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Office Space Management Solution | iOFFICE

October 2, 2019

– In the past with moves we
would use excel spreadsheets. That was always so time consuming. It was really difficult
so we implemented iOFFICE and it was amazing. We could sit down with the actual managers and show them right away with a click, just where their employees were going, what it was gonna look like. I was amazed how easy it was. With our new space,
everyone can go to iOFFICE and just see what room is
actually occupied or not. It’s improved the whole
experience from when you come in with the interactive display helping people find their way around, making it easy for people to be efficient. Now we can book our conference
rooms from our phones on our way into the office. We can put visitors in even
when you’re in a meeting and you forget to add somebody, you can just do it from your phone. It was all about the employee experience. Nelson designs beautiful
spaces for our clients, iOFFICE allows us to create
beautiful experiences for our employees.

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