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Planning A Trip To The Old Folks’ Home

February 5, 2020

Hey guys! This episode is a little bit different. We’ve always wondered what it was like to visit an old folks’ home. I’ve been to old folks’ home separately in my life. In secondary school, – and then in Poly.
– Right. This would be the first time out of school. Right. We’re really excited ’cause today, the entire MOSG team and the office, we’re all gonna go. We wanted to find out what it was like and want to really spread some joy if we can. And then, we managed to invite one of our long time partners and clients, Grab, to join us ’cause everything we were gonna need. We need transport, we need food, We were all gonna Grab anyway so we asked them if they wanted to support us and then, they’re like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” So we’re gonna do this together with Grab. We’re very excited! Thank you Grab for joining us on this. So they said we could do stuff like Bingo. We can talk to them, have conversations with them. Karaoke, for example. Like lame ah. Quite basic ah. What else ah? Oh! Calligraphy! Calligraphy! I don’t know. You can do ah? Then who teach? I think we should do Lion Dance. But, it’s Chinese New Year so it’s very, very expensive. Okay, okay, okay! Maybe we can do Bingo. Matthew here has volunteered himself to be an emcee so the bar is very low. We realised that there’s no one good person in the office that can properly speak Chinese. So Matthew! Let’s hear you say that! In Mandarin? In Mandarin, obviously. English then need meh? Hi everyone! I’ve brought some friends here today to celebrate CNY together. We’ve brought along some delicious snacks. Hope everyone will love it! Officially appointed. Thank you, thank you. Well done, well done, well done! My concern is that when we walk in right, all of us will be damn awkward. And then we will get the pity clap when we walk in. If not, then we really need to hype up ah. We need to prep music. Yeah. Have you checked on food? What are the dietary requirements? Yeah! Okay, okay, okay, okay. Maybe I’ll call Grab. So, the good news is… Okay, no, no, no, no. So Grab… So our partners at Grab, they are onz to support this event. So thank you very much for that! Ayy Hazel, what are you doing now? Ohh yeah. I’m gonna be booking a GrabCoach to the nursing home. What time ah? What time? What time?? What time should I book? Okay, so today is the day that we’re going to the old folks’ home. The team actually scrambled to bake something yesterday ’cause they felt like we got one-hour session then like not enough. Matthew, which is the very solid emcee that we have, he’s like a professional baker. So he decided to teach them all how to bake so that they can, you know, control the sweetness of whatever they’re gonna bake. I think… What did y’all make ah? Pineapple tarts. I think they started a bit late ’cause they had a lot of pre-planning to do. So they only made one carton. Ahhh one box! So that’s that! But it’s the thought that counts, I’m very proud of them. Good morning! Auntie’s 54 already! Cannot tell what! Cannot tell! I thought 40 only eh! I also said she looks 40 years old. Wah! Y’all above 25? I’m 18 years old only eh! It was really heartwarming to watch the old folks just laugh. They were all very chatty, so it was very easy to talk to them. I think they talked to us more than we talked to them, to be honest. Thank you! From 4 to 4:30, we already wake up and shower. So early? Yeah! When I was serving NS for 2 years, the experience was very fulfilling. Hi everybody! Hello! Hope you guys are well too! We are good! So firstly, we will be starting with the Lou Hei. Okay, first one, we’ll put in the fish! It symbolises, “Nian Nian You Yu”
(Abundance every year) Huat ah! HUAT AH! Green radish. Yeah, I support you! Yeah! Yeaahhh! Huat ah! HUAT AH! HUAAAT AHHHH! HUAT AHH! Huat ah! Huat ahhh! Prosper! So in the midst of eating right, try to look after the folks okay? So actually right, in my head I prepared all the things that I’m gonna say there. But sialah, when I reached there, everything didn’t come out eh. But okay lah, I think I did not that bad. Everyone had fun. Thank you! Welcome! Last time, my mum fed me chilli padi – ’cause I’m very naughty.
– You ah? Naughty ah? You very naughty ah? You cry ah? Ahh! Outside. Like you really cry ah? Ahh, cry. My daughter ah! Very easy to cry one. Do y’all beat your children? When they were younger. Ha?! My mother beat me like nothing eh! When they were young ah. Ya lah, ya lah, of course lah. Old already, how to beat. They beat you back. ♪ Stand By Me – Ben E. King ♪ ♪ 爱拼才会赢 by 叶启田 ♪ Huat ah! Say bye-bye to the camera! Thank you for accompanying us this Chinese New Year! Thank you for seeing us again! All the best to y’all! Thank you ah! – Bye bye ah!
– Thank you! I’m so glad we managed to put this whole thing together in under a week. Everything is so fast and easy these days and that really helped with the planning process. But I realised that if we distil these traditions, and traditions are important, what really matters is the physical time we spend with them. And I think they had a lot of fun and so did we. A lot of these main traditions hasn’t drastically changed but I think the way that we do things have changed like, going visiting. It used to be all of us squeezing into cars. But now, we can just Grab So like today, we managed to call a GrabCoach that managed to fit all of us as a company. And the great thing about the new digital age is that you can just order food online now. Thanks to GrabFood, now you can just order from your phone and then it just appears. Hashy, you got some thoughts? I think the trip was very fruitful. It was really, really nice to spend time with the old folks. They were so energetic Yeahh! – They were like clapping and stuff.
– I did not expect it at all. And they were very supportive – of each other.
– Yeahhh! They were like hyping each other! I always wondered how much effort it took or how much prep required right, if let’s say, you and three friends that don’t celebrate Chinese New Year will like to volunteer your time at home and make peoples day, whether it’s the older folks or whether it’s children. So I’m very, very glad that we got to do this. A lot of things that we wanted to do right, we decided not to do because the conversations were just too fun and they look like they’re having fun. When we wanted to do Bingo, they had a whole Bingo set for us. So we didn’t need to prep much, to be honest. And I’m so glad that when we asked our partners like Grab, whether they would like to support us in terms of some of the services, they’re like, “Hell yeah, let’s do it.” Because of that, I wanna let you guys know that they have this zodiac coin hunt going on. For every transaction, you get a coin. Every transaction you make on Grab, you get this zodiac coin. I’m damn close already. But I wanna tell y’all that at some point right, they stop giving you unique coins, so you have to do more than 12 transactions. But it’s like that one. I wish you good luck! I hope I win before you! Thank you very much for joining us on this episode guys! Bye bye!

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    This was so touching man, hope I find a company to work with and have such joy as GRVTY media!

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    I love this! Such wholesome content. Also, it's nice to change things up a bit here and there sometimes too with what ya'll put up on YouTube. This can help spread more positivity to your viewers as well hehe!

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    i remembered visiting this old folks home when i was in secondary 3/4 😢 one of the grandma cried when we tried talking to her :((

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    what a heartwarming video, good job on this one millenials of singapore ❤

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