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OTC12 – Soft Skills 101

September 7, 2019

My name is sandy Jones. I’m familiar with ever green. It is beautiful. I would like to welcome all of you and thank you for coming. I would advertise but if somebody got bumped they would bump me. We had developed several courses on line and some to retain students. Our networking is on line. 50 percent of our program is on line to help students that wouldn’t be able to attend courses. Have any of you been in the P I T T S B U R G H area? They are doing construction. Who can come at 5:00 o’clock. At that time I was working in Oakland for social services. I would jump on B A R T and have to fly to get to class by 5. We were having low enrollment so that was starting the on line. Okay maybe one class and then maybe another class. We need to go more, on line and save gas and time and get more students involved. You would be amazed how you could teach soft skills and encompass the personal side and social communication and also self management behaviors. The courses that I teach are specific to a degree now. Just two years ago we had classes — I was working with my dean. I’m not into titles. Tell me what I need to do. Bottom line nobody took it on or they would shut us down. They said they need to develop programs. Now I have 3 programs. You get the serious students that want to attend. They don’t need extra credit. They really want to learn. Early in the semester I have them create a resume. You try to teach them office 2010 which we had for the last two years. Get good at it. Some of our classes are nine and a half weeks. At the end they know software and you never know when that magic moment will come. They will say do you have a resume and you can whip out your flash drive and print it out. On white board. Our textbook one of the activities is to create a RESUME as a hands on activity. You might consider that for the classes you teach as well. We’re going to stop and go around and ask what types of classes do you teach at your college? Speakers: Inaudible. SPEAKER: All of these have them develop their resume. These are action verbs I handout to my students on line. I will be happy to share these with you. It is being recorded. I’ll be happy to help you with this too. I give them action verbs and give them adverbs to W O W their readers. I N N O V A T I V E is a buzz word so put that in there. Practice developing work place skills. What skills they have now and way to improve their strengths and weaknesses. Mine is I talk too fast. I’m so excited. I love teaching. I need to slow down sometimes. I’m still working on it after 20 years. Still trying. I need to stake They need to take action to improve skills now. What employers are looking for, after sitting with advisor ors they need basic skills — on white board. Are they self motivated? Some might show up to work late or call in six. sick. They aren’t dependable. Many of them have lost their jobs or were on warning and it is sad because these jobs are ones I referred them to. When you go out there you are representing our college and me. You don’t have to get married but everyone has to get a group project done. As an example at cal state east bay same thing. We have to get this project done. I want an A. You have to take the leadership role. They won’t have their part done. Many employers are looking for high expectations in this day in this economy. On white board. Many of these are on line. Be able to locate information. On white board. Have basic computer knowledge. I am doing trainings. Some of my office training I do corporate training on the side. Some companies are on 2003, but 10 is out and 12 will be out next. You want to stay ahead of the game. Demonstrate simple math skills that are required without the calculator. Students can sharpen their skills by using reference books. On white board. When they bring up Microsoft word, have them use spell checker and other resources as well. You might have your students read on line technology magazines and E books. Practice spelling. I don’t expect abbreviations. I don’t believe in L O L and that kind of stuff. On white board. There is a library assignment I give my students. It is 12 pages long. It is on line resources. They don’t have to go to the library. They can look at line for data bases. I’m teaching them because once they go to a four year college they will see upper division English again. I never grade in red. Purple is my color. When we go to upper division English they are expecting a lot more. You are getting it here and will see it again down the road. These are on line resources that people expect you to know and use. That is a handout that I can share with you. I can e-mail that to you. Copy the information and change it to your school. It is a good resource to have. It teaches them about on line data bases through the library. Successful employees are self confident and believe in themselves. They can work well with other people as well. A lot of time you find your students will be self mowty /SRAEUTed. M O T I V A T E D. Whatever you get you earned. Don’t come in my class at 8: 45 when it started at 8: 30. I have to work. My answer is I have 3 kids and a husband. When I leave here I’m on line at 4. For on line class — anybody teach on line class? I post my work on Monday. It activates on Monday at 1 in the morning until Saturday. Six days is enough for them to get their work submitted. It’s a hands on project and a weekly test. Not bad at all. SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: When they take responsibility for their actions they are on time and ready to work. They aren’t running in five minutes late. They are honest and are willing to learn from their experience. Questions posed — on white board. Instead of being negative you can change it into positive. Maybe with some changes or suggestions they will change the department or add value to it. On white board. I teach them negotiating skills. They probably worked at a Mc Donalds. My first job was at P E N N Y S. Don’t settle. Negotiate. Learn how to not just with salary but other things like cars. As an example when I buy a car I will be at the dealer for 8 hours. My husband says let’s go. I say no this is what I want and this is how much money. We just need to find the right person to help me. Until I Teach them skills. Instead of 8. 