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Optimum Trolling Efficiency for Salmon with Cannon Downriggers

January 15, 2020

For me, becoming a captain in the
Great Lakes was a lifelong dream. Fishing is a way of life, and becoming a
captain gave me the ability to spend more time on the water. Every day is different. There’s wind, waves, fog, swells, it will kill you if you’re not careful.
I’ve got to cut down the unproductive waters to maximize my chances. Being able to use the tools, the data that
I’m looking up, not just morning it’s at night. I’m studying maps, studying currents,
watching lake temperatures, and knowing fish movements.When your plan
and preparation, and everything you’ve worked hard for comes
together and you land on that pod of fish – that at the end of the
day, that’s truly what it’s all about. *music* The more connected my gear is the more
efficient I am at finding fish and being efficient is everything. Once I find the
fish I have to make the right presentation and nothing does it better
than it downrigger all these years. The Cannon ball goes down to whatever depth
I tell it to and keeps my bait in the strike zone the whole time. The new Optimum downriggers bring a whole new element of technology where there hasn’t
been innovation for years. They connected with my Humminbird fish finders, my
mobile device, displaying all my data with the One-Boat Network it starts
talking to each other wirelessly to help find, stay on, and land more fish. *music* The Optimums being wirelessly connected
to my FishHawk gives me the ability not to have to walk to the front of the boat
having my data here knowing where the fish are, knowing what the depths are,
knowing what the speed is, now my first mate and I have critical data the exact
depths and speed along with water temperature at depth. Without using the technology and all the
tools that I have, finding fish in such a huge body of water would be next to
impossible. You know, I work hard every day. This is my life. This is what I do
and my rewards at the end of the day isn’t the paycheck it’s the smiles
on the faces of kids, grandparents, mom and dads taking their
kids on the first fishing trip, seeing those smiles when that fish hits
the deck, that’s my reward.

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