of view. Then F it’s for Feelings it’s for Emotions. It’s being emotionally expressive , to feel a lot of emotions, to be sensitive to others emotions,
to your own emotions is to be emotional in general. Then as I have told you in my video on
hypersensitivity, I’m someone who is actually emotionally sensitive. I can have strong emotional rections
to things that are maybe not at all the case for other people
and I am also very sensitive to others emotions and I will detail you that
just after when I will explain the different cognitive functions of my
personality type. Then J for judgment it is in opposition
to perception, except that it seems to me that it’s quite subtle I would say but in general
people who are more J they are more organized, they are more structured, they follow
the rules, trust determined things I would say, more than the P who
are going to be really more focused on their own personal experience, let’s say for example take a decision but let’s say that the INFJ are a little between the 2. Sometimes we consider that they are more perceptive than in the judgment but well … of course everything can be discussed! So the personality type INFJ is the rarest and I told you in the other video than when I was younger
it felt weird because I felt that I was different from others.
I did not know why. I did not understand why. I felt that I was thinking
differently, that I functioned differently. A lot and often, even now,
I happen to feel lonely (even surrounded by people) because I feel that there are not many people who function like me and … so I want to make this type of connection in general because that’s nice actually. I dare not even imagine how it must
be to be ISFJ which is the most common personality type. you must have, I think, I imagine in my
mind that you must have the impression that everyone is a bit like you and you get along with
everyone and it’s easy to make new ones … meet new people
people. I do not know I think it must be
really different (in a good way). I would say that when I was
younger, let’s say I was not going to put forward my difference because I wanted to connect with people and I wanted to not feel different precisely
and it always makes me weird when I see people put difference
on a pied d’estal. Feeling different is usually
not a very nice emotion. What is interesting is the cognitive functions of each personality type so we all have all the cognitive functions
more or less, some we not use at all and others that we use a lot more
often. So I had read a book about the explanation
scientist and neuroscientist explanation of cognitive functions. what is a cognitive function We use certain part of the brain
when we’re using a particular function and people who have the same type of personality they activate these same regions in the same situations, the same neurons
of their brains. My first cognitive function, the one in
which I live, that is I would say it is just normal for me, I do not even ask myself the question. It’s Ni: introverted intuition. That is … intuitive … so
natural I think and I take decisions not necessarily on facts or
pre-determined things. it’s very important to me as well that what I do
make sense. It’s important to have a goal. Generally people who use Ni have …
like to have a specific goal. they like to know where they are going We are also people who think a lot in
why? We need to know why we do things and it’s funny because
my mother told me that when I was little I was asking all the time why
? Why ? It was like my question when I was small which did not really leave me
and besides, we say that personality of the child is fixed around 7 years old. From 7 years old we grow up of course and
we evolve but our personality is already fixed at the age of 7 years. We can have different results of
personality test at different times of our life because we will have evolved
on different aspects. In fact, the more we evolve over time,
getting older the more it’s difficult to have a precise result for example on the MBTI. It’s going to be hard to really tell the difference and say you’re more introverted than extroverted because, depending on the circumstances, one can be quite extroverted or seem introverted, but basically we really have
a specific type of personality on which we can work on and evolve. Ni is also very creative and
in the Big Five, creativity especially was my highest result I think
(with the aesthetic appreciation) so I know that creativity is very important
for me and often people who have Ni in their cognitive functions are pretty
creative too even if you can also be creative according to other cognitive functions
but Ni is something that is really more internal and personal and abstract and we want to … I would say for me anyway I want to give life to things that I think in my head in general, ideas that I have we are very focused on ideas in general
when using Ni. Ne too which is the counterpart of Ni but Ne it’s going to be more ideas turned towards the outside, more general, we can more
think about ideas in general then than with Ni we want to think about ideas
that affect us that concern us. It’s not one of my main functions
but it’s a function in which I can very quickly switched if I’m in a Ni mode
and I can actually transpose things that I know for myself to others because
I understand through what I feel. I am able to transpose it a little bit. When we use Ni we are also in a prediction mode, we like to anticipate things because it’s abstract because the future does not exist the future is only in our mind. I like all of that. Usually when we watch a movie I’m always trying to guess what’s going to happen. In 2nd function I have Fe which is extroverted feeling so in opposition to Fi who is introverted feeling That is, I will be more sensitive
to the emotions of others than to my own emotions. I will pay more attention to others than to
my own emotions in general and that it’s also totally true. that’s also why …
