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Planning for People

December 6, 2019

The countryside is important for us all It’s where we grow our food and
experience the beauty of nature It’s both a workplace and a home for many people As the countryside and its social
fabric changes we need to make sure that any development that takes place is good
for rural communities and the environment But our green fields are too
often seen as a blank canvas waiting to be built on with the interest of local
communities local character and the environment ignored It doesn’t have to be this way The planning system should enable us to shape how our land develops and make sure it’s used in everyone’s best interests
while protecting thegreen spaces we cherish It should balance competing demands for the use of
land, encourage the good development that helps communities thrive while
protecting the environment and restrict the bad development that doesn’t But the current system is failing and our planning rules are full of pitfalls and loopholes that undermine these important goals National policy too often
encourages developers to build profit rather than what people need The Government’s target driven approach to house building means councils don’t always have the ability to resist development they know will cause harm When bad development decisions
are forced on local communities it can have devastating consequences from reductions in affordable housing
and community infrastructure to lost green spaces and missed opportunities to redevelop derelict land The government should tighten up its policies to make sure community and environmental interest come first Planning empowers local people to create
a vision for where they live and to work with their council to create a plan for housing, services and infrastructure while protecting our green space but councils and communities need to
know that the government will back them to only approve development that
fulfills this plan Government policy who must change
to make this a reality A better planning system would deliver
the best development possible to meet the needs of people, places
and the environment We want a system that is accessible, accountable to local people and promotes sustainable use of our land Then, we’ll have thriving places that work for all of us and a countryside to enjoy

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  • Reply Ann Rapnik May 9, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Oh how true that video is, BUT the Government inspectors frequently overturn Planning Applications which have been refused by District Councils, so I cannot see how Government is likely to change planning laws to stop building on green and agricultural land.

  • Reply Andrew Carey May 13, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    "It's where we grow our food" – No, well at least largely no. A lot of the countryside is used to grow other people's food ( we're still a decent exporter ) and much of the rest is woodland, NNRs, SSSIs, Stately Homes and other areas that don't grow food."It's where we experience the beauty of nature" – Definitely no. Hardly any of it is natural. Most of it is industrial, agriculture being an industry after all. And thus, within one sentence , the CPRE have largely contradicted themselves.

  • Reply Richard the sceptic July 13, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    Indeed and developers regularly renege on their original commitments to build "affordable" homes while the frackers get a green light from HMG. We should all have a reasonable influence on planning, instead profit trumps the environment so our invaluable green spaces are built on and we still don't get really affordable homes.

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