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Plasmage Experience & Dermal Filler Sculpting for Men

February 14, 2020

Today it’s another takeover from Dr.
Kish will you just give me my damn channel back hi YouTube my name is Dr.
Kishan I’m one of the cosmetic doctors at the lovely clinic I’m here today with
Jay who’s an expert on anti-aging for men and you can follow him on his own
YouTube channel 20 years younger so we’re collaborating with Jay because
Jay is interested in some of the anti-aging treatments that we offer but
as ever I’m gonna start with his perspective and perhaps some of his
goals for treatment and we’ll work through a sort of a top-down strategy of
looking at his face and seeing we’re trying to identify areas that he might
want to improve so Jay how are you today I’m good how much time do you have
I was just gonna say well I’m gonna give you the iPad and perhaps if you okay if
you highlight for us what you are most focused on okay so here in here okay
just under my brows I have this skin which is kind of a bit saggy so it kind
of I don’t know the word is not hanging but it’s just kind of saggy and it kind
of makes me look a bit tired that’s the first thing the other thing is just
volume loss here and here mmm I’ve had a bit of filler a couple of years ago but
I’d quite like to you know have something there and the last thing you
can’t really see on this photo but it’s kind of around my neck it’s kind of like
the skin is slightly sagging as well just really slightly it’s probably only
me you can tell but these are the main things that I’m thinking about okay well
I think what I was going to say is you’ve got a really good facial
structure here and your the jaw the jaw line is really really sharp it’s very
it’s very defined and but there’s always in men I think there’s always room for a
little bit of improvement in the jaw line particularly and so I’m going to
highlight a few areas if you don’t mind and so I just noticed there’s a little
bit of mimic line here and across the forehead here there’s a little bit
of volume loss here and also around the temples now you can’t really see it very
much in the picture but just here there’s a little bit of
volume loss which would give more support to the brow and I think that
might even lift that area that you’re concerned about as well and you’ve got
really nice sort of cheek structure here but just a little bit more to make up
for what we lose with the natural passing of time here so that’s probably what I
would start with and then you’ve got quite a prominent chin but you’ve also
got the beginnings of what we call a labial mental crease what did you say? labial mental crease so okay the lip to the
chin between there there’s that line here and I think just if we can’t when
soften that okay that will give a bit of nice structure to your skin to your to
your cheek skin as well and I agree with you putting a little bit of volume in
this zone will help as well okay so we’ve done with the front on view why
don’t we have a look at the side on view okay here we go so again I’ll hand this
to you and perhaps if you point out anything else that you’ve found that
you’d like to improve it’s difficult because you don’t see this side on
but I would definitely say this here is kind of part of the filler I’d like some
filler here this comes area and the other thing I can see from this I can
see here as well this is exactly what I’m talking about just there where this
skin kind of hangs down here and the other thing I’ve just noticed here is
this I have this little scar here that was a ingrown hair yeah I had an ingrown
hair which I just removed but then I had this scar here so that doesn’t bother me
that much but if there’s anything you can do that would be great and then this
was the other thing I was talking about just here which is kind of a little bit
bit saggy hmm okay so if you notice but I mentioned to you in the last picture
about your temple and if you can see there but that’s sort of that there’s a
sort of a shadow and then a bit of change in the way the light let’s import
isn’t it weird import it’s also a little bit of flat a little bit depressed
compared to the two that nice smooth forehead so I think that will will again
help the brow area if we try some filler here I agree with you as a
he’s looked at in the last one but a little bit of filler here will help
restore the volume and here we can try a little bit of subcision so my submit
subcision I mean we put a needle underneath that scar and that will break
any fibrous attachments that the scar will have to the underlying tissues and
that will allow the scar to come up a little and we can even try a dropper
fill it in there to help smooth the surface out it’s not a it’s not a
permanent solution but it’s actually dealing with the root cause of the scar
being depressed okay so if we can release it that might help it
and here although I you know on the front of you’ve got a very strong
