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Overcome Time Management Issues For Ecommerce & Amazon FBA Businesses

September 12, 2019

hello James Greaney here from and in today’s video and won’t be explaining about time
management there’s gonna be a very different time management video and
other videos that are already on YouTube or even other videos that I’ve created
about time management in the past because mainly in the past when I was
speaking about time management it was kind of tips and strategies that I was
given whereas in this video I’m speaking about natural time management
dilemma that I’m having at the moment and I’m sure that you will be able to
get some takeaways you will be able to relate it to what you’re doing at this
moment whether you’re building a business on Amazon or you’re just
building a general ecommerce business online you’ll be able to get takeaways
from my dilemma and be able to hopefully learn from it so that you will be able
to make better decisions when it comes to time management now and in the future okay so my aim with time management and
how I manage my time is to get the things that I need to get done in order
to achieve the things that I want to achieve in the long term so it’s
managing my short-term time so that I can achieve my long-term goals and the
first thing that you need to do in order to pull this off if this is the same
thing for you is you need to create long term goals and then work backwards so
that you can work out what you should be spending your time on each and every day
in order to achieve these long-term goals and a good long-term goal to set
is a five-year goal this is what I have found from sent lots of different goals
in the past I think 10 and 20 year goals are great but they take a lot of
determination a lot of long-term thinking in order to think of these
goals and the reason that I find a five-year goal the best term is because
it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to think up you know off a five year goal
whereas a 10 a 20 year goal this is a long time that you’re dedicating to this
goal and again this can be a really big goal if you’re setting a 10 20 year goal
you know you can build anathan whatever type of business it is you’re trying to
build or whatever you want to achieve in your own life in a 10 or 20 year period
whereas a 5 year period is more refined period so it’s gonna take you a lot less
time to actually think of what you want this goal to be and to actually get to
work on this goal whereas if you are thinking 10 and 20 years and you haven’t
really you know hit any milestone yet that you really want to hit on the path
to this goal it’s gonna take you a long time to think about so just put
something down and that’s the real important part about setting the goal is
that you do write it down this is something that I felt like a bit of an
auntie doom when I first started doing it was writing down goals that’s
extremely important and again this is for a few different reasons but the main
reason is that you are going to get sidetracked along the way to your goal
you know something’s gonna come along this corner sidetrack you if you don’t
have it written down then you’re not going to be reminded that you actually
set this goal having this reminder and view us as often as possible is a
great way to keep it in the front of your mind and let yourself know that
this is a goal that you’ve said this is something that you want to hold yourself
to achieve and and I have found this extremely good since I’ve started doing
it is write down my goals as I set them and again because I don’t want to come
across as I’m preaching in this video because I’m really not you know there’s
no one person that’s just perfect at time management or even setting goals
you know I’ve set so many goals in the past that I haven’t hit but I do have
more of a chance of hitting them when I write them down when they are more
refined and in a shorter period of time whereas the ones that I have set in the
past that I’ve been you know lay out for a long long time ahead you know I’m
nowhere near even achieving them yet because they’re so far down the line
that I haven’t even got to work on achieving them that’s why I’m saying
refine your goals and set in a five-year goal is a great way to do this and then
I set goals for the different aspects in my life so that’s my personal life my
health and my wealth and then my business these are the four sections and
again I have a video that goes in to all detail giving you tips on how to do this
and I will leave that video below but that’s not what this video is about this
video is to let you know about the different struggles that you’re going to
have with time management things that I have struggled with and how I plan to
overcome them in the future it’s crazy that things the small little things that
hold you back from doing big things I remember when I first started actually
setting goals I wasn’t to write them down at all and the thing that was
holding me back was you know what if someone finds my goals and you know
they’d laugh at them if they read these and they’d see you know this guy wants
to do this I was like they would laugh at them so that’s what stopped me from
actually writing down my goals was the thought of someone laughs and I had my
goals when they see them that’s just stupid because the way to look at it is
if someone is small that they are going to laugh at you because you are able to
dream big and you want to achieve big things then that is a fault with them
and not with you if someone comes to me with big dreams I actually really like
this person I think you know it’s a great thing to have is to have a big
dream to want to achieve big things Pierre just someone who wants to have a
day-to-day job you want to have this set income you want to just do what you’re
doing at the moment for the rest of your life and it’s not really thinking big
it’s not having a big dream and the people that I want to spend time with