a reason why I was very shy before that it was hard to be
in touch with my emotions when I was surrounded by other people and I felt
so much the emotions of others that I was super lost and I had trouble expressing myself because I was too much in the emotions of others and it can be very difficult
to distinguish your emotions from others emotions when we have this cognitive function
in our first functions. The fact that this is my second function
is that it’s my way of expressing myself, to interact with the world, my favorite way
we would say to interact with the world. I am very expressive, you can see it I like to have discussions
where people will be super happy where we will talk about things that affect me
emotionally. Yeah I want to connect with people
from an emotional point of view it’s super important. If you have Fi in first position for example David he has Fi in his first function because he is an INFP. He is very close to his emotions and very
aware of his emotions. So he’s going to have less trouble I find to
interact with other people without getting lost in his emotions. I do not
do know how to say but he is really aware of his emotions, he can change
from one to another much more easily than me. He is more in control of his emotions
than me even though this is an aspect on which I worked a lot and I’m trying now
to visualize myself in like a bubble emotional bubble when I feel that I am too sensitive to others emotions and this year I told you early in the year if you saw my first video of the year that this
year I want to be a little bit more in contact with my emotions and express a
little bit more my emotions, that’s it … because I am someone very expressive but
in touch with some people I could feel that it was not a good thing
to be too expressive, to show too much what I feel, etc … and I am
a little … not shut up on this aspect but I did not necessarily develop it too much. In the end I realize that I like that. It makes me feel good and I like people
which are very expressive, it’s a pretty simple way for me to flourish
and to be in a good mood etc … and that’s also why I make videos because
I need to express myself and I have realized that it was important to me and talk about what I like and what makes me feel good, what makes me happy simply so if you are an INFJ you have to express yourself, say what you feel and if you have Fe in your first functions, first or second one it’s really important for you to express yourself. I would say that when we are more INFJ for example than ENFJ since ENFJ they have Fe as the first function. When you are an INFJ we are not obliged
to express ourself as often I would say we can let a lot of situations flow. We think it’s okay if I do not say
anything. It is okay and it’s not gonna gnaw us while I think for ENFJ it’s a lot
more … they need to really express what they feel and it’s even more important
for them. It’s perfectly normal but you have to really
learn how to express things what we feel, without hurting each other, without attacking other etc … so then we can improve each of the cognitive functions
and improve in there. In 3rd function I have Ti which is introverted thinking so the opposite is Te the extroverted thinking I create rules for myself, I …. like
I told you I know what I want with Ni, with Ti I know how to get what I
want, more or less. Or what is the method to follow? We create
methods or things like that. I can think about things that I
know about myself so I also use a lot of Ti in this video because I’m reporting to you “facts” but which are related to me. I
you give informations that concerns me. I find that in school we use a lot of
Ti and Te because we have to ingest a lot of informations and I think school helped me learn a lot this and especially university. I studied biology in college and then neurosciences as specialty so you must ingest a lot of informations and so I had used Ti a lot to basically simplify the information to integrate and transcribe them
in Ni mode and that it becomes a bit more intuitive for me and easier to remember
and more reusable. It’s my way of integrating new
information via generally Ti. One thing that is a bit specific about INFJ
it can be very harmful for us to in the Ni-Ti loop for too long and do not use Fe because it’s also the loop …. following which we are a little bit in a rumination mode and in mode we think about things we already know and then we
repeats things and then we explain them to ourselves… finally we can be very locked in this
loop there and it can be a cause of depression. To be in an infernal loop and forget to get out of it and really we have to use our 2nd function Fe which is much more
natural in fact for us than Ti we have to admit, but it’s very important to me
to work this aspect Ti. As I told you, school help me a lot to basically use that cognitive function, to integrate new information, to know how to use information, transcribe information. As in this video there is a lot of Ti,
I relay to you a lot of things that I’ve learned and it’s something I like
to do well but it’s not my …. it’s not what brings me the most joy
I would say. it’s just that I find it good. it’s useful for me so I want
to do it and as I told you my main enneagram is the 2. I need to do useful stuff and I know that this can be useful to some people. 4th cognitive function it is: Se and the
opposite it’s Si. I know I’m not talking to you directly about
me since earlier but I’m trying to to find a different way
to tell you more about me Se it’s a bit my goal, it’s my ideal
I would say. Let’s say that your 4th cognitive function in
general is a little what you would like to be good at but that
you are not very good at (laughs) or it’s not natural for you, but
it’s something you appreciate anyway to do and it’s something you still want to develop. S is for sensory and e is for extrovert,
