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Niall Horan “Nice To Meet Ya” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

November 8, 2019

I like to write songs, these fun ones, based
on a true story, kind of elaborate on what actually happened. I walk into a bar with my friends, we’re chatting
away, there’s a group of girls, and one of them I just kind of lock eyes with. Then kind of chatting, then you go off with
your group of friends and she goes off to hers, and then you chat a little bit more. Every time you turn around it feels like she kind of disappeared on you. With the area that we were in the night of
this, there’s loads of little bars in a small area. When we thought we’d kind of like lost each
other, we were like, “Ah, there ya are.” The inspiration and where it came from was,
it was a riff that I play: a guitar riff. I played about July, August last year when
I was on tour and then kind of just play something that I liked or sing a melody into a phone. But it came from the riff and I would just
record it on my voice notes and then when it came to go into the the studio and we’re having one of those days where nothing was actually coming
together at all. Five different ideas and nothing really was
happening. And then I kind of had to listen through some
bits and pieces, came across that riff, played the main riff in the song and it kind of kicked
off from there really. I don’t think I’ve got a major type. I do like someone that looks like they’ve
got a bit of character about them. This girl on Tumblr, she had tattoos and I
think she had like pink in her hair. If I’m ripping the piss a little bit, if you
don’t mind me saying, they can hand it back a little bit. It’s a good personality trait. The thing about this particular scenario is
that I knew she a bit about her, and it was not a phone thing. She literally wrote it on a piece of paper. And we were chit-chatting about it, and she’s
like, “Hey, let’s go and hang out.” And I thought that was, in a world where we’re
like looking at your phone, everyone showing numbers, swapping contacts, all this, and
I like the idea of the actual physical piece of paper with a number on it. But I would never, when I was writing the
lyric, I liked the visual of it. You know, literally, music video type stuff
where like looking over the arm, and it’s got like a phone number on it. I just thought it was a quite colorful lyric. The whole idea of waking the next morning,
kind of looking over and them not being there. It’s something so simple as going, “Oh,
where have they gone?” When you meet someone, you’re like, “I don’t
want to be like the last guy you were with. I might not blow your mind, but I want to
like give it a go, you know, do stuff with you that you wouldn’t have done before. Let’s go traveling. Let’s go to France. ‘Cause I’m quite a spontaneous person, and
at the drop of a hat, I’m ready to go wherever you want me to go. I love the sea, the direct translation, it’s
probably not the best thing of all time, but if you speak in French, j’adore la mer, everything
just sounds a little bit sexier in French. You know when you’re out, and it’s kind of
loud, and it’s crazy, and you’ve clearly got chatting, and then you were chatting to your
friends about the chat you just had with her, and then she’s probably doing the same, and
it just feels like the night is getting a little bit disjointed? You just kind of get that feeling that you’re
not going to see her again, even though you really want to. There’s something about you, and I just have
to scream it out. That’s why I kind of tucked it in the background. Like, “I love you.” Like a, “Praise the Lord.” Already go into the conversation with a bad
mindset just like, “Oh, you can’t do this, you’re not very good at this. Don’t want to say anything stupid too early. Just ask easy questions. Like, “What do you do?” “What’s your name?” “Would you like a drink for you and your friends?” Been waiting for you all night. It’s getting to crunch time. Being Irish, we struggle to realize that bars
actually close. So we have to bring the party with us. Not like crazy house parties, because I’ve
got way too much OCD for a dirty kitchen. Bring a few of your mates, we bring a few
of ours. Let’s go back and have a little drink and
then, die of a hangover the next day. You know what I need. You know what I want. Meaning, we all need to go back to my house
and have a house party. Or it can be a little bit more provocative
if you like. In the great words of Will Farrell. Just by sitting down and talking about life,
you pull so many like song ideas out without even realizing now you could say something
and someone could go “well that’s actually a really good concept.”

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