are the people that actually have big dreams and that have plans in place to
achieve those big dreams of course it’s not good just having a big dream and do
nothing about it but the people that actually have big dreams know who are
working each and every day towards achievement these are the people that I
want to spend as much time with as possible so that’s enough about
goal-setting now it’s time to jump in with what I’m struggling with with time
management so that you can see if you have the same struggles in your
day-to-day life or your business and you can see my plan for overcoming them so
that you can maybe implement some of what I plan to implement so once you set up at your goals and
that’s why you want to achieve then it’s time to get out
step on the working and achieving these goals but that is where I have been
runnin into some trouble lately because I have different goals set up five goals
for now goals that I want to get in the immediate future and of goals for like
the different sections of my life so different goals for business difficult
for wealth difficult for my own personal health and on a lot of these goals
I’ve been slippin lately just because what keeps happening is I’m getting
pulled in different directions different areas that are just taking a lot longer
taken up a lot more of my time then I would like them to be taken off whereas
you know I have to go to the place I know what it is that I want to achieve
but I’m just struggling to find the time to dedicate to these different areas
just at this given time and again up till now I’ve been pretty good with time
management or obtuse would say this year I’d be pretty good with time management
it’s been something that I’ve really improved about sensing leaving my job
because that is one thing you have to be efficient with when you’re just working
for yourself you have to know what it is that you’re spending your time on that
it’s having the ROI that you want it to have that is something that I have done
well at you know until kind of this year and
just a lot of other things have came into play and just talked a lot more
time than I expected them to take so for example were meant to be moving into a
new house this week so that’s taken up a lot of my time and I just it’s time that
I could do with you know dedicate to other areas if I had it like just find
the time to go to the gym lately has been something that I haven’t been doing
and it’s something that I really want to get back into my life get back into this
routine after just getting it done because again I know it’s an excuse when
you say I’m not finding the time to do it that just means that you’re not
holding us as important enough and you know with my business I’m spending a lot
of time on this at the moment as well as with this internet busy only channel
with this channel I have just updated and the unique ly belabor course and I
spent an awful lot of time there doing that and I thought that was the bulk of
the work for that out of the way because I’ve just updated it I put the course
back on for sale but what happened was as soon as I put it back on for sale
people started buying it which of course is a great thing but this has then this
week gone into a lot more of my time because the people have signed up they
get a free call with me and I’ll answer then have booked that call for this week
which is fair enough you know that’s that’s part of the deal
that’s what you get when you’re signed up for the course and that is something
that I am really committed to because the whole reason for doing the course
was getting to know sellers on a closer basis because this is the reason that I
want to do this is to get to know all the business people
that are in the same line of business as me and it’s up for now it’s four in five
years time in five years time where you know one of our businesses just may
cross with the other person’s business or I may decide to go into a business
with the other person go into a partnership just an amount of things you
know the amount of opportunities that mold was but it only comes out when you
kind of get to know them on a closed basis and that’s why all often the
culture calls because that is what gets done you know that’s what gets you to
get to meet that farm a lot closer basis and get to know them and then get to
know you so I really like doing that part of it but it does take a lot of
time and a lot more time then you would kind of just account for force but that
is something that I am committed to and that is something but I will continue to
do but the problem with the course is all of the other little bits you know
it’s just people coming in and just asking a load of different questions
I’ll spend the time to respond to me to these questions by email so it’s not
just the protocol that takes my time with this it’s also all of the other
questions that you get with members and that’s why I do limit the number of
members and even last night I just closed out of the course
completely I’ve only it opened two days but I just said enough is enough I’m
gonna close it out until I get through these coaching calls with the people
that are in it because that’s the thing that’s why I don’t actually brand myself
as I don’t like that kind of term I just
don’t don’t see myself warm this as that I see myself as a seller who has some
knowledge about selling products online selling products on Amazon and I can
help others to do better by helping others to do that I build a relationship
with them that’s the practice that I want out of us it’s not to make as much
money as possible with the course that was the case I would never close it if
that was the case I would charge a lot more for us and that was the option that
I had with this who was due I closed down the course for now until I get
through these calls or do I just put up the price but that isn’t what I wanted
because I’ve you know I don’t like that whole model I don’t like people who go
out charging a thousand dollars thousand pound and even some courses you know
that teach others RFP as much as four thousand dollars but I just don’t want