75 an hour ask for 10 dollars an hour. Some of my students are getting 10 dollars with the county. They have taken a class and are worth something. We can go higher from there. Other questions I ask do you prefer working alone or with others. In reality people have to work with other people. It is not here is your job. It is part of life and you have to deal with it. How many Students — how many refuse to work in groups. It is like pulling teeth? What is the end result at the end of the semester? SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: Right. You get e-mails. Can you switch me? Can I be with my friends and things like that. Some of the responses were that they didn’t like the group they were in or maybe they wanted to be switched. How many had problems dealing with other people? These are be personal, family, neighbors? Just simple questions that might come up during an interview. In I T field it is 24 by 7 job. Christmas used to be the day after Christmas. It is a work situation. Data center don’t shut down. People call in sick. It is an opportunity. It is not a bad thing. I would never turn down over time because there was an abundance of that back in the day. Hiring managers at E bay — on white board. One of my managers works for E bay. They might have an A plus certification and bachelors degree but if they aren’t able to answer simple question — on white board, they won’t hire them. Second one is — on white board. He expects somebody to give them an answer. What would you say for the first one? How would you find out that information? SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: She said she would research and get back to him with that information. Yes. Cool. How would you answer the question how many man hole covers are there in San Francisco? What would you tell E bay if you wanted to go for this job. ? Don’t just answer the question and say I’ll Google it. He won’t hire you. He might consider it if you say I’ll research it. Think intuitively before you answer the question. I’ll check with the public works department and let you know. At least give him a hint of where you would start searching for that information. City directory would work too. Question two. I know a church organization that has free meals and job placement and child care to help people reenter the work force. Every city has some resource. Our church we have a program where they feed and give groceries out to people in need. Those types of questions in this day and age it is what employers are asking for. This is fresh for E bay right down the street. Other possible questions. On white board. When you plug these in you find the drivers. Some students that are excited are on Google. There is no answer for that one. Avenue Another question — on white board. Anyone that has taken computer classes should know peer to peer is open where service based is locked down. It is testing their ability. Question on white board. For my Kaiser — they ask interns. There are H I P P A laws and there are strict penalties for people who abuse that. I used to work for M E R V Y N S in the credit office. There are laws. There is so much out there that we take for granted. Advice from the experts. On white board. Don’t go in saying that people who don’t incorporate technology in every day lives they work and go home and that is it and they don’t continue their educational journey. That is not what they want to here to get a job with Microsoft. On white board. Only bring to light what you have. Continue on that. He isn’t looking for people that over sell themselves. Do you fit in the company? These are things you can suggest to your students. On white board. H P want you to prove you have the technical skills — on white board. These are very specific questions that they will ask people during the interview. With that in mind — no sound. There are two problems I have here. Who would like to do this one? Don’t be shy. I have a puzzle here. I’m going to break it apart the small one and I give students five minutes to figure out how to put it back together. I have this one. This is usually two or 3 people. The small ones you can get at the dollar store. They have to really think. They have a time limit. It is a way to see if they are compatible and can work together. There is always one that wants to take the lead. SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: We had two puzzles that the ladies are putting together. They SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: Need help? SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: Grace is in the lead. She has the last two pieces. She is coming along there. She is getting warm. Come on. SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: Now they think it’s the puzzle not user error. SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: Frustration. Now she’s asking for wine to calm her. Pressure is on. Singing. SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: Team building