jawline I think if we can show up in that a little bit more with a little bit
of filler in this zone that could help and also like we mentioned a little bit
in the chin in the mental crease there that might just stretch out the tissues
here as well oh that would be good as yeah yeah and one of the other
treatments that we do at the lovely clinic is some fat dissolving injections
and they have a side effect but they also tighten the skin so reduce the side
effects a side effects it no sorry it’s the treatment is that it’s dissolves fat
okay with an injection but the side effect is that it tightens the skin so
that may be an option for you in treatment on that day we’ll just see how
much time we have what we can get through you might as well do as many
treatments as we can so I think that’s how I would do things lastly we’ve got a
picture with you smiling so let’s have a look at that and see if there’s anything
that bothers you about that picture there we are anything here that catches
your eye I see these kind of lines here but these are just natural on a they’re
just when you as you get older when you smile you do have this so you know it’s
better to have these smile lines rather than fine lines and guess you know it
means you’ve had a happier life and you’ve lost more so I don’t know a
healthier way of looking at things yeah never I don’t know I’ve never
really examined myself smiling that much before but looking at this photo my lip
has disappeared completely on the top along here which is a bit weird that’s
what I was going to mention to you so we’ve looked at all of the other areas
of sort of volume loss and you mentioned certainly
here and that it sort of in the lateral cheeks just here which we’re going to
sort of try and sort of soften for you but yeah your lip even went at rest its
and when we are sort of going to try to revolve eyes the rest of the face I
think the lips might be a little bit out of proportion if we don’t give some
volume there yeah so perhaps we we won’t give you a trout pout or or a duck lip
but but perhaps some really subtle sort of lip rejuvenation so my only question
would be that filler in lips doesn’t last as long as a fill it in the cheeks
so does that mean as the lips would dissolve quicker would that look a bit
strange that it would still exist here and here but it wouldn’t exist here so
does that mean it’s going to kind of my lips would look too small because you’re
doing this to kind of balance a face isn’t it that’d be my Oney to true so
that’s that’s one thing I mean what we’re going to do for your what we’re
scheduling in as much treatment as possible on that day and then as things
because what you’ll find is different fillers and in different parts of the
face will degrade quicker or slower over time you know then it will be up to you
to maintain the treatment yeah yeah as in when that’s the way I would do if I
were you okay okay and then the other thing I just noticed is as you said
there’s there’s a few more lines on this side compared to that side perhaps if we
try a little bit of Botox just here to soften that side a little bit I don’t
know if that’s something worth Botox terrifies me to be honest I’m not sure
about Botox whatever eyes you I’m terrified of looking like certain film
stars or newsreaders who are you know like this okay they just have no
expression and I know that’s the eyes and you talking about this but I don’t
want to lose the ability to look happy and that sure smiley so I don’t know how
strong it would be but so what I might suggest is if you if you agree to it
then perhaps we do a very very small amount of baby Botox or micro tox just
to perhaps even out what we’re seeing on that side so there’s a bit creating a
bit more balance you’d still be able to smile you’d still be able to show
expression but just so that we try to achieve a little bit of similar
– yes oh my nothing Botox is that like it diluted much much lower much lower
doses of Botox okay so nothing to freeze you nothing to
sort of probably no smiling yeah yeah that sounds okay so they worth a try
yeah and it’s temporary as well so if you don’t like it it will the effect
will be gone over in four to six months fantastic yeah so we’ve got a rough sort
of treatment plan do you have any other questions any concerns that you might
want to check in with me about I mean just the Plasmage it’s really just
the recovery time you said it’s about ten days so I’m really thinking about
okay ten days taking that time off work or you know trying to organize not to go
anywhere or you know how obvious is going to be and that’s my kind of fear
about that so the Internet’s literally full of these pictures of people’s eyes
after people have had treatment when blepharoplasty a so the plasma is where
we use a particular energy to vaporize islands of skin tissue that we get a
nice tightening of the upper eyelid now I was taught that it takes two weeks for
the tiny carbon crust that are formed to fallen off but in my experience no one’s
