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One Day One Duke: Quentin – Nicholas School of the Environment

December 3, 2019

(upbeat music) – Quentin, take one, come in slate. – The impact I wanna have is
to increase renewable energy, displacing traditional
coal, and oil and gas, with renewable energy
such as solar and wind, expanding the role of renewable
energy in our lives today. If it wasn’t for the Annual Fund, I probably wouldn’t
have been able to attend the Nicholas School at Duke. I got a combination of a merit
and need-based scholarship, so that was really a lot of
funding, and made transitioning to graduate school very easy. It allows me to focus on my studies and extra-curricular activities without having to worry too much about the financial burden of school. I just wanna thank all the
donors of the Annual Fund. Thank you so much for your
support of Duke and its students! We really, really appreciate it. (upbeat music)

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