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Once Upon A Time In Ankara

December 12, 2019

-Dad -Come in son -How much time left? -Three more hours -There is still time -Son, when you’ll go there take care, do not put to shame our motherland,and us of course. When you will go there everyone will get to know you as the represantative of your country, not as Temirlan. -Dad, how was it when you first get there? -When I first get there… -Hey Erkinay, -Why you ain’t looking when we’re calling you? -Hey! -You better do not touch that girl! -What’s wrong man? -And I’ve smashed him like ‘ZZank’. -Really Dad? -Something like that… -Hey bro -Please do not touch her. -Thank you -Nope, Thank YOU. -What’s your name honey? -My name is Kurmanjan. -What’s your name? -My name is Erkinay. -You a have a beautiful name. -Hmm -Are you studying here? -Yeap. -Hey man -Go somewhere else to play -Bro, I just wanted it to be little bit romantic. -Hey bro -Last day we went to cinema with Erkinay -The film was awesome -The more awesome moment came, when I wanted to hold her hand,but she pulled back her own hand. – I was ashamed man, and I even
didn’t notice that film was over. – And I just sat and stared to her as a fool. -Hey bro -What’s happen? -Nothing, just go on. -Tell me what’s wrong with you? -I’m alright, go on. -Tell me! Tell me! What’s happen? -Bro, I’m starving. -Come on bro, let me buy you something! -No bro, thanks. I’m good, I’m full. -I’m starving man [ringing] -Hold on guys, let me look up who’s calling? -Here we go. -Alimbek, your parents are calling you. -Hello mom -How are you doing? Are you good? -Hello my son, How have you been? How is your school? -Everything is fine mom, we were studying right now. -Study hard my son, we were not able to send you some money this month if God’s will we’ll sell horses from our farm, and we will try to send you some money for next month. Take care son, study hard. -Appreciated mom, send my regards to Dad. -Alymbek where are you going? -I got to go guys. -Let’s get it done, come on man. -See you later guys. -ok, see ya. -Alymbek, I have great news for you. Do you remember, I’ve been telling you about London? I’ve received invitation for us to work,
we can go now. -Erkinay, I’m sorry I can’t go there. -What?! Are you kidding me ?! -I will go back to home. -What you gonna do there? -Erkinay, try to understand we can go there and find good work for us, I don’t care about money. It would be enough for us to subsist ourselves. -Kairat what happened with your job interview? -Everything is fine, probably I will go to Washington D.C. what about you? -I don’t know, I still can’t decide where to go, to Dubai or Malaysia. I’ve received invitation from Malaysia and probably I will go there. -Hey bro, weren’t you think about Kyrgyzstan? What you gonna do in Malaysia? -Bro, tell me what I’m gonna do in Kyrgyzstan?! There is nothing to catch there. You see the inflation there do you think that,that tiny salary would be enough
for your family? -My friend, if we will all slide apart, nothing would change. I believe that every single of us have our own reason to be born in Kyrgyzstan. -It’s been almost ten years, nothing has changed, and will not my friend. -If we will all slide apart nothing would change of course we are the future, and we must change that old stereotips. -If you want to go, you are good to go Do not call me when you will need money or something else. -My friend Batyr is telling truth. -You know better guys, I’m done. -Hey guys Do you have something to eat? [ringing] -allo -Bro, do you have something to eat? -Hey. I’ve told you, I don’t. -And finally we came back to motherland with Bob. -You had a really good college times Dad.I like that. -Yes, sir. -By the way, what’s happened to your girlfriend? -That girl, my son… -Alymbek stop it, you can talk along the road to airport. Eat something before you leave son. -I’ll be right there, MOM. [Dedicated to our citizens from all over the world] [Person who tried to help his buddy: Zhanybek MAMATALIEV]

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    Атың ким чырагым :)))) Бактагы "Бектурганов" да жыкты да)))

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    Очень круто братцы!! ?
    Чон рахмат !!!

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    Супер, просто слов нет, молодцы ребята.

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    Азаматсынар балдар!!!

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    Жигиттер Азаматсынар!!!

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