had carbon crust that have lasted longer than one week you do get very swollen
your skin does become very red but the redness you can hide the swelling we
usually give you a medication on the day to help bring the swelling down and the
carbon crusts there’s not much you can do about them but as I said they tend not
to last that long so they’re with you for maybe about seven to ten days on
average and then you can more or less walk around the street and yeah it’s
gonna be yeah okay and if you wanted you could use a little bit of cover up maybe
to take the redness out and the main thing is to stay out of the Sun so that
you don’t develop any pigmentation in the areas that’s been treated okay but I
would take off some time of work especially if you’re dealing with the
public and what you can do is you can just come back to work when the crusts
fall off okay yeah any other questions at all at the moment no okay great so
we’ve we’ve got a plan we’ve got a rough plan and why don’t we see what we did so
started off with John who wanted the most subtle and the most natural-looking
appearance and in fact we took quite slow baby steps with him
we started with Botox in the eyes and in the glabella complex as well so we’re
using very very small amounts of Botox I think we use less than 40 units on the
end to give the most subtle wrinkle reduction in these areas as you can see
I targeted the the muscles that contribute to those fine lines that
develop on smiling and on frowning then we used the towel light in the middle
corner of each eye to give us a little bit of a lift and a little bit more of
an awake look and here we use define from Restylane with about a quarter of a
syringe in each temple to give a more lifted and softer look to the brow as
you’ll see later on this also gives a bit of support to the eyebrow as well
and makes even the eyelids look a little bit more lifted as well we went onto the
eyelids next with a plasma treatment which vaporizers islands of tissue in
the upper lid and contributes to a tightening effect and also stimulates
collagen regrowth as well and you can see me just zapping the area and
vaporizing very very softly the upper eyelid and here we’re using Volux in
the jawline and we’re using almost a syringe
each side to create definition and contour to build that jawline appearance
and here we used ultra 3 from Juvederm we’re using tiny tiny amounts we’re
using less than a syringe so we use 0.05 mil in each lip quadrant to give the
most subtle subtle natural-looking effect which is what Jay wanted and we
used a cannula for this approach as well we’re back with Jay from 20 years
younger who had treatment with us one month ago and we’re back to find out his
thoughts and maybe your ideas about what went well for you yes so I’d say first
of all the temple area where I had to fill out this made the biggest
difference it kind of gave my face a healthier shape the jaw made a huge
difference as well just kind of making my jaw square and under the eyes
as well kind of got rid of some hollowness under there so they’re the
three biggest things that I’ve noticed and other people as well great okay so
you might have had some feedback from people that you know and because we
tried a few new things for you as well because we tried lip treatment we tried
temples which you liked and we even tried Botox for you as well and what do you
think about those new things that were so the thing is I was really this is the
first time I’ve had so many injectables in my face so I was very a bit hesitant
and I was a bit scared of having a you know crazy you know trap power or
something that looks really unnatural so I was stressing that I didn’t want to go
too far so the look that I have is very subtle so it’s not like anyone would
look at me anything oh well something’s different so the
lips the lip filler I had it was a 0.5 that’s right it was a really small
amount it was like 0.05 mil in each lip quadrant we did it with a cannula for
the for the most subtle softest effect yeah and I think even with that at the
time because of the swelling there’s a little bit like worried that it would be
too much as you can see it doesn’t look unnatural at all yeah especially now I
think we was saying before that you might even have a little bit more next
time yeah it was it was so subtle that you know it goes to show what a good
doctor you are because you knew exactly how much to put in and what it would
look like after the swelling’s they kind of could foresee what it would look like
so yet lips were really subtle the Botox again you didn’t use a normal dose
because again I was scared of looking a bit frozen or unnatural so it’s not a
huge difference when I smile I can definitely see they were less lines
around here but it’s what I wanted it’s kind of its mobile botox I think it’s
yes Micro tox yeah it’s not a full-on injection so baby stops for baby
steps basically yeah yeah it’s perfect faces yeah exactly
the other thing we trialed was plasmage which is a treatment to reduce