it’s for outside. My sensations related to the outside I would say simply. What should I do in general? What are the steps I must do ? It’s very concrete things we have to do for which we have to use
our senses, our physical body …. to do concrete things precisely, without the abstract with intuition. For me it usually means
the aesthetic aspect of things for example to paint, to appreciate the beauty of things in general. For example, makeup is totally
Se for me, totally visual it is also sensory. The aesthetic pleasure of having a nice home itself. For example, people who have a Se very
developed know how to … I do not know …. it looks like they naturally
know what to do in any situation, they are going very
quickly react they can also very easily give orders, tell others what to do because they actually know, they have this knowledge of actions to
do. I can know what to do but I am not necessarily as sure as someone who would use a lot Se and I’m going to take much more time to put myself in it. I’ll have more trouble explaining to people how to do. it’s less natural but it’s an aspect I really want to work on
and actually I work on it a lot especially with painting, with videos. Videos for me are super Se too
huh because I have to tell you what to do and learning a new language
for me it is also super Se and making videos in English for example I am totally in a Se mode and I’m happy because I feel like that
allows me to develop that. I admire people who have Se in their first cognitive functions because usually they are, especially if it’s in a aesthetic way,
they are particularly talented. I do not know how to say I find that for me it’s longer, the process is more slow and longer while people who are
more in Se mode …. are much faster and much more effective than me I would say and then they will notice small details that I’m not going to see because
I am much more global than detail oriented. I really try to be … to work
on my intuition, to really know what I want. Be very clear about that. If you are INFJ it is the priority in fact,
you must know what you want, do what you want first. If others like that and if you can
arrange things to please others it’s perfect and there you
can flourish 100% and if not it is difficult. Give time to people to understand what you want to do, to show them also if these
people are for example people who are more sensory than intuitive. they
may need to see the result before saying yes you’re right to do
that. they may need you to show them. and come off when it’s necessary
and it’s true that one of … one of the things for which we are known (laughs) it’s
door slam or ghosting people : “ghosting”. That is to say that we are very quickly able
to remove people from our life, ie no longer having contact with some people overnight. It’s a way for me to detach myself from
problems very quickly. In some situations it’s a bit of the
solution. There are people to whom you can try
to explain things up and down and across, they will never understand, they
will not want to actually understand what you mean. You just have to get away from these people and I would say that I am very determined too This is something that is typically characteristic of INFJ because we are very focused on our goal we can be very patient
to reach our goal and very determined and it’s difficult to change our mind. Learn to be more in tune with your
own emotions and be vulnerable and talk about how you feel. I do not like being vulnerable, I do not like to
feel vulnerable it’s not easy but it’s something we can develop
as INFJ. We are more focused on the future in general, a bit like the INTJ. It takes more effort to try to
remember events, I do not live in the past and it’s difficult also for
me to stay in the present and Se is a little bit the function that allows me to be present in the moment and appreciate the aesthetics for example for me from my environment,
to visit places and appreciate the beauty of places. Painting, appreciate what emerges
it’s sensory, it’s in the moment so it’s usually something that also attracts us when we are INFJ. In general, when we are INFJ we respect
the fact that others do what they want, we are not one to generally impose
things to others. usually when we are INFJ, not only huh, but I would say
that for most people and especially when we are INFJ we really want to evolve
and to develop capacities in which we are not very comfortable and that’s a
stuff that … yeah … it’s super important for me. I need to feel that I’m evolving. I told you a long time ago in my
video on the series that I like in the series is to see evolve the characters. I think it’s an super INFJ thing because we like to predict things too. Something that is a bit typical of INFJ is that they often say they have like an old soul. even when I was when I was younger, I sometimes thought like an adult. I remember things that I
could think when I was a lot a lot younger for example when I was 10-15 years old and I thought almost the same thing today actually about
some things. There are things I knew (intuitively)
already at my age, which was not the case for other children. It’s like we grew up faster than
the others on certain aspects and tell me if you are like me for certain things
that I told you in this video if you are INFJ or even if you are not INFJ. If there are things I said which you end up being that would be super interesting for me to know and tell me what is
your personality type we also have lots of negative points too
huh. I could do a whole video on the negatives but we may be
not do that today because this video is already mega long. If you have any questions feel free
to ask them. I think I’ll stop there. I hope this video will interest you,
tell me in comment if it does if you liked it. feel free to ask if you have any questions
in the comments. Like, subscribe to keep watching
my videos. I normally make 2 videos a week: 1 in French and 1 in English
and you can always turn on the subtitles to follow the video and that’s it. I’ll see you soon in my next video. kisses