to be that that’s where their money is being made on these courses and that’s
not what I want to be that’s not what I want to set up this for I wanted to set
it up to actually get to know the people who joined the course and build a good
relationship with them and you know of course I want to be compensated for my
time spend a lot of time doing the college cause I’m putting the whole
course together it took me months but the whole chorus together so of course I
want to be compensated but I don’t want to be someone who’s charged and you know
thousands for access to the course and only getting in a few members because
that would limit the amount of members I’d have a lot less work to do because
it wouldn’t get half the amount of members as you do when you price and low
but I want to price it role for the reason that I want to build good
relationship with the people in the course it’s not just a once-off that I
just want to make as much money as possible and you know who live on that
that’s not what I’m in applause so yeah that was the decision that I came to
last night after only having it open for two days I just decided to go to town so
if you go over to the unique rhymin Labor course at the moment
see that it’s enclosed and I won’t open that again until I have these few calls
done with the members who want them and answer all the questions that I received
from members who have just joined the course but as soon as I have that
questions answered and the calls don’t then I will open it again but it’s just
draining a lot of my time at the moment which I don’t have because I need it for
all of the other things that I’m currently working on and on with the
other goals that I’m currently working towards achievement so yeah as you see
by this video it’s a very different video to the usual videos or teach you
kind of strategies about time management it’s more going into an actual issue
that I face at the moment and I just thought giving you this issue you might
be able to relate it to a time management issue that you’re having at
the moment and just see the way that I can kind of dissect over the way that
I’m dissecting us and trying to just make it work this is how I make it work
for me and you know maybe you can get something out of us that can help you
make it work for you if you look the same kind of dilemma at this time but I
seen it as only having two options because again I didn’t want to get rid
of the coach card this is what I do like I like doing the one-on-one calls
because I don’t do other real call to numbers don’t want to brand myself
who joins in the course they do get this call and is something that I committed
to do so yeah just Cena as are the two options and either put up the price
which again I don’t want to be or just simply shut it down until I do have more
time available to dedicate to it because it’s extremely poor to me to dedicate
all the time aspects to this because it’s something that again that I’m build
up for the future building relationships for the future with this that’s what I
said a lot to do so that’s the goal with it and that’s what I’m going to continue
to do and if I do have to slow it down in the process and not make as much
money as I possibly can out of us then that’s okay with me but it’s being able
to have a goal in place that you know what it is you’re in it to achieve that
you’re not just you know just chasing different things all the time because
then you’ve kind of nothing tells you where you should divide your time if you
don’t know really what your goal is with it and it makes time management a lot
harder when you don’t have this set goal in place but what I’m gonna do because
you might be someone who is looking for more of a strategy more of a tip session
on time management I did shoot a video on it last year you know when I was at a
stage when I was controlling us a lot better than I am at the moment so I
linked up that video below here and you can check it out it will give you a lot
of tips that you can take away of strategies that you can use to manage
your time better if you’re running the e-commerce our online business or
selling products on Amazon and this video will definitely help you out and I
linked up below this video in the comments so that you can jump out and
check it out so I had to go to and drive to the other side of town but I’m at
traffic light at the moment so I said I’d just shoot this quick ending to the
video and it’s that I hope that you get the takeaways from this video that it’s
always something that you can do in regards to your time management and
don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself you can always put things on
hold just like I have done with the unique private label course you can do
the same thing whether it’s a product you’re selling whether you’re setting up
your own website whether you’re trying to launch on to Amber
you can put things on hold you’re in full control over your time and don’t
ever think that you’re not you get to control you know what you spend your
time on and if it’s something that you simply don’t have the time for at this
time that you would like to be able to dedicate fully to whatever it is you
want to commit to but you don’t have the time to do it then simply put it on hold
until you do have the time to dedicate to it hope that you have enjoyed this
video that you’ve got some takeaways from us and I look forward to speaking
to you on the next one make sure to click Subscribe if you haven’t already
subscribed to the YouTube channel speak soon bye you

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    James, I just want to thank you for all you do, I wish your course was open when I wanted it so I had no choice but purchasing it elsewhere. And you can only limit coaching session to 30 min as a one off thing , many do it that way and yes your reasons maybe different for doing this, it is hard to manage all with only 2 hands and 24 hours in a day.

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