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PRFM Hair Restoration Testimonial

December 6, 2019

Hi, my name is Jenny, and I came to FACE to have the Selphyl PRP hair
restoration treatment done, and I did a series of three treatments, spaced six weeks apart. And the reason I came here to do this was over the course of several years I’ve had several pregnancies, and
I’ve nursed my babies. My last baby I nursed for
three and a half years. And I think my hormones just
completely got out of whack from all of the pregnancy and nursing, and I noticed a significant
amount of hair loss. There was no balding,
there was just hair loss, and so I did this treatment
to kind of get ahead of it, and just restore what I had lost. And what I loved about this was that it was using my body’s own material to inject it back into my
body, to promote the growth. So it’s all natural, and that’s kind of the way I try to live, and I’m also seeing great results now from doing this treatment. So I’m really happy that I did it.

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