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    Salut Ursula merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo c'est un sujet très intéressant j'ai aussi la même personnalité et longtemps je me suis sentie seule un peu comme un extra terrestre mais en faisant ce test en en lisant beaucoup de livres sur le développement personnel cela m'a beaucoup aidé à faire des meilleurs choix sur les plans professionnels et personnel. Un peu comme toi je suis toute autant créative surtout par rapport à mon apparence j'aime varier les coupes de cheveux j'ai beaucoup d'accessoires j'aime les maquillages colorés mais tout autant j'ai un grand esprit d'analyse j'aime mettre en place des procédures en places essayer différentes manières d'aborder une problématique. Je suis très dans les règles et la méthodologie. Puis j'ai enfin concilier tout ça en parlant anglais à mes 21 ans je suis partie en Angleterre pour y vivre et travailler et me voilà à 27 ans aujourd'hui toujours dans de pays on peut dire que je suis bilingue. Je me suis trouvée. Hâte de voir tes prochaines vidéos ou projets et de voir tes progrès en anglais. ?

  • Reply Vanessa Pedinotti May 24, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Merci de discuter de ce sujet qui m'intéresse aussi depuis plusieurs années. Il y a certains points sur lesquels je ne perçois pas les choses de la même façon. Par exemple, pour moi l'introversion n'a rien à voir avec le fait de ne pas aimer que l'attention soit portée sur nous. Il me semble qu'un introverti peut aimer que l'attention lui soit portée tout comme un extraverti peut ne pas aimer cela. Pour moi, la différence se situe plutôt dans la façon de se ressourcer et de gagner de l énergie. Un introverti se ressource qd il est seul et les expériences en groupe, même si agréables, lui drainent de l énergie. Pour l extraverti, c'est l inverse.
    Aussi, selon moi, un F ne ressent pas plus qu'un T et dans certains cas c'est même l'inverse, c'est d'ailleurs pour contrôler ces effusions trop fortes de sentiments qu'un T est T. La différence se situe ds ce que chacun privilégie dans ses réflexions et prises de décision. Un F privilégie l'avis et le bien être des autres, un T privilégie ce qui lui paraît juste et rationnel, mais ça ne veut pas dire qu'il ne ressent pas.
    Le P a du mal à prendre des décisions car il aime se laisser des possibilités alors que le J n'aime pas trop l'inconnu et préfère que les choses soient cadrées à l'avance.
    Dernier point, c'est intéressant de savoir quel est le type de personnalité le plus commun ou le plus rare mais il me semble que ces chiffres varient bcp en fonction des pays concernés. Ainsi, au Japon on trouve bcp dintrovertis et aux États-Unis bcp moins. C'est intéressant de savoir cela on veut analyser son expérience personnelle. Perso, je suis Intp, comme Jung je crois, type rare pour une femme et à l'opposé de ce que l'on nous impose comme standard féminin. J'avais trouvé un mémoire qui parlait précisément des difficultés rencontrées par les intp femmes. Bises

