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Need to Know in 90: Time Management

September 11, 2019

In my opinion time management is really
important for instructional purposes and especially as a first-year teacher to
lessen the amount of stress you already have. Being flexible is huge. I would
think a high school campus, but I really feel like on any campus, at our high
school campus you’ve got pep rallies, you’ve got fire drill, if you’ve got half
the kids out on a field trip, the other half are taking the test, so being
flexible in your instruction and being able to accommodate all these
last-minute things that come up is another thing to be prepared for, because
you can’t really be prepared for it, but knowing that these things come up and
you need to be able to change things on the spot, change your list and make it
shorter, add on to it for the next day, and at the same time within a lesson if
you think this lessons gonna take 30 minutes and it takes 45 minutes you need
to be ok with adjusting to that and making up for the time elsewhere. But
again, being prepared in advance will take all those things and make it easier
to handle. So something that really does help with time management as well is to
assign kids jobs. And even at five years old they realize that this is just
like the real world. So jobs in my classroom are parallel to what is out in
the real world. I tell my five-year-olds that all I do is teach, that’s it. So they
throw away trash, they answer the phone, whatever it is, whatever need arises in
my classroom they are there to meet that need and all I do is teach. So that
really will help you with your time management.

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