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Q&A With Grey: Just Because Edition

September 12, 2019

Hello Internet. When’s the next Q&A with Grey?
-Discord21337 Right now! What opinion have you held for a time
and then changed radically?
-desvirtuado Well, as mentioned the first time
I talked about changing your mind, This is always hard to discuss because the specifics are often quite personal. But the biggest non-personal thing
I’ve changed my opinion on is breakfast. I used to believe breakfast was absolutely vital – not just believe it – I had evidence that skipping, nay even delaying breakfast ruined everything. But as I’ve tried to get healthier slowly and inconsistently, I’ve experimented with various things
and the one that shocked me the most is breakfast is bulls**t. After an admittedly rough adjustment period, my body no longer needed breakfast, and it’s hard to describe just how much of a huge
quality-of-life improvement this has been. Simplifying my normal morning routine and making early travel days easier. While I’ll still eat breakfast sometimes, particularly on vacations, because it’s clearly the best of the three – (seven) – meals, it’s no longer the necessary
part of life I thought it was. What do you want people to remember you for 500 years from now?
-Coolie2 I don’t want to be remembered, I want to be alive. What is the most frivolous item you own?
-ClenchtheHenchBench Man, that is a good question that had me looking up exactly what “frivolous” means: Not having purpose or value. So, a thing I own which has neither purpose nor value. I’m not really sure anything I own fits that description, but I’ll keep looking for you. If you have an idea in the shower without phone or notebook present, what do you do?
-Hoepla (Shower sounds) Hey Siri! Hey Siri! (Siri pings) Make a note; must not forget million – nay, billion dollar idea (Siri pings) Nice weather coming up for
Paradise, Nevada, United States. (Grey groans) What do you think of jazz?
-Maxim_Potashov Jazz is opposite of everything I like in music. I want music to have patterns, and repetition. Patterns, and repetition. This is why I also don’t like live music. I view music as a brain manipulation tool, and to that end, jazz is anti-useful to me. Do you speak dutch?
-Riobhain (In Dutch) I don’t speak Dutch, my mother is Dutch, but she never spoke Dutch with me. (In Dutch) I grew up speaking just one language. If you had control of a super-intelligence
to which you could only give 1 command, and it would execute it to the best approximation of
what you intended, what would your one command be?
-DeepFriedJif Min-max happiness and suffering. Oh wait! What’s one thing that you’re not satisfied with your life right now, and how do you plan to solve it?
-Living-stoneInAfrica I’ve gotten into time tracking pretty deeply. I used to just track my work hours, but I began to record how every hour of every day is spent. And, let me tell you no matter how well you think you spend your time, and no matter how well you do spend your time, tracking all of your time is an unflinching look
into a mirror, eternally uncomfortable. So, I’m not thrilled with the way
my pie chart for last year looks. It was a year of chaos. But, it’s not possible to improve
without knowing where you’re starting and one of the ways I’m working to make this better is
simply to have the data about how I spend my time more visible in more places. I’ve just begun in the most
baby steps way possible, but so far, making life more visible
seems like a good feedback loop. How are you doing?
-MrEngineeringGuy Good, thanks. You? If you had to enroll at a university tomorrow and had to choose one field of study which would you choose?
-rubinowitz I’d like to say I’d take a
programming course but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pass at the university level. Constants and functions and loops, oh my, are fun and clear
but once it gets to pointers, it’s a level too far. So if I needed to pass
I’d probably sign up for economics I dropped out of that Master’s course as mentioned in a previous Q&A
because it wasn’t the right fit in my life at that time but I’d be happy to
give it a go again. Of all the classes you’ve ever taken at Uni,
what was your hardest? What did you hate the most? Why?
-Negative-One-Twelfth Well, the physics classes in my later
years were the hardest and were probably the hardest intellectual thing
I’ve ever done or will do. But that’s the boring-er question. More interesting question is
which class I hated the most. That was a required
humanities reading class It was one of those classes where the professor had free rein to just
select a bunch of books they liked and force students to read them and write essays agreeing with the professor or disagreeing in a way
the professor agreed with. God, did I hate it. I really think it’s the kind of class that professors make mandatory because they like to teach it and it makes them look smart and it’s easy and not because it’s remotely good
for the students involved. Anyway, it’s had to be done and I had a pretty good idea in advance I would hate it so at my college there was an option to compress an entire academic year of
these classes into one intense summer. So I stayed at college over what was
vacation for most people to finish this class as fast as possible. I’ve always been pretty good at reading a lot
using an on-off schedule when I need to, and it served me well here. I think I read something like 30 stupid or boring or
flowery or pompous books over that summer. Anyway, it works so well it was a
strategy I used every summer, compressing as many dumb mandatory classes
into as short a time as possible If your school gives that as an option,
I highly recommend it so you have more time during the rest of the year
to focus on more important things. Raisins in chocolate chip cookies?
-interesting-__o__ Gross. What noise do you wake up to?
-architecty None. I used to use music to wake up to, because this (wake-up alarm sounds)
is the world’s most unpleasant sound. But doing so trains yourself
to dislike whatever song you use and have it randomly cause you a
sense of drowning anxiety when you hear it in a different context. I used to use a Sigur Rós song
during my teaching years to wake me up, and I still can’t hear the opening few seconds without feeling like I’m drowning, a decade later. Of course, the sound may be none but I currently use my Apple Watch
to wake me up with a vibration. And I know I’m in a good routine
when I wake up naturally before it goes off. If you could have one superpower
(excluding the power to have all powers), what would it be?
-jackmedrek Invulnerability. With an exit option. Can you wear silly ties for the rest of the video?
-Nesogra No, I spent years plotting and scheming
how to escape the world of ties. I will not go back to it now. You are given the opportunity to permanently, and
irreversibly, change one fundamental law of physics. What would it be and why?
-Blarghenshnarf On the panel of fundamental laws and constants, I’ve draped a very big “do not touch” sign How do I get over a crippling Factorio addiction?
-Ggecho_Swe_ You tell me, man.
I’m over a thousand hours deep. Do you feel that “Humans need not apply”
needs … updating? Has anything changed since its creation
that would change your message?
-DarkJohnson Not really anything I would change. I do enjoy that the debate
around autos has switched from “They’ll never happen” to “Why aren’t they here now?”, which is an interesting question. At least in this moment, it feels like progress and
self-driving cars is a bit of an s-curve, so maybe I was over-optimistic about the
rapid approach of commercially-available autos, but I still think they’re coming, and if I can’t buy or rent an auto
within ten years of the publication of that video, I’ll be surprised and disappointed. What is love?
-theheroinwaiting What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more. Lastly, of coursely Who’s sponsoring this episode?
-Ispri It’s a new sponsor to the channel. Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community
with over 20,000 classes in design, business, technology and more. The great thing about the Internet is
you can learn real useful skills without having to take
those mandatory college classes, and Skillshare is a great place to do that. Premium membership gives you
unlimited access to high-quality classes on just about everything, allowing you to acquire new skills
and unlock new opportunities in your life. I’m certainly going to recommend that,
if you are watching this video, you might want to check out
their “learning how to program” classes. If you want to get started in mobile development, or any kind of development,
Skillshare has lots of high-quality classes for you. Go to
The first 500 to use the link in the description will get their first two months
of Skillshare for free. Again that’s,
or click the link in the description. Do your future self a favour and start
learning those new skills today.

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