some of the redundant skin that we start to develop as we get older in the upper
eyelid so this particular treatment is called blepharoplasma hugely
popular because although there’s a little bit of downtime involved it
gradually tightens and creates collagen in that very delicate area around the
eyes and gradually gradually it leads to a much more awake look so I suppose when
you when we looked at your pictures before and after we saw a little bit
less lit show and your eyes looked a little bit more awake don’t if you
notice that so much now again it’s subtle and I think as it’s still working
and as it’s still lifting and the collagen is kind of growing I suppose
it’s something you would notice more more as time goes on so that was
uncomfortable I’ve gotta be honest and my eyes were completely swollen that
night and the night after and on the third day it kind of the swelling went
down but it was red and then you had the scabs so if someone wants to have this I
think you need to take I mean as a guy who’s you know because women can hide it
with makeup potentially as a guy if you’re gonna have plasma I’d say take a
week off work and then you can relax you don’t have to worry because I was
literally like going back to work on the Thursday and I was like oh my god is it
gonna be okay and we’re gonna have to take a day off work or wear sunglasses
or something so yeah that’s a week and then you can relax sensible advice why
don’t you tell us a little bit about any downtime you had any problems with
healing maybe after the treatment because we still had quite a lot in one
session it was a lot yeah I think with the
fillers depending on the area like with the jaw it didn’t swell up and tell the
third day which was a bit weird because I thought because everything else was
swollen on the first day so it took us about four days for everything to go
back to normal and my lips to feel normal because it kind of feels like
you’ve got something in your lips so I’d say four days but what the filler wasn’t
paying for that was just slightly uncomfortable especially when you’re
trying to sleep when you’re laying on the pill
but it wasn’t like you know the swing they had from the plasma okay
and I suppose going forward what do you think you’d like to focus on now like
it’s in this sort of journey because we didn’t finish everything that we wanted
to in that session that way yeah the original thing that when it was
to have the Aqualyx is it which is kind of fat dissolving under here so we
didn’t get time to do that but I’m still interested in having that and after
seeing what how natural this can look being done by yourself you know not some
random person on the high street I would be more happy to maybe have slightly
more lip filler hmm so yeah I’m open to two future
treatments as well yes so I was just going to say that Jays facial
proportions are such that he can take a little bit more volume on the lips and I
think it will look like it yeah exactly and I do think it will look quite
attractive and so this is one of those situations where we’re not trying to
prevent aging or turn back the clock 20 years in your 20 year 20 years younger
program and where rather we’re trying to enhance what features you already have
and making just a slightly more attractive version of yourself so that’s
certainly something we can look at when you come back one of the things that I
was going to suggest was that we try perhaps some high focused ultrasound in
that region or as well as the fat dissolving injections to tighten that
area of another because the other step beyond that is surgery and that’s quite
a big step to take most people would agree whereas with this it’s a it’s a
gentler sort of approach to tighten the jawline but I think if we look at the
angle of the jaw and also sort of the shape along its it’s a lot more defined
and that actually stretches out that little pocket of fat as well a little
bit these are all very subtle things that I think they’re in keeping with
what you wanted to yeah to stick to in the beginning because I have had
radiofrequency but I think you said that the what you’re talking about now that
was the end time yeah that skin tiny but this actually goes from underneath the
skin so it kind of lives everything got more than that so this time through high
focus sorry high intensity focused Ultrasound or
Ultracel or Ulthera target a fibrous tissue and anatomical
layer underneath the skin which gives a much more tightening effect much more
lifting effect and that’s something we can also look at in the clinic for you
yes sounds interesting okay guys thanks very much for watching we’ll be back in
two weeks time with more excellent patient treatment videos and check out
Jay’s YouTube channel twenty years younger and if you’ve got any questions
or comments for us and pop them downstairs in the comments box below and
for now we’ll say bye bye you

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