skills. Anybody use any type of tools like this in their groups in a hybrid class where they have to come in and meet face-to-face? Nobody? SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: You can do it. Y A Y. This is for you. Team building. Ready for a hint? In that there are letters like A B C D E and just go straight around. It is letter driven. SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: She suggested that they had a paper airplane they did to see which flew the fastest and farthest and that is what she uses. Great job. The teaching tools — on white board. It doesn’t have to be computer classes. It can be business classes. Any of the ones you suggested already. Develop the help desk if money is no object. You On white board. I never considered this class extra credit. Extra credit they do it and submit it. With enrichment projects they have to present their findings. They are enriching the audience. They can create tables in word. I want to see anything other than pie charts and bar charts. We see enough of that in meetings. I want them to do excel and I want them to be familiar with on line resources available. They must present their findings. I had a few business instructors here right? One of the things I teach them is about A M A T I Z A O R I T I Z A T I O N. They go out to the website to any bank or credit union and find out what the rates are and plug it in. It comes up how much that monthly payment is. Is it doable? Of course it isn’t. It changes instantly. Once I have them buy the car, go and pull up mortgage and pull it up. Maybe I can afford a house. Where I live there are foreclosures. A student of mine who was a grocery clerk bought a house. Got four of his buddies to rent a room and his mortgage is covered. He was making 18 dollars an hour. It is doable. You teach these kids with the skills you have and know practical hands on experience. When they buy a house, you get A M O R T I Z A T I O N. Teach them now. I can’t afford the play stations that people are accustomed to. Suggest field trips. Where we are in the east bay it is 2 hours to San Jose. I gave them enrichment points. 25 points if they came. — 22 rooms of tech nology — off 101. Is goes up to social media. I’m taking my students to the crime lab. Gentleman who belongs to my advice or board here, I can put a name with a face. We developed I T. He can offering students tours of his lab. Intern hips ships are paid that I try to get my students. July 6 if you want it come and hang out e-mail me. I’m taking my students down here any way if you would like to attend. Anyone live here? Come join us. Relating a business. On white board. There is a help desk that opens in my area. They service T mobile but P E A R S O N the publisher. One of their help desks is local here. Every semester they call and say I need students. Last year they hired 49. 14 dollars an hour. The criteria was they took one class. No degree. People wanted to work 5 to 1 they could. February they fired 31 more of my students. We partner with them. These are what programs we are offering. Can you lend a hand and help out a student? It can be an internship. If somebody asks you to come for free, work for free. I used to work in Oakland and five people could come. If five people came we ate good. I had a little pot of money for them. If ten came, we went to Mc Donalds. At the time we were upgrading 500 desk tops. It was good experience for students. B A R T was 7 dollars. Most of the students that came got permanent jobs. Those are a few of our success stories. Teaching tools. You can assign a 7 page paper or longer. How many do that right now? Have them right in M L A style. On white board. Newspaper — there are tons of articles out there. Back in the day we had to go to the library and request it. They can do it on line now. Simplify your grading. On white board. Does anybody use that right now? Isn’t it great? It is an on line data base. We pay for a license. It is licensed for one instructor me and I can submit as many papers about 150 to 200 a semester. It is a license. It gives me feed back. If somebody plagiarized or cut and pasted, it comes back. It is a huge data base. It will say where the work was plagiarized from. I give them a 10 percent leeway. I This semester I had a student that had 48 percent. I’m not teaching them computers but English and basic writing skills as well. This stuff you will see again at 4 year universities. That is worth looking into. There are different site licenses you can purchase by instructor, department or campus wide. I know with the budget maybe you can come up with some money and use it at the college as a whole. It would be cheaper. On white board. If I picked up grace for instance and saw they wrote a research paper ask there were issues it shows where she got her information from. I recommend this book. On white board. It is a book I adopted for a couple of my classes. I see 50 percent of what I teach is soft skills. That is what employers need. No matter what conference they say students don’t have the soft skills required. This is a great book. She is down to earth and has industry experience. She makes it easy to read. That is what I like and the students like as well. You can make short answer essay questions in your test or mid term or final. It is a small paper back. We are going back to the slide. On white board. SPEAKER: Inaudible. SPEAKER: Feel free to contact me. It is on the last slide. I don’t give out my college e-mail because they give me a small amount of space. On white board. If you have questions feel free to e-mail me and I’ll help you out. Thank youfor attending.

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