  • Reply faatC Daaf May 30, 2019 at 11:08 pm

    Vidéo super intéressante je me suis reconnue dans tout ce que tu disais j'ai attendu la fin de la vidéo pour aller effectué le test et effectivement je suis aussi INFJ, c'est très impressionnant j'ai l'impression de me redécouvrir ?
    Sa me rassure j'ai tjrs senti que j'étais différente s'en savoir comment l'expliquer le fait d'être solitaire d'avoir tjrs ce besoin d'acquérir de nouvelles compétences apprendre de nouvelles choses (ex les langues les cultures les sciences…) tout en restant très introvertie et tant de choses encore…

  • Reply Aïcha Cnem May 31, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    Merci pour cette vidéo, elle est intéressant et instructif. Bref j'adore. Bisous ?

  • Reply D. DJIKINE June 9, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    Hello! Vidéo intéressante. je ne suis pas du genre à laisser des commentaires, sauf quand le sujet m'intéressent beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup. Le test MBTI est vraiment intéressant. Moi je suis INTJ-A, et je me retrouve totalement dans la description du résultat. Je me sens comme un ovni, je suis singulière, et même si je ne me sens à ma place nulle part, j'aime cette singularité. Il ne faut pas hésiter à faire le test sans forcément réfléchir à la réponse, de manière spontanée. En plus, les résultats sont très influencés par l'état d'esprit dans lequel on se trouve au moment de faire le test.
    Je fais le test chaque année pour voir mon évolution, car c'est nécessaire pour moi d'évoluer, de ne pas stagner.

  • Reply Paulette Hilton June 15, 2019 at 9:15 am

    Mmm je m étais tjs interrogée sur les INFJ, pq je ne les identifie pas dans mon entourage alors que j en suis une ou p-e que nous sommes su rares que je n en connais pas. Eh bien, c est vrmt étrange de se retrouver face à une autre INFJ car bcp tombent sur le résultat INFJ sur le site 16 personnalités sont mal typées. Or, sur vous, y a pas de doute XD

  • Reply Paulette Hilton June 15, 2019 at 9:26 am

    Néanmoins, c est qd mm étrange de faire une chaine beauté pour une INFJ XD La période où j étais à fond sur la mode et le maquillage, c était celle où je voyais une amie ESFP et une autre amie ISFP…

  • Reply Red Volver June 26, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    Je suis infj et je me suis reconnue dans tout ce que tu as décrit ?
    J'ai lu beaucoup sur le sujet dernièrement, et d'après ce que j'ai compris c'est une personnalité hyper paradoxale, ce qui explique qu'elle soit parfois compliquée à vivre…

  • Reply daniela massamba June 27, 2019 at 1:30 am

    j'ai fait le test, je suis INFJ-A

  • Reply Enzo toutcourt July 2, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Moi je suis infj- t qu’est ce que le t ?

  • Reply Pascale Denoyelle July 11, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    Bonjour, J'ai fait le test et je suis INFP-T ?

  • Reply Joy Blueberrydesigns July 16, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    J'ai fais le test – je suis INFJ aussi, et effectivement pour la partie jugement / perception je dirai que ça dépend des situations ?.

  • Reply Keren ken July 23, 2019 at 2:24 am

    Moi mon côtés intuitive je pense pouvoir le décrire.. c est comme si je décoder directement la synergologie… Mais vraiment c est fatiguant car les gens passent à côtés de moi et il dise rien mais il me parle tous en même temps enfet avec leur geste/attitude … Je vois vraiment comme un peintre des surcil fâché plus grand que le visage qui par exemple entre dans un ascenseur avec moi de super marche ou … Des soupir avec un bras surdimensionné de râle bol … Et la personne s annime là… pff après j ai besoin d être seul parce que c est épuisant à chercher savoir pourquoi ils sont comme ça… certaine personne m ont rien fait mais m agace… Et je sais pas pk je peu rentrer chez moi en etant triste just à cause d un comportement ou attitude de quelqu un que je connais même pas … et même me demander encore une fois chez moi pourquoi cette personne était triste enfet. Mais pk je m occupe de ces gens, pourquoi henn j arrêt pas de les décoder… Bien je sais pas ! Je baisse les yeux parfois pour avoir moins d info …Y a rien de magique je pense mais c est vrai que c est comme un 6em sens .. Et c est fatiguant

  • Reply Gillou Richardson August 6, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    Je suis INFJ aussi et les derniers points que tu aborde dans la vidéo m’ont donné des frissons tant je me suis reconnu. Belle vidéo.

  • Reply Lise Niyo August 14, 2019 at 9:37 pm

    Ahahah moi je suis INTP mais j'ai vu que ce type de personnalité est assez rare …

  • Reply Aloniiav August 17, 2019 at 11:29 pm

    Je suis Infp-T

    Je voulais savoir quel est la différence entre INFP-T et INFP-A alors si quelqu'un pouvais me répondre…merci

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